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There was some talk of starting this board, but I didn't see it pop up so here goes! 

Overdue mamas, how ya feeling? What are you trying to encourage baby to come? Any next steps scheduled? Rants/raves, etc? 

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  • Oh, I think I have my first NST on Monday as well. 
  • That must be hard @pinkshades05 when you feel like you know what to expect based on having been through it twice before and then your body and baby decide to do something totally different. Hopefully baby will decide to come soon for you! 
  • Definitely not overstepping at all @MWoodside! Im sure hearing about your experience is definitely helpful for our current overdue mamas.  
  • I'm not yet overdue, but can I just say I am so glad I have yet to hear a mention of Caster Oil on this board. Those posts on my BMB with DS would make me crazy!!!
  • @rachelmiller03 Ugh... I read something about castor oil on the internet.... no thanks.

    @MWoodside I'm going to have to start trying curb walking - I've been going on a walk at lunch at work and trying to get in another one when I get home.  I've also been wondering about my belly support brace so I'm glad you mentioned that - it feels wonderful to have it on, but I wondered if it would keep the baby from putting enough pressure on the cervix to do anything.  So I've been trying to do it without.
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  • @schef070911, I think it depends how you are carrying. I carry super low. So without the brace, the baby couldn't engage b/c the angle was wrong. If you aren't carrying super low the brace may not be helpful for you. I know I need to get my act together and wear it with this baby for the same reason, but I find it super uncomfortable.

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  • 40+4 today, and had an appt this morning for a sweep. She said I was 2cm and 70%effaced. A week ago I was 1-2 and 50%. I have had some light cramping so I guess we'll see what happens. Fingers crossed for baby to be ready to come!! 
  • I'm sorry ladies for all the frustration. I'm 39 +1 and I'm already losing hope this baby will even come on time. 
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  • I had my first child on his due date. Tomorrow is my due date for this baby. Has anyone seen the fruit comparison for the size of baby for 40 weeks from the bump? Yikes it's a freakin watermelon ! Well I'm staying patient but my toddler is refusing to nap today. So exhausted! 
    Full moon tomorrow everyone !
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    @WkoutMomtoBe glad to have a due date buddy with similar stats, but sure wish these babies would hurry up for us!! 

    I'm doing pretty well over all... ready to get this show on the road though. Not overly frustrated or anxious, but definitely tired at this point. Lots of pelvic pressure and lightning crotch and increasing BH but no regularity or pain associated with them. 

    If the baby doesn't come on his own soon, we have an appt for a foley tomorrow afternoon at 40+6 and then we go home over night and return for the induction process Thursday morning at 41. I wish I had more time to try to let him come on his own but my clinic doesn't induce on the weekends and doesn't want people to go past 41+3 so here we are. I'm at peace with the idea of induction overall I guess even though it isn't ideal.

    How are are you feeling physically? Emotionally? 
  • Physically I feel fine...I'm spotting a bit but that's bc of the check/sweep. Maybe a tad pressure here or there. We'll see what happens tonight and next few days.

    Emotionally I'm okay too and I thought the family n friend messages had died down but they're back..."Are you walking to get baby out?", etc. Also, I was really hoping to have baby by now and be home for Easter. I want a yummy Easter gosh darn it.

    Here's to hoping something happens for us soon! That's great they'll start with Foley bulb for you. 

    We shall soon have our baby in our arms!

  • Well terrible day for us today. In case anyone following this thread is not on the Facebook page... they bumped us from the schedule today for our foley/induction and now we are just waiting. Hoping to get to go Friday when the on call doc switches over to someone more reasonable (and less rude)... but the provider today was trying to convince us to wait until Monday even though this appt has been on the books for three weeks. 
  • That sucks. I'm really sorry to hear this. Try to hang in there. Hopefully Friday will be your day. 

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  •  I'm officially overdue and irritated about everything. I have a routine appointment tomorrow and I'm really hoping my OB will talk about am induction. Both DD and DS were born at 40+3, which will be tomorrow. Hoping this baby is following that trend...

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    Officially 40+2. I thought for sure i was thing into labor yesterday. No dice. I have an appt in an hour so hoping to find out more!

    Edites to add*

    Things I've been doing to help- rest, just in case labor does start- yoga ball bounces, long walks, still on the dates and 3rd tri tea
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