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  • hoosiermama-2hoosiermama-2 member
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    Omg. I'm cracking up about this. Not for you if you don't like cursing -

    It might be a one of those you-gotta-be-there things... DH and I always make fun of Caillou because we're awful people :D pretty much this meme without the cursing because I don't usually enjoy that language. 

    Ugh ETA because I just wanted to post the link not the photo
    Edit again to link differently
  • I think she says mama, cat, and hi. I thought she said dada too. But maybe it's me just trying to make sense of her babble.
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  • jsmaijsmai member
    I swear S says hi, mama, ba (at the dog), and dada. But i may be creating a non existent intention in my head for her. 
  • How tinge heck do you get anything done with a baby on the move?! He's so fast now. I just need to do the dishes and clean the house. I used to be able to leave him on his play mat with no issue. Now I have to take him to the bathroom when I pee because he just gets into everything!! He's currently trying to unplug my fireplace. 
  • @kristah2 You can't get anything done lol.  I wait until S is asleep to do major things. I literally have to watch her every second at this point. if I have to run in the kitchen real quick or the bathroom I put her in her bouncer or pack and play.
  • kvrunskvruns member
    @kristah2 can you get some gates or a play pen to contain him? 
  • m6aguam6agua member
    @MrsMaryK2016 What kind of gates are those? We have the jumperoo, excersaucer, and baby carriers, but want to let LO move around so we are thinking a play pen.
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  • @MrsMaryK2016 that's amazing! 

    My biggest issue is the layout of our house. 
    Upstairs where the bedrooms are is great because I'll stick him in his crib. 
    Basement is fine because his exersaucer and pack and play are down there. 
    Main floor is a nightmare. I could trap him in the living room but with some furniture and curtains etc there I don't feel like u can comfortably leave him. And of course this is the floor I need to clean the most with laundry and dishes etc. 
    i could of course bring the exersaucer up when I need it but I also need it downstairs. Same with the pack and play (we change him there when we're downstairs). First world problems needing 2 of everything? We already bought a second diaper genie for basement diaper changes. 
  • @kristah2 have you checked out Facebook marketplace? I feel like between that and the yard sale groups in my area, I can find anything second hand.
  • kvrunskvruns member
    @kristah2 maybe look for a second hand exersaucer or pack.  Play or any friends to borrow for a bit

    we have a diaper genie in each changing room and they're both on the same floor. 
  • This brand is by Dreambaby. I just ordered them on Amazon. 
  • @MrsMaryK2016 that is awesome! Wish we had some space to do that, we have none. I just bring LO with, use the jumper, put him in his crib for a minute, or wait until he's sleeping to do stuff. LO has now taken to pulling himself up on everything and trying to climb over stuff, so our previous method of blocking things with laundry baskets and other items is coming to an end. 
  • @jsmai saw yours after I posted.. also amazing!! I wish I had thought of doing up an area like that when we bought the house in August. We still have the room in the basement for it but our main floor doesn't leave much room. Boo. 
  • We just leave A in the jumparoo or let her have at it on the floor. Last week, when I was sick, I put A in the laundry basket and pulled her into the bathroom with me. She sat and played with her feet while I threw up.
  • @MrsMaryK2016 That looks awesome. I was just telling H I wish we had the space to do something like that. Ceramic tile sucks and I wish we could contain her to the alphabet play mat area. She's already hitting her head quite a bit in the floor  :'(.
  • Love those play areas @MrsMaryK2016 and @jsmai! I wish we had space in our place to do something like that.

    I put E in the highchair if I'm trying to get dishes/dinner done. We have a couple toys that suction cup on so I put on one of those and give her some other toys as well (that always hit the floor pretty fast). I also use the walker (stationary on a thick carpet) or bouncer. But mostly I just don't get anything done unless she's asleep.
  • @MrsMaryK2016 Is that modular tile or a giant rug? :smiley:

    (So tired: I typed tyle instead of tile.)
  • It's modular tiles from Little Nomad.
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