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  • @jakobaby I've thought about Louisa because that was my grandmother's name. There is a little girl we know (friend of family) and her name is Louise and everyone calls her Weezy. It's so cute!! (until she gets older of course, but precious for now because Weezy just fits her) haha
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  • @crizz13 Harriet is sooo cute. Grace Carol and Anna Carol both sound really pretty! Congrats on the girl!!

    we agreed on a girl name way before we got preggo- Parker Ray. My grandfathers name is Alton Ray but everyone calls him Sam. So Sam is our other name we're playing with. If babes a boy were thinking Archie. 

    Girl: Parker Ray or Sam

    Boy: Archie or Sam
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  • @britmanering73 Eloise is my favorite too!! Not sure if I can get DH on board with it. Fingers crossed!

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    I'm probably a little out of the norm with my opinions, but I'm a fan of names that are typically used for boys for girls, like Carter, Elliot, Lawrence, Anderson, Ellis. 

    Have a harder time with boy names. Considering Connor, William (my dad's name), and Carter, and then I draw a blank - which sucks cause my hunch is that this is a boy. 

    ETA: I do like some female names like Amelia,
    Miriam, Margaret, and Dorothy (both my mom's and MIL's first name). 
    DH doesn't like Dorothy or Ellis at all. 

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  • @fivetimesnoluck I am also a fan of boy names for girls. Or having more boyish nicknames for girl names.

    I use Hypnobabies!

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  • @fivetimesnoluck I also like that for both boys and girls. I wanted to name DS Ashlee. DH shut that down, but we did use it as his middle name. 

  • schazeschaze member
    @crizz13 +1 for Eloise! It's one of my guilty pleasure names. 
  • @whitta1218 thats sweet! It's a family middle name, my mom's middle name, my great grandmother's first name, my dad's mom's middle name...
  •  We're team green as we were with baby #1 who turned out to be a girl. I don't love any of the boy names I had picked out from 4 years ago so it's onto making a new list.  Boy names are so hard for us! Lol They were last time too. Seem to have a ton of girl names we like but not so lucky with boy names.  MN will be after my uncle and Godfather for either gender.  So...

    Top girl names are:

    Kamala Kerry
    Eira Kerry
    Sina Kerry

    (Just the top favs of our long girls names)

    Boy names:

    Canaan Kerry
    Soren Kerry
    Auden Kerry

    I'm open to boy name ideas ladies! Help this mama out! Lol
  • @koennia1217 I'm an Ashley too! It was such a pain all during school. One of the reasons I'm adament my kiddos will of more unique names... Not too out there but not where they are of of 6 just in their grade
  • @mamayogini3 Canaan is one of our picks too!
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  • I'll probably buy the extra packs for the app.  Its fun and addictive but I have started getting lots of repeats and some more "out there" names than we'd probably use.  I also have been gifted a book of 60k baby names.

    DH is team green, and that's where I'm leaning, so I really want to get the name part out of the way *now* because I have an irrational fear that one of the techs or doctors is going to tell me on accident.

    A girl we've had picked out for a while - Evelyn Margaret in honor of my grandmother.  I'm thinking about breaking my former rule of no alternative spellings and going with "Evalyn", which combines parts of my grandmother's first and last names.  MN would be the same as hers.  She was my BFF before she died, and DH understands (he was like that with his grandfather) and we both love the nicknames "Evie" and "Maggie."

    Boys names have been harder.  I have come up with one potential middle name, DH has come up with 3 potential firsts and a middle.

    Firsts:  Bryce, Lance, or Mace (or Mason)
    Middle: Daniel or David
    Me: 33 | DH: 45
    SD: 20 & SS: 16

    *Trigger Warning*
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  • For a boy, Patrick Thomas and for a girl, Emmaleigh. We are still hung up on a middle name for a girl. 
    Our little Red Raider is here and another is on its way!

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  • @wildmagelet Just say to whoever comes in the room that you aren't finding out the sex before they can even say anything. We did it with DS and I once had the Midwife come in and start out with "So, you're having a little girl?!" And I said "What?! I don't know, we aren't finding out!" She said, "Oh, I just thought because of the heart rate it was a girl, I don't actually know, it's not in your chart anywhere, we don't keep track of that." Scared the holy bejeesus out of me. Everyone got really tired of me jumping in with that before every conversation, but it was worth it to me.
  • valeriee03valeriee03 member
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    This is our 3rd and each time it's been such a struggle to agree :(   I think once we know what we're having it'll be a little easier.   We try to avoid names with nicknames.
    We have 2 boys already: Grady & Heath
    If we have another boy i like: Reid, Dean or Brennan
    If we have a girl i like: Norah, Maeve or Eloise

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  • So we are officially Team Pink! I think I've decided on Liza Carlysle for the name. Either calling her by both names or just the first. I just love the name Liza, and Carlysle is DH's middle name and his grandfather's first name. Thoughts?
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  • @whitta1218 I think I'd just use Liza as the first name. "Liza Carlysle" starts to take on weird emphasis in the wrong places if I say it a couple of times, and spelling would be an everyday battle since it's a boy's name plus an alternate spelling.
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  • I'm just going to get this out of the way now: when I was pregnant with DD, I KNEW she was a girl weeks before we found out. I stupidly made a deal that if it was a girl, I could pick the name (obviously not if he hated it), and if it was a boy he could pick the first name... sweetly, he wants to name him--if it is a boy--after his grandfather... but, y'all the name is Rex  :s Needless to say I impulsively approved it YEARS ago, and here we are with a 50% chance of a Rex  :'( (obvi I do not like the name, lol).

