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Sleep Thread

As I expressed in some of my other comments in threads that I wanted to get a sleep thread going. How do you get you LO to sleep? Tricks? Recommendations? Certain things to avoid? Any suggestions are recommended. 

My problem is that my little girl goes down in the basinett for about 20 mins and then wakes up crying. I try to feed again, console her and put her back. She wants to sleep on me for the most part. She has had a couple good nights, but I find now that she now during the day won't even  go in her swing and wants to be warm on mommy.

Things I've tried:

swaddling- worked the first couple of nights but she seems like a smart cookie.

Dark rooms during night, blinds all open during the day

white noise and a night light - she seems to like this but alone this doesn't soothe her

getting her into a deep sleep first and then putting her down. 

Putting her sleep sack(halo swaddle sleep
sack) under the covers to get warm before putting on

I usually feed one side, change and then feed the other side. If she goes to the bathroom again, I only change again if she poops.

I understand that at this young (2 weeks old) they don't really have any established schedule or training per say. But I am so not prepared for cosleeping and do not feel comfortable as I toss and turn. 

Looking forward to more responses :) I did see in the other thread that I should put in a Tshirt that I wore that day so it smells like me. I am also going to try the water bottle in the basinett first tonight as well as put her special sleep sack in my shirt today so it smells like me. 

I just get so anxious for night now and dread anytime past 9pm knowing it's going to awful.

Re: Sleep Thread

  • I think the day night confusion is part of the game. :( I'm sorry mama. I promise it does pass eventually. My best advice is to take's easier to adjust your schedule than hers right now.
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  • What is she sleeping in now? The rock and play is seriously amazing. It props them up so helps with reflux and digestion and it's so snug. It's been my saving grace with both my kids during early days.

    is she taking a pacifier at all?
  • Baby will sleep in the rock n play and only in the bassinet if she is swaddled- I think she likes the feeling of being snug in something. I usually will rock her back to sleep or she usually falls asleep after nursing before I put her back down. Pacifiers have helped to calm herself down too. 
  • Another one for rock n play here. We try the bassinet occasionally, but he has reflux and I feel more comfortable with him in the RNP. We use the swaddle pod swaddle (like woombie) - it allows for him to still be swaddled, but he can keep his hands by his face, which helps.
    White noise didn't work so well for us, but he does like music. I turn Spotify on my phone with a sleep timer and set it next to him.
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  • I have the baby sleep sounds app on my phone and I turn on the "fan" noise at night next to DD in the rock n play. I love that the RNP rocker setting can be turned on for 6hrs and rocks her​ all night

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  • We're in the rock n play too! We tried bassinet and pack n play initially. He doesn't even like to be flat on our bed. He hates the movement from the rocking or vibrate...It just keeps him awake, but he sleeps perfect just being in there. Ours plays music which he seems to like if he starts fussing and it auto turns off which is awesome! 
  • Ugh please help! LO is cluster feeding and only sleeping when held! I have tried paci and swaddle , RnP and dock a tot with no luck he will sleep for 10 min and wake up , anyone have any safe advice for this sleepy mommy?!
  • White noise helped soooo much last night! I feel like I got plenty of sleep between 3 hour feedings. yay!!! 
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  • @kjd291 I slept like that with my other 2. I would use my arm as their pillow because my thought process was I'm not going to roll over on my arm without it hurting. I usually had baby on the outside in case hubby rolled over.  My husband was scared because he said my boobs were to big and and thought I would smother them with it. So he was up constantly checking to make sure their face wasn't pressed right up against me. I tried to tell him that they both slept fine like because as soon as he moved mybreast they would wake up. I think the closeness and my smell is what did it. In the daytime neither of them would sleep for long periods.

