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Maternity Clothes

I'm officially in Maternity clothes today at 11.5 weeks.  Anyone else?  I've noticed when I try to wear my regular clothes (very unsuccessfully as I can't button/zip any of them) I look like I've gained weight in an unflattering manner.  When I wear the maternity clothes I look definitely pregnant.  So that's a win, right?  I was extremely lucky as I dug out my old maternity clothes and 90% of them still fit and are unstained/damaged, I will look like a wannabe gap model when I wear them but oh well...  So far new I've bought a maternity / nursing bra and a pair of shorts.   How are the rest of you doing clothing wise?
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Re: Maternity Clothes

  • I just bought a work dress and jeans off Zulily. Where do STMs recommend getting affordable clothes? I don't want to spend a ton knowing I'll wear them a short time. A lot of my work dresses now are knit so I can probably wear those until 6 or 7 months. Beyond that I just want nice looking and affordable!
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    I'm 11w and still in my regular clothes although they are getting pretty tight. None of my summer shorts fit as I am usually skinnier in summer so I plan on just buying 1 pair in 1 size up for now. 
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  • Me. 11 weeks today. I've been wearing my maxis and dresses and the only shorts/pants I can wear are maternity bc I hate the belly band and I'd rather be comfortable. I have no old clothes bc it's been 6 years. But I bought two pair of shorts and a pair of capris as well as a few shirts. Luckily I got in amazing shape in the last two years so my boobs shrunk so I just can wear my old bras that I held onto just in case. I gotta start thinking about work since school is right around he corner. 
  • clc515clc515 member
    I'm putting anything that zips/buttons up away til next year, lol. I've been in dresses most of time otherwise, which is nice. And just got a skirt and capris from Amazon. The skirt is great, knee length and kinda flowy, but it's the big wide band that makes it awesome! The capris are okay, will probably return them. Zulily has cute things but haven't shopped from there yet. Definitely curious where cheap cute clothes are as a FTM here! 
  • I have been wearing dresses for the most part and my Uniqlo ankle pants still fit (the whole back of the waistband is elastic, I highly recommend for work pants) but maternity jeans for sure. I just got a big box of clothes from my best friend, and bought some maternity jeans second hand. I am going to be looking on ebay once I am more familiar with my sizes and ASOS when they start getting more Fall Winter stuff. ALSO Ingrid and Isabel will have a new line for Target starting July 30th which should be great as they have very cute stuff but are kind of pricey. 

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  • Pink blush makes cute, affordable maternity clothes. Not the highest quality but my stuff is in good enough shape to get through another pregnancy. I ordered some stuff from
    gap and loft on sale but sometimes the sizing is weird! 
  • clc515clc515 member
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    FYI Motherhood Maternity is having an up to 50% off sale online today. 

    Edited - Up to 50% off lol. Not everything!
  • Children and baby consignment shops. Some have a maternity clothes section. 

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  • @clc515 thanks for the tip, just got some stuff on super sale!
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  • msunshine123msunshine123 member
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    Motherhood and Kohls are doing good sales of their fall and winter stuff. I just got a winter jacket from kohls for $32, I got some leggings and tops from motherhood - $6 leggings and $10-$17 tops. Also some kids consignment sales also have maternity items too pretty cheap. 
  • I had to bust out the maternity pants today too, mostly because I can't stand anything tight on my stomach right now.

    I found some cheap pants on clearance at target yesterday. I need to go buy a pair of leggings, and then that's all I will purchase for pants. If I buy anything else it will be dresses that I can wear even after baby.
  • I just pulled out my maternity clothes and started packing away my old jeans & shorts. I actually went out and got some new maternity jeans this week because I only have a few pair. I'm desperately looking for black maternity jeans for work because it's a matter of time before my normal ones are too tight.

    my shirts still fit fine for now.
  • I like Target and Kohls. Occasionally Old Navy but it frustrates me to see basically the same shirt as in the regular women's section (with a few added cinches) for twice the price! At least at other stores the maternity clothes are completely different so it's not as annoying that you are paying more. 
    I also like consignment stores. Most will have a maternity section and there are actually whole stores for maternity consignment if you can find one. Some are online too!
    I'm not wearing mine yet but am close since I can't stand anything tight right now. I'm living in dresses, skirts, leggings and yoga pants. But I did pull it all out to assess what I have. Since the seasons are slightly off from last time. 
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    My pants officially don't fit. :( 10 + 3 here. But I'm a stm and have two nuggets baking. Not sure if it makes a ton of difference, but it makes me feel better. 