    I actually knew a Rex when I was younger. I thought it was cool I had never met anyone with that name. He was extremely handsome, kind, and quirky. It could grow on you!
  • @EmilyLove25 maybe you could some how make Rex short for something. Like maybe Alexander. I know Rex doesn't exactly fit in there, but it doesn't sound like a bad nickname to me. 
  • agm687agm687 member
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    So far our top choices are: 

    Boy - Clarence (my husband likes it because it's from It's a Wonderful Life; not sure of a middle name yet)
    Girl - Daisy Grace (my step-daughter has a floral name, so we decided for any girls we have to go with that theme, Grace is my middle name and my Grandmother's first name)
  • Gosh it's so hard picking names! DH and I have been going back and forth for what feels like forever and we just can't seem to agree on names. Just recently we have picked out a girl name, but boy names are hard to agree on. He wants such weird names that sound like dog names or made up names. Our girl name, though agreed on, still has me on the fence. It was a name we picked out back in 2015 when I was pregnant with DS. I still like it, but I'm not obsessed with it the way I feel like I should be. Maybe it's because I've loved it for so long that it doesn't feel new or special? I don't know. Makes me feel like maybe it's not the one since I'm not super into it like I am with the boy names I've been pushing for.

    But for a girl: Harper Grace 
    For a boy I love (but DH doesn't): August Edward 

    Wish me luck in getting DH to fall in love with August like I have. I'm hoping if I keep writing the name and leaving it hidden around the house he'll come around lol
  • vjraabvjraab member
    We already have a girl, Ava Mary, named after my MIL. If it's a girl, we're thinking Elle Grace, after my grandmother. If it's a boy, Spencer Mack, named after my husband and grandfather, but he'd go by Mack. 

    Its been surprisingly easy to pick out names with DH. This time and last I pick out about ten names and he gives me a yes or no. 
  • I need name advice!!!

    We were pretty much settled on Oliver Stephen, but I'm having second thoughts about Oliver. I think it might be becoming too popular and I don't want him to be one of 20 Oliver's in his school. One of two or mayyyybe three would be ok. Also, I don't like the nickname Olly. 

    What I want in a name is:

    1. Something that is known as a male first name. Nothing too unique or a day of the week or last name or anything like that. 

    2. Something that has a cute nick name. I like the "X" sound. So, Max, Dax, Jack or even Dart are nicknames that I've liked before. 

    3. Something that goes well with Stephen and doesn't start with a "D". My husband and I have a hyphenated last name and both the last names start with "D". 

    The only name I've been able to think of is Maxwell, but I'm not totally sold on it. 

    What do y'all think?
  • @caeilievalor My absolute #1 for a boy is Jack and I just love it. I'm having a girl so I can't use it lol. So I will always vote for Jack. That being said, my 2nd name was Max (I think we have similar styles??). If you want them to have nicknames you can use Jackson or Maxwell like you noted. But I also think there's nothing wrong with just going with Jack or Max alone ;)

    I use Hypnobabies!

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  • @caeilievalor how about Jackson? You could call him Jack or Jax. I love Jack as well but it's my nephews name so it's taken! 
  • I really the love the name Jack! DS would've been Jack but our last name starts with it wouldn't work. It would be like naming someone Stephen Stephens.
  • I've totally considered Jackson! Maybe it's just me, but I've always thought of it as a last name. Do you guys think it's more of a first name now? Is there anything else that can be shortened to Jack?
  • EagsEags member
    @caeilievalor I love the names Jack and Max. For the longer version, I love Maxwell but Jackson is insanely popular (at least where I live) so you may want to take that into consideration. 
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  • Well Jack was originally the nickname for John before all the other Jack names started popping up
  • We have new names...thank God!!

    Boys: He still likes Jetson, Jett for short. My top is Sawyer. Then we have Tucker and Gunnar. :)

    Girls: He still likes Jayci and Jaylee. Everly (Both living grandma's names mixed), Emersyn, and I like Sloane. 

    Don't even get me started on the middle names. Argghhh...

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  • @supercoolstephy Lorelei is on my list too (but spelled Lorelei). I love it!

    I use Hypnobabies!

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    EDD: 1/6/2018
    Eva Jane: 7/23/2014

  • Alright ladies, DS has a recognizeable, but very uncommon nature name and I'm thinking of going the same way for this one. Recently I've been obessesed with the name Sparrow for a girl. Too out there? Too weird? Am I crazy?
  • @Cricket99 I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • @Cricket99 I love unique nature names!

    I use Hypnobabies!

    J18 December Siggy Challenge: Christmas Movies!

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    EDD: 1/6/2018
    Eva Jane: 7/23/2014

  • @caeilievalor I love the name Oliver. We had friends who named their son that and to my knowledge, he never gets called Ollie. He's adorable! I also like Maxwell and Jack but Jack/Jackson are pretty popular here. 

    @supercoolstephy Now I'm curious what DH's mom's name was. ;)

    @cricket99 Sparrow: I kinda like it... I think it could grow on me. I also like Wren, or we have friends who have an Aspen...
  • @GraceUponGrace09 It's Deborah. Its not horrible, it's just blah. DS middle name is Donald, so also just blah and boring.

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  • @cricket99 Sparrow, I love it!! If I could get away with it, I would put that in my list :)

    @GraceUponGrace09 I love Wren but unfortunately not a pick :( DH is difficult, but so am I LOL

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  • @supercoolstephy That's actually my name!   :D but I know exactly what you mean. Almost every Deborah/Debra I meet is like 30+ years older than me. It's definitely a dated name!
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