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Appointments 3.26 - APRIL 1st!


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  • @SnarkasaurusRex - Don't feel bad about forgetting the Tdap. My OB's office was supposed to give it to me at my 36 wk appt, but they forgot, so I got it at 37wks. They said any little bit helps and didn't act like it would be an issue. 
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  • Growth scan on Wednesday, then I start the weekly OB appointments (in addition to my weekly ultrasounds/BPP)

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  • Appointment Thursday at 36+5 with nurse practitioner! Last week at 35+5 I had my GBS test, cultured taken and my first cervical check. She said I am high and closed so I'm not going to have them check again until my appointment on 37+5.
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  • @mrsstuessy I'm thinking personally of skipping my 37 week c check and getting the 38 week one, and stagger them. My 36 week one was a simple 1cm dilation so I doubt waiting an extra week will show that much difference for me. But as a doula I'm sure it is pretty fun for you to know the details. So I vote no only because mine was so uncomfortable that I wouldn't encourage you to do it even though you've been there, done that.  :D
  • @HGRich I am leaning towards no today just because I really don't feel like anything is happening so I doubt it is. I should add that cervical checks have never been bad for me. I mean, it isn't like they are so fun that I want one every day. But, they don't hurt or anything. At least they haven't before. 

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  • @mrsstuessy I had my first one today and while it hurt and was uncomfortable it wasn't unbearable, so if you want the information I say go for it. 
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  • My only appts this week are with the osteopath this afternoon and then a pedicure tomorrow and hair appt Thursday! My last routine OB appt is on Monday next week, crazy! 
  • Weekly appts start this week Thursday, 35+5! GBS check, so they are going to go ahead and do a cervical check as well, which I don't mind. I'm noisy, and just want to know, even though I'm fully aware it means nothing, and I really want this baby to bake as long as possible. 
  • Appt today. 36+6. Strep b negative and he's for sure head down!
  • @aboxofchocolates my first check was also at 36+1 and I had no numbers at that appointment or the next. She told me on Monday (38+1) I was 1cm but I feel like she was just being nice, so ur definitely not the only one! 
  • @aboxofchocolates I only was told one cm dilated and nothing about effacement. I wonder if I'll get told any real numbers tomorrow. 
  • @aboxofchocolates have you taken iron before? If you just get the regular stuff be prepared for some BM issues. I think you can get extended release iron that helps with them. 
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    @aboxofchocolates that's about all the info I got from my first cervical check too and I was super disappointed not to get numbers, and that was at 38 weeks. I'm going to ask for another one at my last routine appt @ 39+4 and make sure I get numbers! 
  • No c check for me. Not interested yet, but, I get the FTMs wanting to know. I also live 5miles from my hospital so, I'm not worried about the drive over even if I was pretty far along. I peed in the cup, did GBS swab and had to give blood for last checks. Blegh. I'm so over these appointments. 

    Also, had a growth scan u/s yesterday. It was great to see her since we haven't since our a.s. at 20 weeks. Her hands were on her face and her face is in my pelvis so, no cute pics. She is small but, not undersized at 5+lbs. I have another 4 weeks to bulk her up so, I'm not worried. My guess, would be my belly continues to measure off from the Oh-So-Scientific-Measuring-Tape. It was my experience with my first. She was born a healthy 6.12. 

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