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  • Hahaha I KNOW!!!! They are my favorite! The reason he doesn’t like them is because he is completely incapable of eating them without making a huge mess and it makes him so mad he just refuses to eat them now. Which is both hilarious and infuriating because that’s the dumbest reason not to like tacos. Just learn to eat them! Or use a fork! I embrace the mess personally...I don’t mind salsa dripping down to my elbows if it means I’m eating a delicious saucy taco!
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  • Yea we have tacos once a week usually.  
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  • I’m hoping my kids love tacos so we can outvote him and I can make them whenever I want!
    I'm pretty good about not making stuff my husband doesn't like. But sometimes I still Do. I just make sure there are leftovers for him. 
  • @honeybear40 - how does one not like RICE?!?!  Mind Blown

    Get ready, gasp...I'm not a big fan of cheese...like- I'm so weird about eating it.  I like it on pizza, SOME cheddar on some dishes, some mozz on some Italian but eating plain cheese gags me...getting big bites of it grosses me out...ricotta, no way - the texture/taste...noooope so that limits a lot of my cooking.  Sorry hubs- you want cheese you can cook it.

    Again- gasp...neither one of us really like Mexican food.  We like fake Mexican...ie: Chipotle, T-bell...but aside from that we both agree on that.  Maybe we're a match made in heaven cause EVERYONE loves Mexican food. 

  • Ok ladies...help needed.  Thanksgiving has been thrown a monkey-wrench this year.  We typically go to my in-laws for lunch then head down south to my family's (2 hours away).  My MIL has decided to not host this year as my FIL has to work.  I offered to do it at our place but hubs didn't want to because he thinks it is too much with leaving for cinci a few hours later.

    My MIL's bday is the 21st so I offered to have a birthday dinner at our house the weekend prior to Tgiving because I feel like its just one of those things where even though everyone says they're okay with not having it they're really not.

    So...I'm trying to not make it too Thanksgiving-ie by not doing a turkey...but what other protein should I do.  Pot roast is my usual go to because it is so darn easy but I feel like I need to do something a little nicer as I still want the t-giving side dishes.  I was thinking maybe Cornish hens but I also think noses might be turned up at that...I need ideas. There will be 6 adults and my little.

  • I second the ham! 

    Anyone have a good gingerbread cookie recipe? I've never made them before but DH just told me he loves them! Never knew this in the 10 years we've been together. 
  • ooh ribs sound really yummy.  I would ABSOLUTLEY LOVE to do a ham but my hubs won't eat it (he is crazy). The smell of ham makes him start heaving...such a baby, lol.  Who doesn't like ham??  Gosh- now I want ham really badly.
  • I’m on the finding out new things about DH after years and years, too. He, apparently, loves peppermint after 15 years of being together, I know know this. Also, he hates eggplant, turkey, pork (unless it’s sausages), soup!, and pumpkin pie!! But I’m thankful he’s not as bad as my BF DH who only eats chicken breast. 

    @kmurdock925 you do a prime rib or Rack of Lamb
    and I second not coming over if there is no ham nor tacos... :p
  • LDSJM123  and @ftm53 - I'll eat aaallll the ham.  If we're wildly outnumbered hubs can have chicken nuggets at the kids table, hahaha. 

    mmmm prime rib.  Why did that not occur to me?! It seems so obvious.

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