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WTO August 1st






GTKY: Do you have any habits or traditions for luck/fortune/etc. that you do? (i.e.: rubbing a rabbits foot before a meeting)

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PG #2, EDD 10/12/2023


Re: WTO August 1st

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    @izza2 FX you get to go home!  I have heard the rabbit, rabbit, rabbit before, too!
    @lurvleybunchococonuts I eat the fortune cookie that is closet to me in the table.  Yay for a blossom! And that seagull & pigeon  :D:D
    @nitnat007. Hope your sinus infection lets up soon!

    Month/Cycle: 2/2 ( forgot to roll over month on the 27th)

    CD: 12

    WAYDTGKU:  PNV, CM, FF, RRL & Matcha, etc

    R/R: I had trouble sleeping last night because I had cold brew coffee too late in the day.  :s However, I'm still caffeinated so I'm up & ready to go early today! 

    CS/Q: Nah

    GTKY: I wish on fallen eyelashes, first stars, & shooting stars as well as the wish bone.  I also do this little thing when see a cat with a dear headlight. 

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    Month/Cycle: 2/2

    CD: 10

    WAYDTGKU: temping, OPK, CM, EOD, green tea, Pom juice 

    R/R: Rant- totally minor, but our boss usually takes us out to lunch the first day back and he didn't yesterday, and I didn't bring lunch because of it. Rave- I feel like I'm getting organized for this year and I'm happy I'm keeping a lot of my teachers for a second year. 

    CS/Q: chart in spoiler. I wish my temps weren't so erratic.  [spoiler] [/spoiler]

    GTKY: Do you have any habits or traditions for luck/fortune/etc. that you do? (i.e.: rubbing a rabbits foot before a meeting) Not in general, but the night before I run a race, I have the same ritual for the night before and the morning of and I don't ever deviate from it. 

    @izza2 hopefully you get a bonus day off!
    @lurvleybunchococonuts home made egg noodles sound so good. What recipe did you use?
    @nitnat007  aww!  I'm glad he ended up having fun
    @kiwi2628  big hugs. The waiting game is the worst. 
    @jrm_14 I can't have caffeine later in the day or the same thing happens to me!

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    @mileswithmyles I'm glad you're keeping most of your teachers. Staff turnover is tough in schools. Were you able to go out and get lunch yesterday? That's definitely not an option where I work, and the few times I've forgotten my lunch it really sucked. 

    @dukestar5 I'm definitely a Disney fan,  but I'm also glad to be spending time with friends before school starts back. Enjoy your facial! 

    @JennyColada I wish I could help you with the spoiler box, but the few times I've tried it I totally failed. 
    Me: 27 | DH: 27
    Married: 10/2013
    TTC #1 Since: 02/2017
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    @darkstar42 yep! I live in NYC now but I grew up in Marin. You?
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    @zamora_spin since I know how to check for CM and when my typical fertile week is I think I'll just try for every other day from day 10 to 16 and pay attention to CM. O has always been between CD 13 and 17. (With my luck this month I'll O unusually late and fuck myself)
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    @darkstar42 If you alternate O days it could be your two ovaries taking turns and they O at different CDs. Or, at least that is what I have read. 
    @nitnat007 My surge was shorter the first couple cycles we tried (not more than 16 hours), and has gotten longer these last two cycles. It probably means nothing.
    @kiwi2628 I hope the cysts clear up. I hate them!
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    @stalkinghorse I switch between doing spin and bodypump in the mornings. I also teach bodypump twice a week at lunch times. It really helps to sweat things out when you are feeling a little under the weather. Generally that is how I know I am really sick, when a workout makes me feel worse, I know that I need to just go home! Very cute "tradition" I like it!
    I completely have to second the help and support of these amazing ladies, they really are the bomb!
    PS I think you may have attached my chart by accident lol. Or we are definitely in sync  ;)

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    @labgrand2012 they're SUPER easy to make. Seriously... flour, egg, salt. Knead, rest, roll out, cut, and boil. 

    @cards10 I don't look at the chive, but I've heard of it. I know there are tumblr pages dedicated to birds with arms too LMAO

    BFP 3/21/2020!  OMG We're having TWINS! 4/17/2020
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    Me: 33 | DH: 41
    Married: March 2016
    TTC #1/IUD out January 2017
    PCOS dx January 2018
    Medicated cycle 2.5mg Letrozole CD3-7 February 2018
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