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I'll be 9 weeks tomorrow and I'm already down to like, 2 pairs of pants that fit. maternity shirts... well right now they just accentuate my fat lol has anyone drug out their maternity clothes or started buying?? I'm going to have to transition some clothes out and I just don't want to do it too early!! 



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  • I just wear leggings and my jeans with a hair tie. As for shirts, I wear my bohemian loose fitting shirts that I normally wear you can kinda see my tiny bloat bump popping through but only when I sit.  I did buy maternity jean shorts for the summer though and two maternity tighter tank tops ( because I like to accentuate the bump when actually showing) 

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  • I already bought some because I had just gotten rid of all my old maternity clothes because we weren't planning on having another any time soon. Plus I'm plus size and they are difficult to find so I ordered online. I haven't worn them yet, but I just wanted them for when I need them when my stretchy jeans no longer fit comfortably. I don't wear leggings so needed to have a few maternity clothes in my dresser.

  • What is everyone's favorite online store or actual store for maternity clothes?  
  • @Autumnbaby .....Pink blush, motherhood has good clearance if you check regularly.  I bought a lot of maxi dresses and stuff that weren't maternity (old Navy was a favorite). 
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    Old Navy, Motherhood Maternity, Old Navy, and Target. Macy's carries some of Motherhood Maternity clothes too. Oh and Zulily has some good stuff too.

  • I waiting to bust out the maternity boxes if I can.  Looking forward to rocking some tops that I was worried were a little snug but with a small bump to show, no big deal!
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  • I'm waiting until 12 weeks to wash my maternity clothes. I assume if any friends see me in them, they'll recognize them and call me out on it. But I'm rocking the leggings and loose sweaters. But I was doing that before I got pregnant too. 

    As for favourite stores, definitely motherhood maternity and old navy. 
  • I drug out my stash today and got the pants out today.  I can still hair tie my regular pants but if I have the comfortable ones why wait.  I'll probably wait until I tell everyone before wearing the shirts.  
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    @Mommaswizz YES! I think all of my LuLaRoe tops will fit through pregnancy. I have leggings, but I'm sure I'll buy a pair of maternity jeans and some shorts for summer. Old Navy was my go to last pregnancy. 
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  • My weight has fluctuated ove the years. I have jeans from 8-12. Right niw i just moved up to my 10's, but i ordered a few things of Zulilly and I will get some dresses, shorts as the weather changes.
  • I am 10 weeks today.  I bought a beband from Target a few weeks ago, but my normal jeans are still uncomfortable with it.  I bought a pair of maternity jeans at Old Navy last week because they were on sale.  I have a good pair of stretchy black pants I wear to work, so I bought some of those flowy tops that are in style now.  I figure anything I get now that I'm smaller pregnant, I'll be able to wear after I deliver.  I also found long sleeve shirts at Kohls and Target this weekend for about 5 bucks each on the clearance rack.  My sister in law has some clothes for me to borrow, but are in storage until she moves next week.  I'm holding on before I buy anything else!  
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  • 10 weeks tomorrow with my 2nd... much harder to hide this time. Had to buy a belly band a couple weeks ago, and bought jeans at motherhood maternity today. I won't be able to wear regular pants within the next couple of weeks. I am plus size so it's hard to find maternity clothes in my size. 
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  • I washed my maternity pants yesterday.  I think it'll be a few more weeks until I actually wear them, but they're ready. Maternity clothes are so expensive, I refuse to pay those prices for something I'm barely going to wear.  I'll buy clearance from maternity stores, but most of it I've bought from consignment stores or local Facebook BST sites. 
  • What's a belly band, and why would you need/want one?
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  • @vvilla3, it's a band that you put over your regular pants (under your shirt so it isn't seen). You can open the button and zipper of your pants and the band holds your pants up. It works great during the early stages of a bump where your pants are too tight but you don't need maternity pants yet. I've heard some people use it for the entire pregnancy (although I don't know how that would be possible with my weight gain haha)
  • @mrs_fogue same here! The stash is currently with a friend who is due mid-April, so I'm just hoping that I can hold out until then when she's done with them. 
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  • @mommac2017 thanks for the reply. For some reason I thought it was something to support the belly/baby when you start expanding out, or for back pain. I've heard people say they used it all pregnancy, too. 
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  • @vvilla3, there are bands for that too! I can't remember what they're called. Maybe I'm wrong and those are belly bands lol! 
  • I don't know that I necessarily retired all of my maternity clothes from my DS ;) 
    He was born January 2016. That's okay right? HAHA