  • Thank you everyone for your responses. @AandDM2014 I may not toss and turn, but I'm so nervous and don't want to risk it.

    you guys may have me sold on the rock and play! It seems pretty awesome. I do however have a swing and a lamb bouncer that vibrates. Not sure how much DH will want another contraption in the house lol. She slept slightly better last night. Went down around 9 slept till 12:17 and then I fed and she went back down around 1 slept till 2 and then we had a stretch of just not wanting to go back down till 5 and then from 5-7:22 she was in the basinett. It's a small victory that I am going to take for now. I had the sleep sack in my shirt all day lol so hopefully that helped. I also put a hot water bottle in the basinet first and then removed it before I put her down. She liked that. We also slightly tilted the basinett up so help with her little gassy self. I'm going to try again tonight and hope it continues to go well. As for another funny question, she is one of the loudest sleepers I have ever heard. Grunts, squeals, squeaks etc. Strains like she needs to poo. Cries then go back to sleep. Anyone else have this with their little ones?

    also @kjd291b that looks amazing! I am still just such a nervous nelly! I guess everyone is different 
  • I'm still up every 2 hours for feedings. I feel like I never sleep. This baby is so different from my first. My first had such a chill temperament and this one cries so much more and always wants to be held. It's driving me a little crazy. 
  • @mcdonald-bailey I think my little girl is a little the same as yours. Then there is my sister who has both little ones sleep like clockwork through the night and never rejected their basinett. I just want her to love it lol
  • @msturney DS is the same, he's been SO loud in his sleep it's actually keeping me up. I really want to keep him in our bedroom until he's at LEAST 4 months, but I'm not sleeping through the noise and I'm not sure I can last that long. DH hasn't been sleeping either as a result :-/
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  • @MsTurney @npaulie DS is a ridiculously loud sleeper as well. The music helps him quiet down but it's impossible to sleep through.
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  • Middle of the night grunting and groaning is like clockwork here. She's pretty quiet all night but around 4:30-5 she wakes us both up grunting and groaning so loud for a good half an hour before her 5/5:30 poop. Hah. At least she's regular ;p 
  • @kjd291 sounds like you have a good routine ! I am craving some sort of schedule as I am such a scheduled person. I know this all takes time but I am seriously stressed out about how my sleeping has been lacking and my sisters baby is like a perfect sleeper :(
  • Add me to the list of loud sleeping LOs.  DH jokes that she snores louder than I do.  She is snoring on my lap right now :)

    she had her worst night of sleep yet last night.  I blame the impending cluster feeding thing happening today.  She was soooo mad all night.  I am exhausted for the first time today.

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  • @MsTurney don't compare!!  ((I know, SOOO much easier said than done) but all babies are so different when it comes to sleep. Especially as they get older. It'll drive you nutty trying to force your LO to sleep the way you want them to Or the way you think they should/-honestly I wish I could go back in time to DD1s newborn days and from there on out just do sleep on HER schedule and not put so much pressure on myself. So much unnecessary stress! 

    Re-schedule. I feel ya! I LOVE a good schedule. Trust me/the 4:30-5:30(ISH) poop is about the only scheduled thing I have going for me ;p hah.  And schedules will happen sooner or later - most kids thrive on them--BUT warning: they have a talent at changing their schedule up on you just as soon as you get settled into a routine.  
  • @kjd291 I know.. just so tough. Both her kids slept so well and were like perfect infants. I am trying to be relaxed and hope it translates to my little baby. Both my husband and I were good babies.. 
  • I'm still up every 2 hours for feedings. I feel like I never sleep. This baby is so different from my first. My first had such a chill temperament and this one cries so much more and always wants to be held. It's driving me a little crazy. 
    I'm the opposite. My first kiddo was so hard. I used to home that he was happy all the long as I was holding him. (and since he was casted and then braced for clubfoot I never really figured out how to comfortably wear him) This little girl is just chill. She kind of eheheh cries when she wants to be fed, likes to be in a soft wrap, and doesn't even fuss about wet diapers unless they are soaked. It seems like it would be much harder the other way!!! 
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  • We seem to be on a sleep strike over here. I'm wondring if this is a growth spurt...?

    We used to be able to count on LO to fall sound asleep at the boob and could put him down right away. Now he'll seem to fall asleep but wake right up as soon as I take him off. 

