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  • @bluejeanbabi05 I do too! It's probably for sure our set boys middle name. I would use it as a first name. But don't feel like correcting people on pronunciation. It's Tee-Air-Ee , not like theory.  

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    Oct. '17 June S.C. "You Had 1 Job"

  • @mrs_fogue Hahaha right?? Thank goodness we have The Bump to vent our frustrations. And I'm sorry about your husband's boss! I hope you don't have to change your vacation plans.

    @migdala I actually lol'ed at your response! That would have been some poetic justice right there.
  • @Brambles23 we don't find out gender until 5/16. So. Far. Away. We have a short list of names for both genders but the in-laws won't stop asking when we will know. The date isn't changing, so leave me alone! 
  • @sdarling2010 and @canonmom413 this is where I'd pull the whole "keep asking/nagging and see if you'll ever find out."  It's usually family that won't let it go!  

    My friends have asked, but when I give the reason why they're cool about it.  Some haven't even asked about names...only asking how my DH and I are doing.  

    Ugh...hanger....everything is just irritating today.  
    June 2017 Siggy Challenge:  "You had one job to do!"

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  • State mandated testing started last week so for the next four weeks my bumping experience will be spotty.  
  • Yeah I'm curious what the ILs said too!  @migdala
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