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Ultrasound pics!


Re: Ultrasound pics!

  • Ultrasound done June 20th. Went and had ultrasound at 7 weeks from LMP, but measured 7 weeks, 2 days according to CRL measurement. Heart rate 136. EDD feb 4th 

    Ultrasound done July 25th. Measuring ahead again by an additional 2 days. 12 weeks, 3 days. Heart rate 169. New EDD is Feb 3rd. 
    Me:28 (PCOS, DOR), DH: 32 (low morphology)
    TTC since March 2012
    2013-2014 - 6 rounds of Clomid - BFNs
    3 failed IUIs in 2015
    October 2015 - wait listed for IVF #1
    IVF #1 March 2016 - bfn, zero frosties!
    Femara cycle 1 May 2016 - POAS starting May 21st / beta testing May 25th....

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  • hyrdomamahyrdomama member
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    Baby measured 7Wk1 in US. Can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl Thursday!
  • Hi all this was 10w0d for me, still in disbelief! I'm 11w3d now.

  • U/S at 10 weeks and baby is active! Going in on Friday for 12wk check-up OMG im almost there 8/717 will officially be week 13 and im OUT of the first trimester. Having some cramping today and little back pain, but i go to the OB today for my new patient intake. (OB does not do their own U/S anymore so i have two doctors. Luckily they are in the same building just floors apart) 

  • Today I am 10 weeks and I had my first ultrasound 2 weeks ago. I had an appointment today and my doctor had trouble finding the heartbeat with the Doppler so she sent me in for an ultrasound to make sure everything was okay. Everything was good and baby is growing! Heart rate was 167.

    TTC #1 Since April 2014
    Me: 27 | DH: 31
    08/2006 - Laparoscopy/Stage 1 Endo
    10/2014 - Bloodwork normal, HSG all clear
    10/2014 - DH's SA 15mil/mL, 35% motility, 6% morphology
    BFP #1: 12/29/14 | EDD: 9/9/15


  • @sarahbic5 and @hr1116 we have the same due date of feb.8  :)
  • Due 2/26
    Baby looked good. Only worried about my sub chorionic hemorrhage. Said it's size of penny. But still has me freaking out. I just want baby to be okay!!
  • I'm due feb. 19 too!
  • I'm due feb. 19 too!
    Hi! I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned to you, but it's so much easier to tag and recognize you in other threads if you go and change your name! 
  • sarahbic5sarahbic5 member
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    xmasbaby15 (sorry, don't know how to tag you!) I had that too when I went in for my 8 week appt and ultrasound. My doc said it is common and would must likely go away on its own. When I went back for my 12 week appt, they did an ultrasound to check and it was gone. Even then the ultrasound tech, who was also pregnant, said she sees it every day and even she had it, and eveything was fine. So don't worry about it too much, seriously! 
  • Had our 13 week appointment yesterday. Here is our little one at 13 weeks 4days! Everything looks good. He/she was stretching and kicking their little feet everywhere.
  • Updated pic from my 12wk check up! Little one has gotten big
    HR: 168 
    I will be 14wks this Tuesday :) 
    Next US: 9/25  
  • Baby at 8 weeks and will post my 13 week scan once I have it tomorrow!!!!
  • Our little baba at 13 weeks!
  • 12 weeks, almost an entire month ago! Can't wait for my 20 week U/S to get my next view
  • Two reminders: 1) Be sure to crop the personal information out of your U/S photo! Internet safety and all. And 2), Knottie#s, you should change your user names on the Knot to something recognizable so we can more easily tag you. After you change it you just need to log out and log back in and your new name should appear.
    Me: late 30s | H: early 30s
    TTC #1 since April 2015
    RE Dx: Fibroids, surgery Jan 2016
    IUI #1 and #2, Nov/Dec 2016, BFN
    IVF March 2017: ER - 5R/3M/3F, 1 PGS normal
    Polyp removed May 2017
    FET May 2017 - BFP!
    Baby boy born 2/2/18

  • This us was done at 11w2d. 168bpm.
    Due February 20!

  • I'm due on the 7th! Which funny enough is also my birthday

  • We saw Baby for the first time today!! He or she was bouncing all around! Strong 150 bpm heartbeat! This was incredible!
  • Due February 2nd! But baby has measured from January 30th to February 3rd at the last 3 ultrasounds 
  • Got a couple 3D shots on Friday. 17 weeks on the dot. Baby was laid up with their ankle's crossed
  • From our early gender Ultrasound last week...we have the gender reveal this Friday!!! 
  • Found out yesterday this precious little face belongs to a BOY!!! So thrilled!!
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    Edited because my phone glitched while I was lurking at 3:00 am during another bout of insomnia and randomly posted in this thread. 
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