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  • @secicc12 One of the classes we went to suggested that we set up "golden hours" that is just reserved for me, hubby, and baby. During that time, no visitors are allowed over, and to make that clear ahead of time. Both my husband and I are the same in that we need our down time, away from people and parents, so we have decided that in the first 2 weeks, no one is coming over before noon each day. Lol basically visiting hours are 12 to 5pm each day. We feel kinda bad bc this means visiting relatives, even my dad and mom, will have to get a hotel room, but we're taking this time to be selfish. Our house isnt really set up for overnight guests anyway, so we figured better for everyone to just have their own space. Also, I just know myself and if I'm in pain or discomfort or bleeding a bunch, I'm not going to want to sit around and be social.
  • @asfiore I love that idea. We're definitely not letting anyone stay at our house, but I also like the visiting hours schedule since you can mentally prepare and know when it'll end.
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  • @caity024 I used the belly badit and it helped me a lot. I had a vaginal delivery, brought it to the hospital with me and started using it the next morning. I delivered my son in the evening and got settled into my PP room around 10, so just waited until the next morning to use it. I could wear my pre-pregnancy jeans a week later wearing the belly bandit. I think the one I used is still in decent shape but will probably buy a new one for this one. 
    My only gripe was that it did roll up at the bottom on me. That's because I have hips and a curvy figure but I dealt with it just fine. 
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  • Does the hospital give dermablast?  I never used any or got any with my last and wonder if i should just order it?
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  • Sounds like a few ladies used postpartum belts of some kind for both vaginal and C section deliveries. I'm looking at them on Amazon and may go with the Belly Bandit since that seemed like the one most frequently mentioned on here. There are a few varieties - should I just go with the original?
  • @sgrant432 yes, well my hospital did give me a bottle of dermoplast but I also got one just in case I run out. 
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  • I had to ask for dermaplast. They did not just give it me without requesting it first. Not sure why other than maybe not everyone likes it. But it is my favorite and I cannot live without it now knowing how good it works. 
  • @brookedeyo that sounds amazing! Did it stay that way after you came home?

    i think I overdid it with walking when I got home and now I way more sore than I was before. Or I haven't kept up with my Motrin.

    I feel like I can't relax the muscles done there and everything is just really tense. 9 days postpartum. They say you can start Kegels right after birth but I can barely feel those muscles. Anyone else?
  • @Kaityrj I'm in the same boat about the Kegels. My nurses said that they tell people to work up to 50-100 Kegels a day... which is insane. I looked up pelvic floor exercises online and I'm going to start doing them a few times a day. I'm a little over two weeks since delivery and feeling back to normal so I'm going to ease into them. 
  • @megaroo42 thanks! That makes me feel better! I was worried I somehow damaged the muscles by walking too much and they were gone forever lol so I'm gonna take it easy and do what I can and work my way up
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