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  • Requested @SaphireSweetie88

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  • What post count are you all thinking for the PG?
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  • Has anyone from TheBump contacted Hillary(CarsonsMommy's real name) on Facebook? I never actually messaged her but her friend is showing me their messages and Hillary is claiming that she isn't even the person who made the CarsonsMommy account. Said someone stole her photos and she only knows because of hateful messages to her facebook. Trying to say that she hasn't been on TheBump since the beginning of Carson's pregnancy which would have been early 2014 because of catty women. She actually used the term catfished in conversation with her friend saying they had both been the victim of it. Hillary wouldn't show her the messages from people but the friend is completely on her side. Saying Hillary is not the type of person to do what we're saying she is doing. Hillary IS pregnant so they think it's someone that knows both of them IRL and is doing it just to get a rise out of them. 

    Now I know all of what she is saying is bull. There is too much personal info that matches with what her friend told me for someone to have made 3 fake accounts attached to her. Plus the profile pic of  her for the 2nd account wasn't on Facebook so she had to have taken it herself. So if she's willing to lie to her friend about this then there WILL be another AE. It's just a matter of time.

    I am only putting her real name since it's been mentioned that she posted it herself.
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  • @michelle04us This is starting to get ridiculous.  Is she a pathological liar?  Who has that much free time on their hands to weave such a web of lies?

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  • LOL that's such bullshit
  • She to be to even lie to a friend about this. 
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  • Il be honest, I thought she got along fine with everyone here until that whole episode (which was very hurtful). I think the guilt and embarrassment drove her crazy which clearly she isn't handling well at all! And we all feel tricked (I do at least). I'm put off and I think we are giving her unnecessary attention at this point? 
  • yep....I had to tell the friend that we will agree to disagree because I believe that Hillary is involved. I don't believe she(friend) is but Hillary is. Hillary said she couldn't remember what her old screen name was when asked for it but she remembers what email address was attached to it. That's when she said she was done talking about it because it was nonsense and TheBump was stupid anyways.
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  • I just....can't. Holy hell 
  • @SquirttheTurtle oh my gosh I thought you had posted the wrong gif at first, thank you for the good laugh

  • Alrighty then...
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  • Holy wow. I just caught up. She seems unstable in a lot of ways after all that. I don't know that there's anything that will completely prevent drama / surprises. My 2013 group wasn't blown apart until the babies were past one, and my 2011 group a few times at 6 months or so and again recently. I think a PG is a good idea of it makes people more
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  • @SaphireSweetie88 request sent!

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    BFP 10/22/16
    Baby girl born 6/27/17
  • Because if someone had the intention of wreaking havoc with your persona they would totally act normal, post something insensitive and hurtful and backpedal the way someone would when they realize they fucked up, and make other accounts with their real life friends picture...

    yea plus I just found that she WAS using CarsonsMommy profile for her sons pregnancy. Found where she posted on there. bull
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  • lfk2013 said:
    @EmeraldNC - Or she's already here...
    Yes. And scary music just ran through my head.
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  • I'll echo what @EmeraldNC said. Please still come on this board peeps. I am not an active poster, but I lurk a lot and try to contribute where I can. I want to stick around here and hope this board doesn't turn to tumbleweeds and crazies. Plus, the crazies are kind of fun! 
  • Requested @SaphireSweetie88
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    (I guess we're July people)
  • WTAF? Like others said, I wish her well in her pregnancy but don't think the bump is where she can get the support she needs. 

    Re private group. I try to contribute but know that I'm outside the core group of women here. I'd love to be in the private group but am not sure if I'm regular enough. Though if anyone has perused the weekly symptoms thread, you'll read the results of me not being "regular" enough my last pregnancy. (Bad joke, sorry....)
  • abmommy15abmommy15
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    Wow just caught up.  Good sleuthing @michelle04us
    ETA - request sent @SaphireSweetie88
  • I would be sad to see the board die down a lot because of a private group... it totally killed my last BMB when 653 different Facebook groups were created. But this time it seems like there is a whole new level of crazy going on. Last time it was GBCB because of people "being mean" when someone asked about throwing themselves a shwer for their second child, but don't worry it was going to be a diaper shower with books instead of cards (oy).this stuff here is totally nutso.
  • @rjoys8 I totally remember the feeling of being too nauseous to look at my phone.  I'm soooo glad that's over. 
  • Yeah, I knew carson's mommy was crazy but I felt like I was being a bit mean when I'd ask her to clarify her stupid comments. 

    @michelle04us fantastic sleuthing! 

    @SaphireSweetie88  sending my request now 
  • @chiquita928 me too!!! I was too proud to take diclegis until like a month ago... Definitely won't make that mistake if there's a next time! 
  • @rjoys8 That's completely understandable. I'm glad the nausea has calmed down for you!
  • @rjoys8 Never had that with my first, so I thought it was just a sinus infection/regular morning sickness combo.  IT was awful.  I wish I had thought to ask the dr.
  • @SaphireSweetie88 ; Sent my request, but not sure it went through because my computer is being super weird today.
  • Im guilty of lurking this past week and not participating either. Between going out of town and being sick I just have not had time to post anything. Sorry!

    I will definitely try to start being more active because I really have enjoyed being a part of the July group even though I just recently joined.
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