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  • 36 wk appt today at 36w3d. I lost half a pound, but my belly measured 38 wks! Last week it measured 35. The dr laughed and said baby is putting on weight. She offered me a growth scan if I wanted but I declined bc they aren't accurate at this point and she was like 'good'. HB was good, nst great. 

    no shocker, but I'm gbs+ for the third time. Dr says not to wait long when labor starts to head in so I can get at least one round of abx in bc my last labor was 5 hours and she feels this one will be shorter. 

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  • Wow @wagnerw, sounds like you might have a little one soon!

    MMC @ 10w March 2016
    Cautiously expecting April 5, 2017

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  • Just had my preregistration appointment. Rather a lot of asking questions I had already filled out in my medical history questionnaire.  :| Oh well. But the difference was that they did note my risk of PPD since I'd filled out the questionnaire before my loss. So that's good, that they'll keep an eye on that. Nice to know I can be whisked right in when I go into labor now, and it was nice to have some questions answered about photography and postnatal care supplies and birth plan and whatnot. Down to the wire! 
  • Had a regular appointment today at 34+5. All is fine so going back in two weeks and then every week after that. GBS test at the next appointment. I'll have an ultrasound in between now and then to check on my two fibrioids but they shouldn't pose any problem with delivery. Happy I get to see the baby again!
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  • Had my appointment yesterday. 1cm dilated, but the baby's head is nowhere near engaged. He or she kept moving its head all around, and is clearly in no hurry to settle in my pelvis. My other kids were born at 40+3, so I'm not really surprised. The doctor said to be prepared to go to at least 40 weeks, which I am. I think I need to mentally prepare myself for a big baby though...

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