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  • @KirstinH88 I've been super itchy down there as well .... since the very beginning. I would have your dr check it out just to rule out a bacterial or yeast infection. One thing that has helped me is to stop using soap down there. Sounds weird but my dr said just using water to clean down there is fine. Apparently soap is an irritant for me during this time. There's not much I've been able to do about the itching. Just making sure it keeps clean and dry. And avoid scratching cus it will just hurt more. Sorry, not too much help! 
  • @KirstinH88 Yep, another one with the itchiness. I have gone through a couple rounds of that now. It doesn't seem like it was an infection or anything because it went away every time after a week of itching. I just try and be tender and sometimes use those wet wipe things to wipe down there. 

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  • We haven't had sex since August *sob* we purposely don't in first bc we are paranoid due to losses plus I'm sick. Then I'm showing quite a bit and he is weirded out.

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  • DH and I haven't had much action here either...a lot of it stems from paranoia from my first pregnancy where ANYTHING that touched my cervix made it bleed everywhere, so even though we haven't had any bleeding time time, we're still super cautious. I also just don't enjoy it when I'm pregnant, haha. Poor DH.
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  • @Taylor72 - I just sat in the tub and laughed because not only was that happening, I realized I was almost too big to get out on my own. I love pregnancy.  :D
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  • @rachelmiller03 I had the same freak-out moment when the day after sex I started losing gobs of....stuff, and this was in the second trimester so when I thought it was my mucus plug I panicked. But yea...definitely just semen lol. Happens every time now so I know what it is. 

    @Nolegirl1185 off topic for this thread but your comment reminded me you are a fellow cat parent so I am curious. How are they reacting to baby?? Are they mostly avoiding him or are they curious?? I can't wait to see how my kitties react to baby once he is here! 
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  • I second what @schef070911 said about the panty liners. I tried switching it up to a different brand once and it made me so itchy and irritated so I switched back to what I had been using. Definitely worth checking into that as well as making sure there's no infection. I've had 2 yeast infections the last month or so as well so that's gross and "fun." Thankfully it's a one dose and done med and it clears up and feels way better.
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  • @kitkat8387 Yes, we have 3 cats!  2 of them are curious.  They will get close, sniff around, then run like hell when he makes noise.  The other cat has yet to greet him, she really only started coming out from hiding a few days ago.  My biggest fear was/is that they would jump on him when he is in the swing or bassinet etc, but they seem to have no interest in that at all.  they don't stick around long enough.  The 2 curious ones are also little shits when they don't get their way.  Now that they don't get the same attention, they are scratching walls/door frames/spilling their water on purpose etc.  My all black cat that was in one of my bump pics that was obsessed with laying across my belly still seems to think there is a baby in there because she still tries to do this.  I've been pushing her away each time though :/ because of my incision. 
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  • @kitkat8387 I was worried about how our cat would react when DS was born...before we brought him home, she was up in the bassinet and seemed super stressed about all of the new stuff and changes in the house. Once he was home though, it was kind of like she realized, "oh, that's his stuff," and then she didn't mess with anything or try to jump in the bassinet with him.. I think it helped that, after he was born, my mom took a blanket that DS had been wrapped in for her and the dog to smell to kind of get used to him before we came home. She was actually really protective of him and would sleep in front of his bassinet and later his crib when he moved in there. She just always wanted to be around him. Unfortunately she passed just before his birthday; I would have loved to see how they would have been now that he's fully mobile and a lot more interactive.
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  • @Nolegirl1185 I have 4, one of whom is a total attention whore and I have a feeling he's going to do the same things as your curious cats once he's not getting the same attention! He knows that when he misbehaves it gets my attention, good or bad - for example, in the morning when he wants me to wake up, he knocks things off my nightstand until I am awake lol. I can totally see it getting worse after the baby is here! 2 of them are older and spend most of their time sleeping, so I don't foresee them interacting with him too much, but hoping they can be friends at some point. And the 4th one is just a cuddle machine so I am most concerned about her trying to jump on him. I have been using lots of tricks to train them to stay out of the baby's things (aluminum foil on everything, spray bottle, balloons, etc.) so hoping that will help. 

    @SnarkasaurusRex I'm sorry your kitty passed before she was able to interact more with your DS :(  

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  • catem07catem07 member
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    @McFarKane If we're going there, I have a cold and yesterday I hocked up a nickel's worth of mucus. And proceeded to pee my pants while doing so. Lovely. 
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  • @mrsstuessy This has been happening to me more too. Probably not as often as its happening to you. But I think mine is a reflux thing.  :s
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    @mrsstuessy and @KirstinH88 same! That has been my life for the last 8 weeks probably. Some days worse than others though. All reflux for me. It's freakin nasty and I'm so over it. And I wonder what damage is being done to my esophagus. 
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  • OMG me too!! Lol
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