    I wear scrubs for my job, so I'm going to have to size up soon. But when I'm home, I've literally been wearing DH's clothes. 

    When I was pregnant with DD my favorite maternity wear was from the gap and old navy. I'd just hit up one of their sale days and use a coupon I had from shopping previously. It's a good way to get some deals! 
  • Glad to read these, tried on my work pants this morning and that was definitely not happening. I stocked up on maternity tshirts at old navy today, since i remember tops that were long enough being an issue with my first pregnancy. Old navy, target, and kohls were where i got all my maternity clothes. I've also seen some good staples at H & M, but not really on sale. 
  • I found some cheap petite leggings on old navy.com and hit the jackpot at Macys.com! Tons of clearance clothes. I stocked up on long sleeves and sweaters for late fall and winter.
  • I am 10+4 and can wear my normal jeans with an extender and unbuttoned, but am undeniably pregnant looking already. I am a STM, very short and showed early with my first (14 weeks) but am super relieved to know I am not the only rocking a pooch here! If I wear something tight I look pregnant, if I wear something baggy, I look like I have a beer belly. But it feels too early to wear tight stuff!! I hate this in between phase...  
  • I like pink blush maternity. I love that they offer free shipping! Zulily has lots of affordable options, but I don't like that you can't return if they don't work out. Old navy, target, kohls, motherhood clearance rack! 
  • I'm 11 weeks tomorrow and still wearing everything normal except fitting a tiny bit tight. I haven't gained any weight yet, but I feel the bloat on some days. I did just get a set of new bras and undies in the mail from Amazon. The big comfy not super cute kind. It was really cheap! Three bras for less than $15, they're technically nursing bras but I figure I'll need it eventually. 
  • I ordered several inexpensive tank tops from Target. I'll wear them with maternity pants and cardigans that I already have. I LOVE cardigans normally and have many. Trying not to spend a lot on maternity clothes with this being our last. 
  • I agree with a lot of the suggestions above for where to buy. I also had some success at H&M last time around. Once I had my son I joined some local family buy and sell pages on Facebook and found people selling really good condition maternity stuff there at really cheap prices all the time! I wish I had known about that the first time around. I just got 6 ok quality nursing tanks for $20 recently (I'm fine with them being ok quality because I mostly just sleep in them or wear them around the house) and have seen a few posts I'm going to follow up on for some other items I could use that wore out or were missing from my wardrobe last time around. See if you have anything like that to get good deals! 
  • Also when travelling to NYC last pregnancy I went to century 21 purely for the maternity and baby department and got a load of name brand stuff for wayyy cheaper than I would get at home in Canada. Although last time I went they didn't have nearly as much (I was hoping they'd have the same leggings I bought there previously that I ripped but no luck).
  • Once fall hits I'm going to buy all the leggings and comfy sweaters! Can't wait. Def going to try to by non-maternity or maternity I can wear post babe. 
  • First time mom...11.5wks.  Officially not able to wear my skinny jeans and most of my work pants - dockers mostly. I've bought 5 or 6 cheap sale pairs of jeans and pants thru WAlmart and Old Navy one size bigger than my normal size and I think that will be ok for the next 6 wks but due to my super short waist and wide hips I suspect I'll be in real maternity clothes by 20 wks.  The bloat - oh the bloat.  As of early week 10 I hadn't gained more than a few pounds which is a totally normal weight fluctuation for me - especially being somewhat constipated.  I've got some hand me downs from some friends and plan to hit Good Will and see what they have.  Old Navy will likely be my main source, but thanks to whomever suggested Burlington Coat Factory - there's one like 15 min from where I work, never thought of them. 
  • Yep, my regular clothes are done. The summer shirts I have are flowy for the most part so they work out fine but none of my shorts fit. I bought one pair at Target a few weeks ago, and I'm trying to survive in those and some dresses. I borrowed summer maternity clothes last time from someone else since it was still early and I didn't need much so I'm not sure what my plan will be for the next month and a half...all of my mat clothes from last time around are fall/winter wear.
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  • clc515clc515 member
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     I got some shorts and a pair of jeans from motherhood.  I am plus size and short so hoping they fit right! Bottoms have always been hard for me so I rely heavily on dresses and skirts. I have plenty of flowy tops so should be covered for a bit.  Will need a dress for a wedding in a few months since I'll be 20ish weeks and sure to be showing, but will worry about that later!

