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GTKY: What does everyone do for a living?


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  • Add one more teacher to the group!  My job has two parts, for half the day I teach students who are 2 1/2-6 years old who are deaf or hard of hearing in a preschool classroom setting.  The other part of the day, I am a teacher consultant who works throughout the county giving support to other students who are deaf and hard of hearing as well as their teachers.  
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  • Hey me too!
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    I'm an interpreter for the Deaf, a homeschool mom, and a LuLaRoe consultant!
    That is super interesting.  What kinds of things do you interpret for?  I know a lot of people that work with the deaf and hard of hearing communities at schools and universities, and they absolutely love it!  
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  • SAHM, previously and elementary school teacher and a photographer 

  • I'm a 4th year electrical apprentice. I'm doing my last couple weeks of schooling right now and write the final Exam in less than 5 weeks :) the  I get to go back to work for a few months before I'm off for Mat leave. :P 
  • I work as a Data Consultant for an IT/GPO company. 
  • I'm at SAHM to my 2 girls and I have a bakery out of my house called J & J Sugary making custom cakes, cookies and cupcakes. Although right now I haven't taken any orders the last 2 weeks because I've been so sick. The end of this month and October I have orders booked so hoping I start to feel better. 
  • English professor (but literature, not writing/grammar, so don't worry). Also do some freelance photography.
  • @bmxerbaby How are you handling being in school full-time while being pregnant? I am currently back in school pursuing nursing after a career change. I am still deciphering what I will do next semester since I'll likely deliver right before the end of the semester. Any thoughts for what you'll do when baby arrives with managing school workload? I hope your journey is going well so far. :)
  • Another teacher here! I teach 9th and 10th grade literature and composition.  I love what I do and can't wait to tell the kids!  They'll be so excited - probably more than my 2.5yo daughter. 
  • @mdwiny I was an English major in undergrad and this was my first career plan. I'm so envious of you; part of me wishes I had gone down that route. Do you have a special emphasis? 

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  • I am an Internal Accounting Analyst at credit card company/bank. I love it. I have always loved accounting :)

  • @fishsticks-n-custard My specialty is nineteenth-century British literature, especially Victorian literature. I'm teaching Jane Eyre this week. :) I think it's really cool that you went on to medicine. I tell my students all the time, you really can do anything with an English major.
  • I am a second grade teacher and a curriculum developer. First weeks of school mixed with first trimester fatigue might be the end of me
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  • @mdwiny I <3 Jane Eyre so much!
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  • I work for an engineering firm that is an OEM (parts manufacturer) for medical device companies. I work in sales/business development. I was also crazy and just started a full time MBA program. I work, sleep, and go to school. That's my life. 
  • Yay @hlr8347 you go girl! I'm also working and going to school and it's been a little bumpy start this semester!
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  • @peppersmith22 I'm in a program where we already know what classes we'll be taking when. So each session is 6 weeks and you take 2-3 classes. I'm due right smack in the middle of classes (week 4 of 6) and they only offer classes every 18 months and it's a 15 month program. I've heard though that in these situations the professors make arrangements for you to take an incomplete and finish at your own pace. Are you taking Spring Semester off?
  • @hlr8347 I'm not planning on taking off because I'm in the last year of my program. I take 2 classes at a time in Fall and Spring semesters. I'm due with 4 weeks of class remaining so I'm hoping that I can either work ahead or finish a little later. With DS I was due right before winter break and it worked out perfectly! This time I was aiming for a May due date but it happened a little sooner haha
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  • I work in sales. I travel a lot, which will start to slow down as the new year approaches since I am due in April... I have some job flexibility to work at home occasionally which is nice, and my partner works from home often as well. It's our first so we're definitely not prepared for what the schedule changes will bring!
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  • I'm a wedding and portrait photographer!
    bless you for that patience! ;)
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  • I am an operating room nurse. Enjoy what I do, but still don't know what I want to be when I "grow up"( contemplate a career change) but no clue to what! 
  • I'm a 4th grade teacher. I've been blessed so far with very few symptoms so this year has gotten off to a smooth start.
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  • @dan0081, so sorry I just saw this. I love school, so it has been easy so far. Because I was an LVN for so many years, having to go back and repeat a lot of classes I took at a private school (credits didn't transfer) has been tough. I feel like i'm wasting time and money, but I guess it has to be done. I think next semester I will do as many on-line classes as I can get and limit on campus to just the necessary. I am loving this journey! Thank you for asking and I hope you are loving your baby bump journey.
  • Wow, really cool professions all around!

    I work as a Data Management Analyst for a large health care system.  Prior to that I was in various positions at large banks for the last 13 years.
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