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  • @PinkPrincessPiper I dont know if you watch the show Blackish, but the B/G twins in the show share a room, and the room is literally split down the middle boy/girl.  its kinda cute, but not sure its totally feasible. 
    I literally thought Blackish as soon as she said this. Their room is definitely fun and loud!
  • with our DD  we did a pink zebra theme because in the trailer we were living in at the time we were building our house had a wall completely zebra print and was super cute the rest of the walls were white so it made a cute accent wall 
    (we took the bumpers out when she moved into her crib)
    for this LO we were going to do a georgia bulldog theme since we're UGA fans but i was browsing today and fell in love with an avengers themed bedding set on etsy. so he'll proabably have a marvel themed bedroom. im still debating on getting the avengers set or just do a red white and blue crib set and just do avengers (captain america) decor.
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  • @breanna428 yay for another Georgia fan! Goooo dawgs,  sic em! Hoo hoo hoo!
  • When we had DS I was allll excited for the nursery and put so much time into it. Then he never slept in there. And we moved when he was 2 months old, and while we set up his nursery in the new house he still never slept in there. So with this one I'm not sure I even want to do all that. He will have a bedroom of his own, with a crib, but I'm contimplating on buying a dresser and a glider and all that. We plan on getting an arms reach cosleeper and I'm sure he will be in my room for the first year like DS was, or longer. 
    Plus I hate painting, haha
  • LSP87LSP87 member
    Currently, my nursery is a toy room. A toy room that looks like a bomb went off in it. I will be happy with myself if I can clear it out by July. Everything else, I'm prepared for though..but this nursery I just cant bring myself to deal with.
  • NxyNxy member
    @LSP87 ours is a storage room and I haven't even touched it.. 
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  • We are doing original Winnie the Pooh.  The room will be yellow, and the bedding will be green pooh (from BBB).  The furniture will be grey.  
    This is the crib my parents are getting us, from Ikea: 

    And this is the glider DHs parents bought us: 

    My sister is painting us something original pooh for over the crib, but I dont get to see that for a while.  

    We are doing original Winnie the Pooh as well from BBB.  The room will either be the blue that matches the hunny pot on the little blanket, or it will be a pretty purple, depending on gender!  Our Crib is a java color, while the rest of the furniture is a really pretty mint green.  
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  • @bwing10 I love that there is another pooh lover here!  I also love that despite using the same theme, our rooms are going to look completely different! I cant wait to see your finished product! 
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  • @littlebug2010 I can't wait to see these Winnie the Pooh nurseries! I love Winnie the Pooh and had a Winnie the Pooh room when I was little. We didn't do Winnie the Pooh with my first because he had to share a room with his big brother. 

  • Is everyone doing a matching crib and dresser? Or mismatched? I can't decide. I always figured I would get matching but I don't want it to be too matchy. 
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  • AB518AB518 member
    @TheMrs  I am doing a matching crib and dresser.  The crib is also convertible, so he'll have a matching bed and dresser until he moves out of the house.  I prefer the matching crib and dresser; I don't want everything in the nursery to be too matchy-matchy either, but I have always thought that the room looks more well put together when those two items match.
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  • @themrs planning on doing matching crib and dresser. Just think they'll look better that way.
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  • @AB518 we are doing the same thing...figure bedding/decor can change as she grows so we are getting a nicer dresser and Convertible crib that can be her furniture forever. 
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  • I am the odd man out @themrs our crib is a Jenny lind with an IKEA dresser. Kids tend to chew on the crib top so I am not crazy about convertibles (plus, they always kinda look like a crib to me-UO I suppose) 
    This is not our room- but to give you an idea of what they look like together. 

  • AB518AB518 member
    @AbbeyH  There are convertible cribs that will always look like cribs to me too.  It took me awhile to find the one that I ended up getting.  I always just planned on getting a rail guard or teething guard (not sure about the proper name for them) if chewing on the crib became an issue later.
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  • I'm getting a matching set, but can't choose between brown and white! I keep going back and forth. MIL wants to buy it for us but I can't decide which one to tell her! I haven't seen any sets that have matching nightstands. Do you need a nightstand or something that goes next to the rocker to set stuff on?
  • @AbbeyH - I LOVE those inspiration pics!! I haven't seen that color combo for a nursery before and it is so perfect! Are you painting stripes on the wall? DD1 wants stripes in her new room and I am not looking forward to it.

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  • Kaityrj said:
    I'm getting a matching set, but can't choose between brown and white! I keep going back and forth. MIL wants to buy it for us but I can't decide which one to tell her! I haven't seen any sets that have matching nightstands. Do you need a nightstand or something that goes next to the rocker to set stuff on?
    I don't think you have to worry about a matching nightstand. You could just get a cute side table that matches the same feel of the room. I've seen STMs+ mention it's nice to have something to put water and snacks on if you're BF during the night. 