  • my work pants are the big problem. they don't have enough buttons they have the clasps so I can't hair tie them. I bought a few pairs of pants that are coming in the mail. but when I put on maternity pants, I look way pregnant because there's no separation of top bloat and bottom bloat (leftover baby weight)


  • atlee712 said:
    I don't know that I necessarily retired all of my maternity clothes from my DS ;) 
    He was born January 2016. That's okay right? HAHA
    totally :)


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    @nmingram how does thredup work? It's not subscription right? I see ads for it all the time. I love buying consignment when it comes to things I know I will just go ahead a get rid of after I need it. Is it legit? 

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  • I was pregnant once before and my due dates are almost the same. I put try to plan this on purpose because I found that being pregnant was amazing with a fall due date! The stage that were in now is a little crappy because I just feel kind of bloated and chubby but once the belly pops out it was great. I were 90% of my regular wardrobe through the entire spring and summer. Lots of Flowy summer dresses and stretchy cotton tank top to show off my bumper with long maxiskirt's it was fantastic! The only maternity clothes that I bought with my last pregnancy were two pairs of maternity jeans. Don't rush out and buy too much at the beginning because you might be surprised given that we will have pretty big bellies in the summertime, you might not need as much as you think in terms of maternity clothes. I was so happy that I never had to  worry about buying maternity winter jackets and wearing maternity pants every single day 
  • What is everyone's favorite online store or actual store for maternity clothes?  
    Ditto Old Navy and Target. You can probably get away with some non-maternity tops, especially tank tops and tshirts bc some are cut really long and are super stretchy. My favorite maternity jeans are from Old Navy :)
  • I got so sick of my maternity clothes last pregnancy, that i'm waiting until the dire end of the line to bring them out. But like you I'm down to 2-3 pairs of jeans that fit now. I try to wear loose fitting/longer tops also.

  • I've been eyeing these pants for a while and I think a baby bump is the perfect excuse. My sis owns a few pairs and they're super airy and lightweight (and a nice change from leggings 24/7) Now to pick a color, LOL
  • @nmingram how does thredup work? It's not subscription right? I see ads for it all the time. I love buying consignment when it comes to things I know I will just go ahead a get rid of after I need it. Is it legit? 
    It's not a subscription. You shop like you would on any website. Put it in your bag and check out. I also looked up a coupon on RetailMeNot and received 10% or 20 % off my 1st order. Then I received an email a couple days later with a 10% off coupon on my next purchase.
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  • @nmingram Thanks for the head's up on ThredUp.  I'm going to give it a try!
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  • I'm only 8 weeks and I've transitioned to maternity jeans (we wear jeans to work). I can still button my regular jeans, but it's uncomfortable and I'm miserable so I said screw it. I'm planning to wear sundresses most of the summer - that's an easy way to save some flow-y sundresses that you can wear both pregnant and non-pregnant. I seriously have 2 pairs of maternity shorts from last round because all I did was buy sundresses (that I have worn each year since then as well).
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  • Any suggestions for a stylish/cute tankini or 1 piece..doesn't need to be maternity? I always wear a bikini but we have a beach Vacation with a bunch of family at the end of April so it's going to be that totally awkward "are you pregnant or just cubby stage". I'd totally rock a bump in a bikini if I was going to have an obvious one but I know I'll feel uncomfortable and chubby...ugh
  • Yes, suggestions for a swimsuit!  We are going to the beach in June. One piece? Two piece? Best to buy maternity or is that a waste of money and just buy a larger size? 
  • @curlyq423 During my last pregnancy, I read or heard that exposing big prego belly to lots of sun can make stretch marks more apparent/ more likely. It may be total BS but it convinced me to do a one piece or tankini, even though I sort of hate tankinis. But I feel like a one piece might feel like getting in and out of a sausage casing when I am all big and round!
  • I have a couple of pair of Old Navy Rockstar jeggings I've been wearing until I'm ready for maternity pants. And maxi skirts are a life saver through the summer. I have the same ones I wore with my daughter.
  • I'm almost 9 weeks and am wearing maternity pants now
  • @azuremama how far apart far you from your from pregnancy?
  • @curlyq423 I ended up finding a cute one piece on only $23. Hoping it works out. Last pregnancy I never bought a maternity suit. I went a size up with a tankini and wore my regular bottoms.  I just know I won't be far enough long for that tankini to fit me yet  
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