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** I didn't see this post yet and thought it handy to create one. I know December is still a couple months away but it can take a while to get things stickied / pinned and some of us may have our LO's earlier than expected** I copied this from the August BMB who copied it from the July and April BMBs**

***Please do not comment on this thread unless it is your birth announcement***


Use this thread to share baby's name, birth date, birth stats, pictures, etc. To give additional details about your labor and delivery story, post those in the labor / delivery thread.

"Love Its" are welcome and appreciated on this thread, but **please refrain from commenting with anything other than your baby's details**. Save the warm wishes and congrats for the labor/delivery thread. 

***Keep in mind there is a 30-day limit on editing anything you post, and pictures cannot be deleted after this time. Any photos and/or information posted becomes proprietary to The Bump, granting the XO Corporation rights to use this in any way they choose (see***

@BumpAdmin @BumpCaitlin @BumpTara Can we please have this stickied? December BMB ladies, could you help get this stickied and ask the Bump Admins to sticky this thread in your posts below? Thanks in advance!
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Re: Birth Announcements

  • Not a delivery post, but @BumpAdmin can we get this stickied, please? :) 

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  • These baby's better stay put! @BumpAdmin sticky please 
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  • Wow people have already delivered ?
  • @jackiesmom324 Not yet, we just created and got this stickied because admin can take a while to sticky things. Plus a January mom already gave birth so it could happen.
    Me: 29 || DH: 29
    TTC #1 4/2016 || dx NIR PCOS 7/2016 || BFP 4/2017
    DD - 12/28/17 <3

    TTC #2 3/2019
    BFP 5/2019 || MC - D&C 5/2019
    BFP 2/2020 || EDD 10/10/2020
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    Could an admin delete this I just read all the rules thanks! 
  • Congratulations @KathrynJ088!!  Your twins are beautiful and I'll be keeping you and baby Luke in my thoughts. <3
    Me: 31 | DH: 31
    TTC #1 since 12/2015
    BFP 4/4/17, EDD 12/4/17

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  • kersey0208kersey0208 member
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  • evrekaevreka member
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    @thatlauragirl congratulations on your lil precious angel.  Wishing you a speady recovery
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