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  • Has anyone tried Le Tote? Curious if it is worth it for office attire. How did you like it? 
  • @ramzlau
    I looked at Le Tote and then found out you get 2 outfits or 4 pieces and an accessory each month.  For the style clothes I generally wear ( barn clothes, or jeans and t-shirts 6 days a week) I didn't think $40 was worth it.  It would be $400 over the course of my pregnancy and would take a while to build up a wardrobe.  It looks like it would be good for someone who worked an office job, or lived in town and got to wear nicer clothes though. 

    My original maternity clothes from 16 (!) years ago are gap, and then over the years and pregnancies I filled in with jcPenny and target, never been a huge fan of motherhood maternity, they are pricey and I feel the selection is very basic.  My new nursing bra was from kohls and shorts from target.  
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  • NKF312NKF312 member
    ramzlau said:
    Has anyone tried Le Tote? Curious if it is worth it for office attire. How did you like it? 
    I've used Le tote for non maternity clothes for about a year and love it!! I just switched my subscription to maternity clothes and they have a huge selection, I love that I can mix up my wardrobe, send back after a few wears or if I love it I can buy and keep.  Highly recommend 
  • mpp06mpp06 member
    I went to Old Navy this weekend and am pretty sure they're getting rid of the maternity section in our store. There was very little there, and the clearance section was a big and the normal section. I grabbed some jeans 9.99 and 3.47 and a few shirts and dress, all for $60! Target had some super cute jeans on sale online but didn't have my size I'm any of them. It's so frustrating bc a lot of stores are getting rid of maternity section and it's so hard to find things that fit!
  • I just went on Macys Maternity section online and there was a lot of stuff on sale
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  • This is my third child and I have always preferred the pants at Motherhood to the pants at Target or Old Navy.  They seem to hold up better.  I'm currently wearing a pair of capris that I got when I was pregnant 9 years ago.  That said, I have mostly been stocking up on LulaRoe tops and dresses.  They are things I can wear before, during and after.  The perfect tees and carly dresses are the best maternity wear.  
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  • So I dropped a chunk of change with my Lula rep this week. I know many people hate it but I don't care. I prefer the solids over patterns and she had a couple solid maxis and irmas that were perfect for a growing belly. I also grabbed a couple pair of leggings in T/C instead of my usual OS. Hopefully this will be a good bit of my maternity purchcase aside from pants from probably gap and some more fitted tanks/tees. 

    Ive also debated le tote. I might try it for August and sept as I head back to school. 
  • Smorzandoj - I probably have 5 irmas, 3 perfects, a maxi, 5 carlys, 2 lindseys, and a ton of leggings.  I'm prepared! haha

    DS - 8 years old
    DD = 4 years old
    After 4 CP in 2016, we stopped trying for a 3rd baby.  Now we have a surprise on the way! 

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  • joesmommy said:
    Smorzandoj - I probably have 5 irmas, 3 perfects, a maxi, 5 carlys, 2 lindseys, and a ton of leggings.  I'm prepared! haha

    I plead the 5th about my current collection.
  • @smorzandoj I am in love with my Lula. They will be wardrobe staples during this pregnancy! I've spent way too much money on Lula this year!
  • I just ordered a pair of TC leggings to try (I usually wear OS) but even though they are stretchy,  they still feel a little snug and I'm not showing yet. If the TC work, I plan to order more when my consultant returns from convention and has a new order!
  • clc515clc515 member
    Okay I just got my maternity jeans/shorts from Motherhood (quick shipping!) and OMG they are SO COMFY! (FTM here.) Why don't we wear these all the time lol! Plenty of stretch to grow into. I ordered another pair of work pants on sale at macys so looking forward to that. 
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