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Monday B*fest 2/20

Sometimes, you're riding the struggle bus. Tell us about it. 

Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!

Re: Monday B*fest 2/20

  • Both my kids are congested again. This is some weird never ending battle. 

    Also ive been doing so much scar massage and just finished my first two weeks of silicone strips but this incision is just uglier than my first. 
  • @PerraSucia  Oh no, not more sick babies! Are they just passing it back and forth?  :/

    @lemieuxk I have not attempted to fit any of my real clothes, I just bought new nursing friendly stuff. They fit!  :#
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • @WinchesterGirl I'm pretty sure DS1 keeps getting it and bringing it home because he can't not touch everyone constantly. 

    Also I'm like 3 inches away from closing my fat pants. I was amazed I could pull them up.  
  • I agree @PerraSucia about the scar! This was my 3rd cs, and I feel like I have so much scar tissue. I'm only 2 1/2 weeks out of surgery, but i can feel the hard scar tissue under my incision! It's so gross!

    Also +1 to what @lemieuxk said! It takes a lot of fuel to keep this milk machine going! 
  • @WinchesterGirl your MIL needs to take a hike, full stop. Who the hell says that?? If she's not going to be supportive then she loses the privilege of coming over. You need to heal, rest, and do *exactly* what you're doing with your baby. Can you have your DH run interference and shut that shit down with her?
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    I have never been more thankful for my in-laws than I have been the past few weeks hearing everyone's stories! If anything, mine keep to themselves a little too much. They would help out in a second if you ask, but they very much do their own thing. And then I never know when I should or shouldn't include them. But, I'll take it! 

    @WinchesterGirl you're a saint. I hope they all realize that! 
  • I have a sick toddler again. We battled two ear infections, coughing until vomiting, stomach aches for two months only to have a brand new cold emerge three days ago. I hate cold and flu season.
  • @foxrosy oh no! I hope your little nugget gets better soon!!
  • @foxrosy team booger support <3
  • @WinchesterGirl Gotta say, even if she's not saying it in front of him, he should be believing you when you tell him she's saying it; it doesn't have to be witnessed for him to act on it.

    *Note that my own issues with my in-laws are probably colouring my "no patience, no fucks to give" attitude on this. 

  • That sounds irritating @WinchesterGirl. I feel frustrated reading about it because my mil says inappropriate comments directly to me when my H isn't around also. I hate being left alone with her because she will pry for info from me then find a way to use it against us or make smart ass remarks. Ugh. Off that note, I've already been practicing my "we won't be making it to Easter dinner at your house" speech lol 

    We are battling sickness too. The night we got discharged from hospital DD came home from my parents and started throwing up. Then she broke out in a rash. Turned out she had stress induced hives and the stress was causing her to vomit. We got her back to normal, but then just Friday DS1 got sent home from school throwing up. He actually caught something and was sick over this past weekend. He seems over it now so we are keeping our fingers crossed that it's done and my husband nor I nor the baby gets anything.
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  • @PerraSucia saline nasal spray, nose frida and tissues galore on deck!
  • @poetryandoceans Oh, he believes me. He is pretty good about standing up to her on big issues, so I think this is her way of getting her jabs in where she can.

    @foxrosy Oh that sucks! I hope he feels better soon.
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • @lemieuxk I'm hungrier as a BFing mama than I ever was as a pregnant mama. I just can't get enough to eat!  I'm wearing my higher rise pre preg jeans but I'm still a little puffy around my incision site. 
  • It's my fave when my kid nurses and is sleeping soundly.... then shits herself. 
    Same. Happens all the time. Especially during MOTN feedings. :/
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  • This has been well covered but @WinchesterGirl your MIL needs to STFU or go. How dare she say that to you. I'm so mad for you. Glad your H is standing up to her as needed. 

