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  • I'm glad there are so many other moms with dogs in this group, and bigger dogs to boot. Hearing all your stories really puts my mind at ease about the decision to keep her. She's never shown aggression to anything, not a growl, and although she tries to play with our cat and chase him a little, she's never bared her teeth and we've always reigned her in when she gets too into their playing. You ladies all rock, thank you for your advice and understanding.
    Reading the last two entries on top of stuff that's already been posted... What is it with parents and in laws this week? It's like suddenly they have all the demands and unwanted advice. Lol

  • Here's hoping that things with my in laws go well. They're coming in tomorrow for about a week. I do love them, but it can be stressful.
  • That's total crap @marriedhamstermom. People need to learn that it's borderline cruel. 

  • @marriedhamstermom ugh that's the worst! I'm 40 weeks tomorrow and so sick of people texting for the past few weeks asking if anything is going on and saying they're on baby watch. It's gotten more and more in the past week. My mom told me last week she was going to ask daily if the baby was coming and I had to shut that down real fast. I told her it would just make me feel worse. 

    I know they're good intentioned and are excited but if they are on baby watch, how do they think I feel?
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  • My mom and my best friend have been great about checking in to see how I am doing (they know I am alone at home all week, too, so they check in a little "extra") but my SIL asked the other day if he was here yet. She drives me crazy most of the time already- I told my mom I ALMOST texted back to say oh yeah- he came last week- we forgot to tell anyone in the family....

    On the flip side, my witch of a MIL has texted me exactly one time this entire pregnancy to ask how things were going, when I was about 5 months along. I texted her to wish her a happy birthday the other day and she never even responded. Really? Good luck pretending you care soooo much in front of everyone else.
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