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The TMI post

share your TMI pregnancy issues/stories etc. 

Re: The TMI post

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  • @lovelongdog06 I have all those issues too minus the MIL coming to town  :D
  • We made it to about 27 weeks and then I got so uncomfortable we had to stop. DH was glad we made it that far because it prior pregnancies I couldn't make it that far. 

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  • Also, I waxed pre-pregnancy and then let it get out of hand during the second tri. The discharge however inspired me to suffer through the pain of getting back down to zero. It hurt quite a bit last week but being bare down there with all of the...goo...so worth it.  :s
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  • Here's a big TMI: I'm been super itchy down there (possibly a yeast infection?). Well now it hurts and I asked DH to check out a certain area that hurts to touch and he said it's really red from all my scratching... How do you stop scratching?!?!  :D:#:s:|
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