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Re: While we name talk?

  • @Superkate018  Like your choices a lot!  A friend just had a baby named Juniper - it's cute and June or Junebug are adorable nicknames.

    I just had an idea on a name I would LOVE opinions on, because I've got either love it or hate it responses - what do you think of Virginia?  I've never met anyone with that name so it seems super refreshing to me, and it's an old fashioned name to go with my daughter's name (Rose) without being overused like some of the other old fashioned names I like (Grace, Katherine, etc.)  I also think the nickname Ginger is so retro fun.  But...I don't know.

    Of my current favorite names, I think I like Mirabelle, Lark, Lila, Matilda and Felicity better, but I think I want to put Virginia on the list too.  Thoughts?  Too much teasing potential?  Too old fashioned?
  • @maureenmce I knew a Virginia in high school and I don't recall her ever being teased at all. The name is nms, but it is a nice name!
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  • @maureenmce, I like the name Virginia. I think it's classic without being overly popular. The NN Ginger isn't my style but Virginia is nice!


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  • @maureenmce - I have known 3 Virginias. 2 of them prefer their full name but 1 goes by Ginny :)
  • @maureenmce, Virginia is pretty and goes very nicely with Rose.  I like the nickname Ginny.  
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