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Five Things Thursday 4.13.17


Re: Five Things Thursday 4.13.17

  • absbubbs said:
    1. I finally received my official pass of my boards this morning
    2. I went to the chiro this morning and he cracked me like a walnut
    3. I finally found a dress that I love and am excited to wear it
    4. We've gotten a ton of baby stuff done in the past two weeks, making it seem even more real!
    5. The baby shower is this weekend which means that starting Sunday, H can't stop me from buying baby stuff!
    Congrats on passing!!!  That's great news!  And haha #5!  I can't wait til my DH can't give me crap about buying baby stuff!  He's always telling me we need to wait for our showers!  When they're over it's on!!
  • @rebecca517-2, yay!! So happy to hear your results for cholestasis were negative!!
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  • L1C4gal said:
    Thanks @vrj0522! And @ChristinaWild, it's a delightful flavor that a local Cincinnati ice cream place (Graeter's) makes--we don't live around there anymore, but Kroger often sells that brand since they're a Cincinnati-based chain (so maybe if you have a Kroger?). Last week I saw on Facebook that a Cincinnati brewery had modeled a beer after the ice cream flavor--since I can't have the beer but of course immediately wanted the ice cream, H went on the hunt and found a Private Selection (fancy Kroger brand) version that's just as good. Other brands might make something comparable as's worth looking for! Good luck! :)
    Just checked our Kroger click list and they have it!! Totally adding it to my grocery order this week lol

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  • @Kipperoo Yes, I'm so relieved. Thank you!
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