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Birth Stories

Post your birth stories here if you wish to share with us :) Congratulations to those of you whose babies have graced the world with their arrivals!!


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  • On my due date, 9/28 I had a midwife appointment. My blood pressure was high so I was sent to the hospital for a preeclampsia evaluation. Based on my blood pressure I was told I wasn't leaving the hospital without a baby in my arms. They started the process of induction. We chose to do a cook's catheter after an exam triggered my body into contracting. Later that evening baby's heart rate was high (over 200) for an hour. We were so close to a c-section, but baby's heart rate stabilized. Friday morning they started me on pitocin when the catheter was removed. After 7.5 hours I had little progress. We stopped the pitocin and I took misoprostil overnight. Saturday at 6:20 the pitocin was restarted. By that afternoon we made the decision to break my water. We didn't break it sooner because I was GBS+. That was what tipped my body into active labor. By 4 am on (12 hours after water broke) Oct 1, I was in transition. I used nitrous oxide to get through this part. By 9 am I started pushing. When he crowned we noticed the cord was wrapped and his heart rate decelerated. Quick pushing he was out at 11:21am. I ended up with a 4th degree tear, but I gave birth vaginally like I wanted. NICU was there from the heart rate scare and helped baby take his first breath. He took a big breath of amniotic fluid. I credit the induction for being successful with the support of our doula and the conservative approach by the midwife team. Many places don't allow you to be induced over 3 days. I was so exhausted at the end. I would do it all over again to have my healthy little boy, Cameron. 
  • My birth story was rather fast I suppose. 
     I gave birth at 35w5d to a 7lb11oz baby girl. 

    I guess 3 days earlier my eater broke and I should have known cause I had a gush in bed and honestly thought I just peed myself a bit. Oops haha
    That night I wasn't in pain and went to sleep normally. And for the next 2 days I went about my day I guess slightly leaking drop by drop and didn't realize much. Third day on Saturday I called my doctor because i realized I had some bloody discharge only slight so I decided to call and got told to go to the er jist to check it out but my doctors doubt it's labor yet since I told them I had no contractions of pains besides the small menstrual type pain I had that morning before I left. Was super slight. 

    Got to the hospital and hooked up. Monitored her heart beat and contractions. Checked if my water broke with the test. Got told probably not and I'd be sent home after results came back. 
    Well results came back. Water broken for about 3 days. Turns out I was 4cm dilated and she was fully head down ready for action. Also got told my contractions seemed huge on the monitor for them but I have no clue how I haven't had a single ounce of pain those 4 hours. 

    Went on to have a ceserean section since they thought they saw a little lesion and didn't want to risk it (even though it was a nick from me shaving that morning!)

    I got a huge anxiety attack before my ceserean and had to have my spinal put in twice since it wasn't going in due to a tight back. (I joked if would happen I jinxed myself!) My anesthesiologist was amazing though and calmed me down.  

    But delivered by baby girl that night at 8:33pm at 7lbs11oz and 19.5 inches at 35w5d

  • I went to dr the day after my due date (oct 10) and was not dilated at all despite having BH contractions at regular intervals for hours the day before. Dr. talked about inducing on or after Friday the 13th but only the 12th was available. He told me to come in at 9 am to get checked and if I wasn’t dilated at all we would reschedule for the week of the 16th. I ended up going into labor at 11pm on Oct 11 and contractions were strong and fast at 3 mins apart from the onset. Went to hospital at 1 am and was 4 cm. Contractions started to slow down so the rest of my labor was longer. I got at epidural at 6cm at 9:30 am. I could move my legs and feel the need to push so it was great! It took 5 hours to get from 7 to 10 cm so I got pitocin around 2:30 pm or so. Around 4 I was finally at 10 and my water bag was hanging outside my body like a water balloon so I almost had an en caul birth. It ruptured naturally a few minutes later. Sorin was born at 4:44pm! Multiple doctors and nurses said he was the least jaundiced baby they’d ever seen...scored a 2.4 for jaundice.
  • Late to the party as always...

    but on September 28th, I went to the hospital for my scheduled induction. We went in early in the morning, long before the sun had ever began coloring the horizon. It was both exciting and nerve-wracking, and I was texting everyone I could to tell them eagerly that we were on our way to the hospital.
    The hospital ride itself was almost an hour, even with zero traffic.
    But once we got there, the staff was quick to get me checked in and in the labor room. I remember I really liked all the staff, they were very friendly and accommodating. I was given fluids, my doctor broke my water, and I was put on an epidural. My fiance and his mom patiently waited and kept me company up to the point staff advised me to take a nap after my epidural. So they decided to take a walk around the hospital to kill time. Getting a nap is really hard when your family a state away and all your friends around the country and on Facebook are blowing up your phone with texts and messages wishing you luck and asking about the state of your labor. So when my fiance and his mom came back I gave him my phone to hold onto so I could get proper sleep. Big mistake. I never did get much sleep.
    The nurse came in to check on me. Asked how I was feeling, all that. She left shortly after. My monitor around my belly snapped off and I called her back. She fixed it and left again. Suddenly I had the urge to push, and the labor setup nurse came in and I told her to call the other nurse back because I was ready to go. So she ran out into the hall and called the other nurse back. That nurse came running back, checked me, saw I was fully dilated, and called my doctor. Before I knew it, several nurses were in the room getting things set up and they were wanting to know where the father of my baby was. I told them he was on a walk and had taken my phone with him. After about five minutes of trying to locate him, one of the nurses asked for his number and texted him for me. They had been trying to get lunch from the cafe on the main floor and high tailed it to the fourth floor the second he got the text. Cafe agreed to hold their food for them. But they arrived about ten minutes later, and baby Kieran was born in just a few pushes at 39 weeks weighing 8 lbs and 5.25 oz. Measuring 20 inches long.
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