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  • Agreeing with PP's that if you are getting a convertible crib, make sure you've got some kind of rails on it to protect the crib from teething babies.  I waited too long, and our crib is totally destroyed from my son gnawing at it.  We spent all the extra $$ to get the conversion kits, and now it's in no shape for him to ever use as a bed.  I wish I had known sooner and gotten the protection on it from the get go.

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  • AbbeyHAbbeyH member
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    @donehue , we are not. This is boy #2 so our son will be moving to his "big boy" room and the nursery will be altered slightly for #2. Our nursery actually is painted paneling (old house) so there is a vertical stripe effect. I'll try to post a picture later--

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  • We are staying in our teeny tiny rental for now while we build our credit and save money. Like...super teeny tiny. 727 square feet. 

    My two oldest share a room, and I figure this baby will sleep in a rock n' play for awhile in our room. Hopefully we'll move sometime during babies 1st year...but for now, no nursery. It's a little sad, but kind of a huge relief too! Since I'm nit spending money on a nursery, this baby will be the best dressed kid in town! Lol!

    I'm actually only looking to spend money on a comfortable rocking recliner for late night feedings. 
  • @AbbeyH DH and I are doing the exact same thing! We're getting a Jenny Lind style crib and then a Hemnes dresser. What are you planning on doing for a rocker/chair? We're debating between the new Poang rocker from Ikea or a nicer one to splurge on, since we're saving $$$ with the crib and dresser.
  • @AdvoCyndi30 no nursery here either! My house is a decent size, but one bedroom is my son's, the other has washer n dryer in it so I turned it into a laundry room/storage room. Then I have a refinished basement that my sister lives in. Baby will have a nook in my room, but we will use a bassinet and my own bed for sleeping. Once my sister ever moves out, I might consider making the basement my room and giving my current room to my oldest. My I don't like the idea of my kids on the top story and me in the basement. (There's no door at top of stairs so you can hear above pretty well but still) 
  • We have a huge crib (crib/changing table combo). Probably the worst decision I've ever made in terms of furniture. It's beautiful, don't get me wrong, it's just so damn big & a normal sized changing pad doesn't fit it. 

    The crib & dresser don't match, and I prefer it that way. The crib is white & the dresser is an antique, painted sage green.

    I'm trying to decide what type of bed to transition DD into before LO needs the crib. I'm leaning towards a twin bed with a rail over a toddler bed. 
  • LSP87LSP87 member
    @PinkPrincessPiper - great idea to get the twin bed with rails over the toddler bed
  • @megaroo42 My SIL has a Poang rocker that she loves but I need something with a little more back support. I was thinking about having DH make this...

    And if we don't have time/energy then we may just keep our BRU glider on our registry. 
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  • @Blackandyellow that's amazing! We may just have to try it!
  • @AbbeyH that is gorgeous!!!!!!! 
  • @PinkPrincessPiper My kids hated their cribs, but they got plenty of use once we converted them to full beds.  They move around a lot so the bed rails have been great.  One transitioned to the bed a few months after turning 2 (and we should have done it earlier because it went so smoothly) and the other one was 2.5 (not as smooth, but he wanted to be with us and kept coming back into our room).

    We're going to be doing some room shuffling.  I want to keep a guest room because we have family stay overnight fairly frequently, but the current guest room is the second largest bedroom.  The boys are going to move in there hopefully by the end of the month and the guest room will be DS2's current bedroom.  The baby, or at least the nursery furniture, will be in DS1's current room.  Since my other two hated the crib, I'm not expecting anything to be different this time around.  The furniture store where we bought the sets for the boys has closed and I don't want to spend too much on a crib this time.  It probably won't match as I'm sure I'll keep at least some of the furniture from DS1's set in the nursery.  I've never done much with nursery themes.  We have neutral bedding and a few pictures to hang, but that's about it.
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  • @JWatt5 Such a fun accent wall! Are you doing a nature/woodland theme?

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  • @JWatt5 I love it! It reminds me of my time in Finland. <3
  • @secicc12 @middy411 - Thanks - and yes, kind of a nature/woodland idea! Natural wood shelves/accent pieces and plants with subtle animal touches in the quilt and a couple pictures. I think it's going to come together pretty good over the next couple weeks!
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  • I'm going for a little bit of a challenge and doing a 'knights and dragons' theme for my baby boy. But I have to wait until our roommate moves out in June. Boo. Our complex just got new management too, so we will probably be moving out to avoid the huge increase in rent once the lease is up. I'm a get-it-done person, so it has been hard to have to wait. Nothing to be done though. There's still lots of time.
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  • Question for everyone: pro and cons of white crib vs. a natural wood crib? We are getting a yellow dresser for the nursery, but I'm undecided on what color crib will look best. Thanks in advance!
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