  • @BeckS13 has your dog shown signs of aggression towards anything ever? That would make me SUPER angry if anyone incinuated that we got rid of our crazy ass dog 
  • @BeckS13 has your dog shown signs of aggression towards anything ever? That would make me SUPER angry if anyone incinuated that we got rid of our crazy ass dog 
    That's cuz she's adorbs 
  • @BeckS13 Hyper does not mean she will be aggressive to baby! She at least deserves the chance to safely see how she responds to LO before everyone gives her the boot. Our two dogs really surprised us with little man; one ignores him, the other had decided that the baby is his and he is very concerned/protective. 
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • Hormones. They take a tired, overwhelmed FTM  and send her emotions all over. 
  • @BeckS13 I totally get what you are going through. I have 3, 70+ pound dogs and it was amazing how many people asked if we were getting rid of them when the baby was born. 2 out of the 3 are exactly as you described your dog. Hyper, doesn't realize how big they are and they have done great with the baby. They have actually calmed down a lot since she has come home too. I definitely wouldn't do anything until you see how he interacts with the baby, but I know peoplss comments can be hurtful. I couldn't imagine what I would do if my dad was sending me articles like that.
  • Ugh @BeckS13 it drives me crazy when people treat dogs as disposable like that. I mean OF COURSE if our dog was aggressive to our baby we'd figure something else out but to treat it as Plan A? No. That's just wrong. 

  • @BeckS13 another dog story here! My parents' one dog is hyper too and gets super jealous and is bossy with their other dog. We were afraid she would be jealous of the baby and it was a real concern before DD was born since we go over there very often. When we took DD there for the first time, the dog loved her! She's super protective of DD and loves to be near her (with supervision of course). I hope your parents back off - you really can't know for sure until baby and dog actually interact!
  • @BeckS13 - We've gotten similar comments around our two pit-mix rescues.  Honestly, I feel like if you know your dog and pay close attention to interactions when baby comes home, you'll know if anything is off.  Plus, there is going to be an adjustment period for animals just like people.  We try to focus on praising calm behavior around baby and our dogs have already started going back to their normal routines, ignoring a lot of the crying and other activities.
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  • @BeckS13 we have 2 dogs and one has anxiety among other issues. She is very jealous and had me so worried about a new baby. I'm not as concerned over an infant but more concerned once he starts crawling around. So far though she has done great. We don't leave the baby just lying around, so she only sees him while we are holding him, but she seems to have just instinctively known to stay back from getting too close. Of course we won't know how she'll react to a mobile baby until the time comes, but so far there's been no issues, and we plan on just taking it one step at a time. I'm sorry your parents are making it difficult on you, but hopefully after hearing so many of us share how our dogs reacted to our new LOs, you will feel more comfortable, and could possibly tell your parents to back off from the situation a little. :)
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  • @BeckS13 My dog is also a rescue and a bit on the crazy side.... She is only about 15 lbs but jumps around a ton, especially around "different" people (my parents she is fine around, but they dog sit and she goes there a lot- basically anyone else other than them or us) and she loves to bark at noises, squirrels, people walking 5 blocks behind our house that she can see across the field, whatever. We picked up a bark collar from Petsmart a few months back and it has been a lifesaver. I can't promise you it will help as much, but it has been a  night and day difference for us. She will cuddle with anyone that comes over now, doesn't jump around when people come over (when she is excited enough to jump she is excited enough to bark so she must associate jumping with the collar too now) and has completely mellowed out. May be worth a try? It was the absolute best $30 I have spent on her.

    Sunday was my due date... my mom said lets go shop the baby out. Maybe if we shop and walk all day it will get things moving. I saw a little March birthday keepsake figurine and I jokingly told my mom that I should get it in case my baby thinks he is going to be a March baby. I regret that now!!! Spent most of the day at the Dr's office yesterday (they forgot to schedule the drs appt after my NST and US so we were waiting foreverrrrr) and there is literally no progress. No dilation. 2 weeks ago they estimated 50% effaced, last week 30%, this week 20%. This kid has decided he is just going to live in me forever I think.

    At work today, because what am I going to do at home besides sit around and wait at this point, and the longer I work the longer it is before I have to come back, and everyone keeps asking me why I haven't had this baby. Good question!
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