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  • am i supposed to go to the name thread with a name question.
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  • @bluejeanbabi05 I feel you. When I was pregnant with DD and settled on Eloise, like three people I knew on social media had babies and used that name. I knew no one with that name previously. True story, I de-friended one of them (a college acquaintance that I had no intention of every seeing or talking to again) because it bothered me so much.
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  • @carries2018 I wouldn't worry about the initials, especially since it doesn't even say that. I think Todd Taylor is cute, and I like that it has meaning. Although I suppose the alternative does too.
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  • Ill play @bluejeanbabi05

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  • Well, nevermind @carries2018
    my names dont make sense then. boo

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  • @beezeemarie I agree, DD's name was such an ah-ha moment.  So far nothing has come close to the love I had/have for it.  I also chose a unique name and want to find another cute unique name.  But it's hard, especially for the boys.  Where are all the cute unique boy names? 

  • @mrs_fogue seriously, boy names are so blah. I think it's also a lot harder naming the second one because, for me, it's important for the names to "go together." Whatever that means. And they can't be too similar, which has been a problem for us. For example, DH and I both LOVE the name Noelle, but I can't bring myself to do it because we often call DD Elle (a point of contention for DH and I, because he thinks it's fine). I also like Elise, but obviously that's not going to work with Eloise. 
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  • mrs_foguemrs_fogue member
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    @beezeemarie oh so much this.  It really made me question my DD's name because between that and our last name ending in a y, so many names are already crossed out.  It's really hard finding a name that complements Aspen with the rest of my criteria. 

    *goes to dig up name thread again*

  • @carries2018 is he really set on using his name? Like, is that something that he's said is really important to him?
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  • @carries2018 that sounds like a solid plan.  You are pregnant and you shared cheesecake.  He owes you! 

  • migdala said:
    @lemonlyman I'm mad on your behalf!  I hope you throw up on her.
    Hahahahahahaha <3

  • DH's boss is a giant TW!  I told yall that his sotres inventory was moved to the week after our planned vacation/family reunion with his family.  He has mentioned it to his boss but actually stopped him to talk about this today, whether he will still get his vacation or not.  Boss has still not given a definite answer more like "why can't you fly to be back earlier" or " your wife may have to go without you."   We are running out of time to make alternative vacation plans if it's a no because anything after July is really out of the question and now July is off the books. 

  • Ugh @mrs_fogue that is so frustrating and rude!! I hopefully his boss gets his shit together and lets your DH just go as planned 

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