    Night time seems to be better than day time. I am waking him up to nurse every three hours and DH has been awesome at getting up and putting the baby back down after he eats, but during the day I cannot get this kid to sleep. He usually has one good nap in the morning but is hardly getting any sleep during the day. He has been getting fussy, which I think is because he is getting overtired no matter how closely I watch for tired cues or how hard I try to get him to sleep. Is this a phase or am I just doomed to have a non-sleeping baby? 
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  • Neither of my kids have been good sleepers  :/ it took nine months to get DS in his crib. He had reflux and always wanted to be held. He was a happy good baby just difficult in the sleep department. This little lady doesn't really have reflux but I think my milk is just a lot for her still somehow. She eats about every 2 hours and has a hard time in the basinet even though it inclines. She has a hard time expelling gas too just like her brother did. I was really just hoping she'd be one of those babies that you could just set down and they'd sleep peacefully.
    good news is DS became a champions sleeper at nine months and still is (knock on all the wood) so ladies there is a light at the end of the tunnel. That's what I keep telling myself atleast. Let's pray for short tunnels lol
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    MsTurney said: 
    @kjd291 I know.. just so tough. Both her kids slept so well and were like perfect infants. I am trying to be relaxed and hope it translates to my little baby. Both my husband and I were good babies.. 
    Your sister is lying and your parents/in-laws don't remember! 

    Don't compare. You do what you need to do. 

  • @liepertsm Sounds like a growth spurt. We also had one here a few days ago (almost 5wk). It lasted 2 days and she would fall asleep nursing but wake up within 20 min whether she was being held or in the bassinet. She's better now but the new thing is I have to swaddle her for naps. I noticed she has learned to kick her legs which was waking her up. The swaddle is keeping that to a minimum.
  • So far.. it seems like my little guy is a decent sleeper. I don't know if I'm going to sound crazy, but a schedule from the first week (not the first few days, on demand feeding then) has so far been successful with this one and my first. Basically, he nurses every 3 hours during the day and then whenever he wakes during the night. 

    Things that I have even consistent with: I swaddle for naps and night. White noise at night with an air filter turned to high. Dimmed lights and minimal talking during nighttime feeds. Rule of thumb: wake time shouldbe 15 minutes/how many weeks they are. So, is nursing every 3 hours.. he takes 30 minutes to eat.. stays awake for around 45 minutes and then naps until next feed. 

    Also.. I moved him to his room across the hall over the weekend. My husband and I weren't getting any sleep from all of his grunts. I still hear them but it has helped my husband who has to get up at 5:15 for work to actually sleep. My pediatrician (who is also my father in law.. so obvi has the baby's best interest) said the relocation is fine. 

    I hope this helps someone. I'm still sleep deprived since nighttime just never seems like enough and running after a toddler during the day means not much time for napping , but fingers crossed the nighttime stretches start going longer over here... 
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  • Cbeanz said:
    MsTurney said: 
    @kjd291 I know.. just so tough. Both her kids slept so well and were like perfect infants. I am trying to be relaxed and hope it translates to my little baby. Both my husband and I were good babies.. 
    Your sister is lying and your parents/in-laws don't remember! 

    Don't compare. You do what you need to do. 

    ThIs is exactly what I was gonna say! 
  • My LO was super gassy last night, made for our first really miserable night of bad sleep. Does anyone have any tips for helping her get through the gas? Im going to have DH pick up some gas drops, rub her tummy and put a warm cloth on it but is there anything else that seems to work really well? 
  • Bicycle kicks or pumping her legs can help. You can try the colic holds too. I remember reading somewhere that they aren't in as much pain as they seem it's just the only sound they can really make. Not sure if that's true or just mean t to make parents feel better lol. They do grow out of it eventually but it sucks while they're going through it. Also make sure baby is getting enough hind milk
  • Definitely going to try the colic holds! And more hind milk for sure! She's just 4 days old so her legs do not stretch at all really, its so hard to do the bicycle kicks haha. But Im determined to try every single thing so last night does not happen again!! 
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    @motherofdragons-2 we relied heavily on mylicon drops with my first and used the colic hold /bicycle legs , also avoid Chinese food if breastfeeding ! 
  • Still struggling with sleep. Can anyone link the rock and play. I think I'm going to cave and buy one! Thanks!
  • @MsTurney I caved and bought one too. Arrived today. 
  • @MsTurney this is the one I have, one of the fancier models but you can look at the other ones available too.
  • Thank you! Now I use a sleep sack . How does that with the buckles? 
  • MsTurney said:
    Thank you! Now I use a sleep sack . How does that with the buckles? 
    I have literally never buckled my kid in. How in the world could they fall out? (maybe if a dog or toddler tipped them?)
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  • @MsTurney I don't use the buckles either...maybe later when they are rolling around but should be okay for now. 
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