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  • MsTurney said:
    I caved and bought the rock and play ... 
    Me too!
  • I haven't used it yet, tonights the night. I don't expect miracles but heres hoping
  • kjd291kjd291
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    Hope it is everything you hope and more!!
  • CbeanzCbeanz
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    Great news! First thought I had this morning when I woke up was, I wonder how the RnP worked out for @MsTurney!
  • @Cbeanz thanks for thinking of me! What a difference more sleep makes. I am a new person
  • @MsTurney how did it work for naps today? (Knock on wood) my LO is a great night sleeper in the RnP but naps during the day only happen on me, while I'm wearing him, or on walks in the car seat/stroller. Every once in a while I can put him down and he'll nap but usually it just results in him getting all red in the face and throwing a huge fit, even if he's already asleep when putting him down. I wish I had a bouncer/swing/etc he would be content in during the day but he's only ever content with/on me. I hope you have more luck with it during the day than I have! 
  • mecoatsmecoats
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    Molly has been sleeping fairly well. I want to start getting into a regular routine for when I go back to work. She's been fairly consistent at night, so I'm sure we can get into a sleep routine fairly easily. Let's cross our fingers. 
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  • @ashley14598 your little one sounds like mine. Not a huge mapper on her own. I have had one successful nap with her in the basinett for an hour. I need to try it again as I can't get anything done with how she naps 
  • Ugh! Someone decided they wanted to cry from the end of their feeding turn at 4 until 5:15, then wake up at 6:30 to be fed again. Not cool bud, not cool. 
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  • Yay! Isn't it a miracle what a difference sleep makes?!
  • I have a couple postpartum questions... 

    1. Night sweats I have read they are common esp in breastfeeding moms, I'm just wondering if there is anything I can do I wake up soaked and freezing! 

    2. Since having Lucas when I feed/change him in the middle of the night I have noticed my hand is tingling/numb and in the morning it feels so sore! It's only my left hand. Last night it woke me up and it only went away when I was standing and got better when I was sitting up. I ended up using 3 pillows to elevate my head in order to sleep. Today my hand is sore but not tingling or numb. Anyone else experiencing this/have any thoughts?

    It's super frustrating to not be able to sleep because of these two issues. 
  • VeeMoreVeeMore
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    @ashley14598 I started having pain in my hands and would also wake up with them in pain and couldn't make a fist. Dr said it was likely prenatal carpal tunnel and it would probably subside after I have birth. She gave me hand/wrist wraps and they helped.
    After birth, it's not painful anymore but I was also waking up with a sore/numb/tingling right arm. I started wearing the wrist wraps again and they really help.
  • @ashley14598 I am still getting night sweats on occasion.  My OB said it is normal and hormone related.  She told me to just hang in there so I assume not much which can be done at this point.  As for the hands,  sounds like carpal tunnel which is common in pregnancy (I had it horribly) and I have read can occur during breastfeeding too because of positions and whatnot.  Probably worth a chat with your doctor.  They will probably tell you to try a wrist brace.  I got mine at CVS.  It's an inexpensive thing to try.  They say to wear at night or all day depending on how bad it is.

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  • @VeeMore @MrsBinPA thank you so much for the insight!!! I'm glad to know that my symptoms although aggervating are somewhat common! I found some articles on the Carpal Tunnel and that definitely sounds like what I have. LO is 6 weeks and I have only ever bf using cross cradle which after knowing what to look for says that it can contribute to it as well. I'm going to get a brace today to hopefully help & look up some other bf positions to try. 
  • Question for you ladies: my 5 week old son has suddenly decided that naps during the day are not his thing. He maybe sleeps 30-45 minutes before he is awake again. Is this because I finally got him to sleep better at night? Growth spurt?

    Related topic: I know wonder weeks goes off gestational age. Is this the same for growth spurts?
  • npaulienpaulie
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    @thisisallyson my son has been doing the same thing for several weeks now. It takes infants 20-30 min to enter deep sleep so they're VERY easily aroused during that time. But it's okay. Around 6 weeks is when they start developing their circadian rhythm and tell the difference between night and day. Here's an article on baby sleep cycles you might find interesting
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