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It's A Girl.....which middle name?

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Everybody has seen me post about this about this name before, I'm looking for mn help. We found out the other day we are having a girl. My husband has said we can go with Taryn which has been my favorite name since I was in elementary school. It was the top 2 with our first daughter but we went with the other choice so it will always be on my list until I use it and it always makes it to the top names.

I thought of Taryn Felicity for awhile since I like Felicity as a mn but not a fn. DH likes it as a first name and our dilemma is if we end up having a 3rd girl and we use Felicity as a mn then he will be upset he can't use it for the future 3rd girl but if we don't use it as a mn and have a boy next then he doesn't get Felicity at all which he doesn't like either. I'm going to let him have more of a say in the mn since I got my favorite name. Our first DD is Corianne Wynter (nn Cori).

PS Taryn will be an alliteration with our last name

It's A Girl.....which middle name? 45 votes

Taryn Felicity Tuttle
60% 27 votes
Taryn McKenzie Tuttle
15% 7 votes
Taryn Michaela Tuttle
24% 11 votes
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Re: It's A Girl.....which middle name?

  • I'd use Felicity because you never know if you will have another child, or a girl!
  • Taryn Felicity because I like it years above the others but also I wouldn't not use the name Felicity for something that might not happen aka a third girl

  • I really like Taryn Felicity .........but not with your last name. Too many "T's"
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