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Appointments 3.26 - APRIL 1st!


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  • HGRichHGRich member
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    Well my 37 week appt was apparently this morning instead of this afternoon. Oops. But they pencilled me in and I just got done. The nurse was trying to give me a guilt trip and I'm like, "I've never missed or been late before so I though I've been doing pretty good." Haha. Don't make me angry lady. 

    Bp is still good. Lucy's heartrate was 132, whereas last week it was upper 160s. But usually when it's higher it's afternoon after lunch. So I'm not surprised. 

    I caved and got checked again. This time was far lest uncomfortable. Maybe because the NP has smaller hands. Haha. Still only 1cm though, so maybe I can use that to assure DH she's not planning to come early. I am softening though she said, and she confirmed baby has dropped. I knew it! She also said Lucy kicked her when she had one hand on me while the other was inside. Haha. She didn't like the invasion. 

    Oh and GBS negative! Whoo hoo! 

    ETA the NP asked about contractions and I told her I have BH literally all the time, but of course irregularly. While she was measuring my belly she said "ooh, you're having one now. Really tight." And I'm thinking, "I barely feel that. Usually they're worse." Lol. 
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    @jennielynn+ It's not just FTM that are curious about their cervical checks and their progress.  
  • @MWoodside I love your belly henna too! Makes me want to go to one of those places where they paint your belly for belly mapping  :)
  • @catem07  I haven't had to take iron pills before.  My doctor did mention there could be constipation and nausea so now i'm more worried.  

  • @aboxofchocolates I used to take them before pregnancy. In the first trimester I had to take only prenatals without iron because of the nausea. But when I hit the second trimester, I started taking prenatals with iron every other day, so that I could avoid too much constipation. Now, iron supplements are probably a little more intense than just the iron in prenatals, but they do make slow release ones like @catem07 said. I was told about one called Slow-Fe. You might ask about it. But overall the constipation can be battled with fiber and yogurt, and the nausea has been fine as long as I don't take them on an empty stomach. 
  • @aboxofchocolates I have taken iron every day for YEARS. During pregnancy I have to go on a suped up supplement because my anemia gets so bad. I'll echo everyone's suggestions of choosing a slow release one, as that will be gentler on your digestive system. You can also ask your doctor about some of the prescription strength ones, as most of those are slow release and some had additional things in there to help with constipation. But, in general I find that having a serving of yogurt with granola (my breakfast) a day keeps things running smoothly. I do find that I need to take it on an empty stomach, give it a half hour or so, and then eat my breakfast or else I get pretty nauseas and gassy.
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    I had my 39 wk checkup yesterday, and all was well minus the fact that I've made no more progress. Still 2cm and 50% effaced. DH has been offered a new job recently, and with that plus getting ready for baby, we realized his anticipated month of leave wasn't going to happen. Now that we look at the calendar, I have to have this baby this weekend in order for him to get 2 weeks off before starting the new job. Any longer and he will have less than that to be home with us. Now he and I are talking about an induction, which I didn't want to do if I didn't have to. The thought of him not being able to be home (and not having a ton of flexibility with a new job) makes me sad, so I'm going to call my OB's office today to see what our induction options are. I have so many mixed emotions right now. 
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  • @wagnerw - thanks for the encouragement. I remember seeing your post now that you mention it. I just scheduled an induction for Tuesday the 4th, so while it isn't ideal, it still gives me some time to process and prepare (and pray I go into labor between now and then!!). I hope baby arrives early for you guys so it helps with your situation, too!
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  • @HappyAnjel, wow congrats! It's so crazy to know that you'll have your LO in your arms in 2 days!

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  • @McFarKane yay! Baby is coming soon! We will keep our eye out for you and an announcement. 
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  • We had a BPP on Tuesday since she's measuring small. They said she's in the 11th percentile and if she drops below 10 % they may want to induce. Though she scored well on the BPP.
    Today was a 38+4 appt with a Midwife. They said I'm 1cm and 50%effaced, and that she was really low. The midwife said she could feel the sutures of the babies head. 
  • 37+5 I'm 2cm dilated hoping he arrives soon!
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