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You Aren't Pregnant. Calm Down. (the help thread)


Re: You Aren't Pregnant. Calm Down. (the help thread)

  • Pregnant enough for symptoms = pregnant enough for test....and repeat ×100
  • Your seventh grade health teacher did not know a magic formula when she said you could get KU while on your period. You do not need to coerce DH to HIO on CD 1-5. 
  • No, you are not pg because you are nauseous; your dumb butt took your vitamins and forgot to eat! 

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  • Gas with bloating does not mean you are photos, gas with bloating means you ate a big bowl of beans at lunch. You haven't even o'd yet!
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    All of these are killing me...I'm late to the party, but so glad there are others like me  :D

    @ribonnette24 I just loled! Totally did the same thing this morning, I'm 6 or 7DPO and in the shower I thought "was that a flutter?!?"....30 minutes later, turns out I had a ton of gas

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    @lurvleybunchococonuts ;

    Hahahah I like to pretend I am a responsible googler but after all the pregnancy symptom searches Google says I'm pregnant every time now lol.
  • @meatball15 ; - I haven't seen her back, have you?
    Don't mind me, I'm completely unable to pay attention to work today. I've been totally worthless. 
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    HAHAHA! I love this thread. This was so me last cycle. I was so sure the pregnancy test was wrong so I bought more and different brands. Stared at where the pink line SHOULD'VE BEEN. Going to complain to the companies, totally defective lol.

    *PSA I know it was just me being a psycho

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  • I love this! I'm so glad I'm not the only one!!!!

    i tend to convince myself that evap lines could totally be a faint positive 
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