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  • @Blueberry85  I have so much respect for you

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  • Blueberry85Blueberry85 member
    edited April 2017
    @aboxofchocolates Aww, thanks  :) I didn't really do anything special, though. We do what we have to for these little squishes  <3

    edited because it cut off most of what I wrote...
    Me: 31 DH: 34
    DD1 born 3.2014
    DD2 born 4.2017
  • 41+1 scheduled for induction tomorrow. I had an NST on Tuesday where there was one variable, and the doctor had me get an ultrasound, but everything was great with baby. She weighed 7 lbs 4 oz. 

    Had another NST on Friday and they kept me ob for an hour due to another variable. I was definitely having contractions. 

    Now I'm just sitting at home, pretty much given up on timing contractions. I know no matter what, we're gonna get this going tomorrow. 
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  • @samdags can you explain to me what you mean by a variable.  I have my first NST tomorrow and I'm not really sure what the variable means you are talking about.  

  • @aboxofchocolates they look for at least two pulse spikes. Hers went down once. 
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  • I am officially joining this group unless my little one comes in the next hour. My first was 8 days late and it seems like her sister may be happily following suit. 
  • Anyone else still waiting and going to end up with a May baby? My birthday is May 3 so my little one and I are going to be pretty close to sharing a birthday. 
  • babenmebabenme member
    So, here I am finally in active labor! Im so thankful DS decided today was his day... These contractions are out of this world at 2 minutes​ apart. I am delivering at a local birthing center, completely natural and I'm so hoping my labor will end soon so I can hold my baby!! Wow these pains are unbearable. Wish me luck.
  • Good luck!!! My induction is set for Thursday May 4 if she doesn't come before then! :open_mouth:
  • Officially overdue... induction scheduled for 5/5. If this baby doesn't arrive before then, I will have a Cinco de Mayo baby!
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