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Harmony Test/Early Gender Detection Experiences


Re: Harmony Test/Early Gender Detection Experiences

  • @mcfeldbb It doesn't matter your age or medical history. The NT scan is commonplace. Yes, it's called NT because they're measuring the nuchal translucency, but the scan is also used to look at the heart for possible defects there as well. It's not just a Down Syndrome thing.
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  • @vvitchhazel we called and it's covered. For some reason my dr made it seem like it was not covered. We're excited for it, hoping to get the gender if we can. 
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  • ngarciabyungarciabyu member
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    This may have been brought up, so forgive me if it has. But our test results came in Monday and the Dr said the baby was healthy and all results came back negative and that we were having a girl. We told our parents the news, but no one else yet. Are you guys announcing gender to everyone based off the blood results, or waiting until after the anatomy scan? Im like what if it changes lol? Or is the gender supposed to be pretty accurate. I think I'm just having a hard time believing it's real if I haven't seen it with my own eyes haha

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  • And another question, my understanding is that this test takes place of the other type of blood work that is done for genetic testing to go along with the NT scan. However, I know the other test also looks at the AFP levels in the moms blood, and based off that they can give odds of possible neural tube defects. We actually tested positive for that with DS1. Elevated AFP can also mean placenta issues or potential low amniotic fluid and a few other things. Anyways, I got the progenity test done through my RE, and my midwife asked if the test also tested the AFP levels. Does it? Or is it just for chromosal abnormalities? Am I even making sense? Sorry for the ramble.
  • @ngarciabyu I have been telling some people the sex as I share the pregnancy news with them, because I'm not planning to announce formally. I think the test is supposed to be 99% accurate. I also read somewhere that it's less likely to be wrong if it says it's a boy (because with a boy, Y chromosomes are present and therefore can't be mistaken for your female X chromosomes). If you want to be 100% sure, you could wait until the anatomy scan to confirm. If you are ok with that 1% chance that it could be wrong and that you might have to re-announce, then announce away! 
  • Seconding what @blueskies17 said - I've also heard it's less likely to be wrong if it says boy, but that it's generally really accurate.  Although, I know someone who was told she was having a boy at the a/s.  At birth they learned "oops, it's a girl", so neither method is fullproof.  

    As for the blood test, I don't think the NIPT looks at the same thing as the NT bloodwork.  If you have a history, you might want to get both.  

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  • @Tennis11785 thanks for the input. I'll look into whether I should get the other test as well.

    and I just yesterday read about a test being wrong about it being a boy. I guess the test can supposedly pick up on lingering DNA from previous pregnancies or even vanishing twin? I'm supposing it's super rare that happens though. Not even sure how true that is.  No test is 100% so I'm just gonna roll with it and not stress about it :)
  • @ngarciabyu, I do think it's pretty rare.

    TW, I was pregnant with a boy and lost him May of last year. 5 months later I was pregnant again and had another NIPT done and it was a girl. Within 5 months there was no more lingering DNA from my son.

    My perinatologist said he hasn't personally seen an NIPT come back with an inaccurate gender so while I'm sure it happens, I think it's an anomaly!
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  • Piccola1988Piccola1988 member
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    @ngarciabyu  We've been going with what the NIPT said, but then again, we saw proof it was a boy in our NT scan also!

    ETA:  Everyone I know that did the NIPT announced the gender based on that, and none of them were wrong.  As others said, I think it's pretty rare.  I'd assume you can trust it.
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  • I just had my blood drawn today for the MaterniT 21 test.   Hoping the results come back quickly!!
  • Happy to report that we received our Harmony results and baby is in the low risk for everything they tested for!!!!

    Sad to report that we were supposed to find out the sex but our doctors office missed that on the form (and we also overlooked it so it's our fault as well lol) 

    Luckily the lab tested the sex anyways but my doctor has to request the results which will be 2 business days. 

    Our results only took 7 business days, when we were expecting 10 so that was a nice surprise :)

    ... now to anxiously wait a few more days to find out the sex :) but we are so happy baby is healthy genetically! 

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  • I just had blood drawn today for MaterniT21 testing. Of course I want to test for any abnormalities, but I was also looking forward to learning the gender. However, I was informed that with fraternal twins, they can't really tell you much about the gender. If there are no Y chromosomes detected, of course that means they're both girls. But, if a Y chromosome is detected, you will know that there is at least one boy, but it could be two. I guess we won't really know until the anatomy scan. 
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