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I'm pregnant and have no idea how it happened!

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So, I'm kind of stumped but overflowing with the joy of finally being pregnant. I have a few questions of concern though. Why did it take me four years to get pregnant? And will it take me just as long with future pregnancies? Long story short, I've only had two men in my life I wanted to have children with. We had unprotected sex for a year. I knew from reading blogs if you haven't gotten pregnant in the first year you might want to try a different avenue. Thank God a baby didn't come from the first relationship seeing it didn't last when distance got in the way. I've been with my current boyfriend for three years and we've had unprotected sex the whole time. I wasn't on any birth control and thought I couldn't have any kids so I just rolled with the punches. We were well aware of each other's status so unprotected wasn't a big deal. I started timing my ovulation, EVERYTHING nothing happened. Around the two year mark reality finally set in and we gave up all hope. In that second year we also found out I had an ovarian cyst. I had no surgery it just dissolved. Shortly after it dissolved I stopped having horrible mentral cramps and I got pregnant! I've always been told ovarian cysts can't prevent pregnancy. I never was able to pin point why I couldnt get pregnant and I definitely can't pin point why I'm pregnant now. All I can say is my fiancé and I broke up for a week, we had make up sex around thanksgiving and the next month we found out we were pregnant on Dec.19 after three years. I had no symptoms I had been drinking the night before we found out and thought I had a really bad hangover so we went to the ER. My period was 3 days late and I'm never late unless my cycle is switching. I told him Friday if I don't have my period by Monday (went to the ER on Sunday) I was going to take a test. We just thought it was one of those times where my cycle was about to switch only for me to have a positive test at the hospital. Has this even happened to anyone?! Just getting pregnant out of the blue after YEARS of trying with two different partners. It's not like any of us were infertile bc my ex now has a kid and my fiancé and I are expecting now. I'm just so confused!!! Currently 16 weeks !! :)

Re: I'm pregnant and have no idea how it happened!

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  • Thank you! Yes, I know. But why did it take me so long?! With a perfectly healthy uterus and steady ovulation? I guess I should have been more specific, lol.
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  • I have to stop questioning gods work,  I'm just happy it happened!
  • This just happens sometimes. I know a couple who tried for pushing 10 years to have a baby. Multiple miscarriages, multiple failed infertility treatments (not sure what all they tried). They gave up on treatments and a while later, got pregnant naturally and had a healthy baby. 

    I also know a couple who could not get pregnant and pursued adoption. Shortly after finding out they were going to get a baby, she got pregnant! They went through with the adoption, of course, and ended up having two little girls that were just a few months apart. 

    Things like this just happen sometimes. Sometimes there is no medical explanation. 
  • Fertility is weird sometimes? If you didn't see a doctor about your issues then you may never know. If you're concerned about future fertility, see a doctor.

    Sounds like you're happy though so congrats on science working in your favour!
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  • Uh.... ok I may get jumped on for this, but why did people jump on OP for her reference to God? Some people know full well the science behind conception (sperm meet egg, egg meet uterus) but consider it actually happening (finally, successfully) a blessing from their god, regardless of religion observed. 
    Being a bit sarcastic here but I wasn't aware the bump was for atheists only. 
    I think the reason was that she asked for a scientific answer as to how she got pregnant after so long and then kind of negated the answers by saying 'whatever, it doesn't matter because it was god'. The bump is obviously not only for atheists, but it is a scientifically based community. If someone is looking for religious help with fertility, this isn't really the first place I would look.
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  • Kinda tried for 4 years and settled on the same idea.  I personally don't believe in ivf  . Lots of reasons . Not judgement just for me it's a no go
     . So went going to rush to a fertility clinic we went trying as much as no longer try not to . Wasn't that long ago early this year maybe we did think about getting checked out both of us to see for sure  just to know . And then out of nowhere  pregnant  not particularly paying any attention and no longer charting or any of it lol . 

    When the midwife at my 1st intervew asked if planned OR not and happy OR not . Had to explain that the timing wasn't planned at all but the baby was.
  • My mom's friend's daughter had unprotected sex for over 20 years with her husband and was unable to conceive. At about 40, she got spontaneously pregnant. It happens. And without having done any testing, you really are just shooting in the dark (no pun intended), for an answer.  As for a second baby, who knows? But my doc says that after a woman has a first child, there is so much more blood flow to the uterus and that increases your chances of a healthy pregnancy.
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  • I believe in God and science and I also think ppl can MISTAKENLY be hurtful when accrediting their good fortune or bad with his will. Being able to get pregnant is amazing- I feel blessed and fulfilled :) but if you have trouble or have losses, it's not a curse. Nowadays we can try to find a medical solution, or adopt, and hopefully you can surround yourself with friends and family, congrats everyone :)
  • @Darivila2012 by referencing it as God's will, you are missing the point.
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