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  • baker1jm2 said:
    @curlyq423 I ended up finding a cute one piece on cupshe.com. only $23. Hoping it works out. Last pregnancy I never bought a maternity suit. I went a size up with a tankini and wore my regular bottoms.  I just know I won't be far enough long for that tankini to fit me yet  
    I'll have to check it out, thanks! I was pregnant during the winter the last time so i never had to buy a swim suit. 
  • Heads up ladies.....old navy having a huge sale ....got maternity jeans for $22 today with free shipping
  • I just had to share my most amazing find yet.  I ordered these jeans off of motherhood and was fully expecting them to be the full belly panel (which is also super uncomfortable right now squeezing my already sick stomach) but they just had the stretchy side panels and they button and zip.  I'm loving them today!


  • All of my clothes still fit- I have actually not gained any weight but my belly is starting to show a little. My jeans fit (11 weeks now), but they are not comfortable!!! LLR Leggings and dresses (which I have been wearing all fall and winter- pre-pregnancy) are the comfy thing to wear! Not sure what to wear for dress down Fridays anymore because jeans are just not doing it for me!! 
  • curlyq423 said:
    Yes, suggestions for a swimsuit!  We are going to the beach in June. One piece? Two piece? Best to buy maternity or is that a waste of money and just buy a larger size? 
     I never bought any maternity bathing suits when I was pregnant the first time. To be honest closer to the end I bought a larger size top but for the whole summer I wear my regular bathing suit and I just took out the padding that was in all my bikini tops, I'm normally very flat chested. I wanted to piece all summer.for some reason I felt less self-conscious about my body in a bathing suit when I was pregnant then I do normally ha ha
  • GenTKGenTK member
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    @curlyq423 I bought a maternity suit my first pregnancy and I felt like it was a HUGE waist of money. I mean it was cute, just a solid black one piece, but it cost so much and I only wore it that one year. I tend to buy costly swimwear but I do it knowing I can wear that suit year after year if I want. 

    DH and I were just talking about this the other day, and I told him there was no way I was going to buy another maternity suit. The old one is long gone because it's been 7 years. I've had my eye on a cute 2 piece tank type for a bit now, even before knowing we were expecting. We agreed I'm just still going to get that one but maybe buy the top a size up. I figure 1) it will do the job just fine and 2) if some bump hangs out a little who cares?!? I've got a great excuse to hang out of my suit a little this summer!! 

    I found, last time, that I cared far less about how people perceived me when I was expecting. Without a baby on board I always think about my weight and how I look and how people must be thinking but with a baby in the mix all I care about is if I'm comfortable and the rest doesn't matter. 
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    I went out shopping today ( to get out of my funk and out of bed ). I purposely was looking for clothes to wear this spring and summer that could also work next year too. I was pregnant all winter and spring with both my girls so being pregnant all summer is new to me. I bought a super cute maxi skirt from Walmart today for 13 bucks. It's like a Bohemian style black skirt with a tan belt. Would be adorable with a bright t shirt or tank top ! I also wound up getting really comfy bohemian shorts (light fabric with a cute trim) and a tunic length tank to match. I was ideally looking for leggings but none sparked my interest. I was at target today too and all the maternity stuff was SO expensive. I looked in the women's section at their maxi dresses and the way they are cut is terrible for a growing belly. They had one style that would work, but not in the size I needed. I'm normally a small but am buying Mediums 

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  • @Knottie1447173547 @GenTK thanks for the info, ladies! My first pregnancy was in the winter so I hung out in leggings/sweats, so I didn't have to worry about a swim suit! 
  • I just ordered one of those bellybands to try to keep in my pants as long as possible. LOL. Mat clothes are expensive!!!!!
  • oh, and a belly belt too . ..  .gonna try both.

  • JessDGJessDG member
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    Heads up...Target has 30% off bebands (Belly bands) and a few other maternity products (leggings?) from that same brand.  You have to use the cartwheel app.  I bought a beband a few weeks ago for about 18 bucks and it is worth every penny so far.  I would have loved for it to be 30% off though! 
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  • I bought a belly band a few weeks ago and not a huge fan. Pulled out some old maternity jeans yesterday because I couldn't find any of the bands. Life changing
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    My band definitely works better with some pants than others.  I hate it in my jeans, but it works great on my work pants.  It's definitely a new experience.  
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  • Motherhood Maternity is running Buy 1 Get 1 50% off their sales items! Just bought some work pants.

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  • Anyone have any tips on finding cute business professional maternity clothes that aren't super expensive? For work I'm normally in business casual, which I can easily do with maternity clothes, but I have several court dates this summer that I'm expected to be in a suit or dress/jacket for. Where do you buy a maternity suit that's not hundreds of dollars?

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