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  • @serenity13 HAHAHAHA that photo totally sums up what my life is very quickly turning into. LOVE IT!
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  • @serenity13 I love it! Except I'm always wondering if my water will break in the shower (now it will prob happen in public! Lol)
  • haha yes @Burrberrymum, I've been having contractions, I make sure to try to go to the bathroom as well to make sure its not just needing to poop. These cramps suck! 

    As for the picture, my mom is all over that. I'd let you know if I was about to have this baby mom. She's flying here in a week, so I just have to deal with it for a little bit longer!
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  • Yep! Every crampy feeling I get I think//maybe this is it!? But it's always my bowels contracting not my uterus. Hahah.
  • mcdonald-bailey so glad that recovery is going so well for you! I'd def nip the family coming over since you don't want the help. Like you said family means we'll but it ends up being "let me help you - I'll hold the baby"

    And absolutely that photographer better get her ducks in a row!! Errr... I'm frustrated for you!

    Gators&BoSox "I'm not in the mood for labor today" Yes to this!!!!!!! Hahahahaha

  • Happy bumpiversary! 
  • Sometimes I feel crazy worrying about symptoms and all the cramping. Yall make me feel so much better to know I'm not alone in all this!

    Also, @Cbeanz GPS tracking?! I guess it's nice they're not texting all the time but wow. 
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  • Seriously with the GPS tracking? And I thought that constant phone calls and texts were annoying. I swear nearing the end of pregnancy makes all your loved ones refine their stalking skills like mad. 
  • Glad your recovery is going well @mcdonald-bailey! omg @Cbeanz that is too funny...but also slightly creepy! Happy bumpiversary!

    Also on the randoms though is too much last minute online shopping. Presidents day sale? Done. Although I have to say I'm proud of myself for not buying any more clothes. I got a few crib sheets on PBK for major clearance (yay extras) and technically didn't spend anything since I had store credit. I did cave and buy a couple blankets on diapers.com though since I made a new account. At least I have a year to return that stuff in case I don't need/want it later :wink:
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  • @serenity13 That picture is the best thing ever! Sums it up perfectly. 

    I just love when one of my coworkers starts my morning off by saying, "wow! You really are pregnant!" Yes yes thank you lady for pointing that out. My sore hips and pelvis are very aware that I'm about 37 weeks pregnant.

  • get oil change for my car, come home, kitty heads straight for my lap almost before I even sit down and is all set cuddling with the bump. btw, mostly ready for baby now, renewed car registration, did car maintenance today, did taxes earlier in Feb, signed apartment lease (it would've been up for renewal when baby is born).  Missing, washing some baby clothes, which kitty obviously wants me to do later, buying more cat food before it runs out and of course shopping for those things that are running out soon, like toothpaste and paper towels.
  • I had a serious case of pregnancy brain yesterday when the new shirt that I bought had just been washed but the tag said 'lay flat to dry' *grumble grumble* so I laid it on the kitchen floor in the sun, with over an hour til I had to leave because I just HAD to wear it! I eventually realized it wasn't going to dry in time so I thought the best thing was to use my blow dryer on it on the bathroom floor... I finally put the beloved shirt in the dryer for 15mins and it ended up getting 95% dry and I wore it anyways! 

    My train of thought isn't what it used to be..
  • Guys I've been at work for 4hrs and I swear I have felt like I had to pee the entire time! I literally got up and went to the bathroom, stood up and felt the need to pee again, sat back down and nothing, stood back up and felt like I had to pee again! I'm going crazy!

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  • I'm SO sick of overheating.
    Almost passed out at DDs doctor appointment this morning-went outside once while waiting to be seen, then had to have a nurse cram open the exam room window. Who the heck sets the office thermostat at 78° !?! Ugh. I hate feeling anxious about leaving for things like this---but its worse because my fears are valid! I keep getting crazy close to passing out again! 
  • @kjd291 78 degrees is sickeningly warm - especially for a doctors office! How is that a comfortable environment for anyone?!? 
  • @kjd291 I know what you mean. I'm overheating EVERYWHERE I go. I'm the only one in this city walking around without a jacket. 
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  • @kjd291 I actually thought about you last week when I was at my midwife appt. While sitting in the waiting room, a pregnant lady passed out in the hallway right outside the door and this guy comes running in all freaked out. They called 911 and she's fine, but she only needed a few minutes to feel normal again. She assured everyone she was fine and you can tell she was SO embarrassed by all of the hoopla! But yeah, 78 is hotter than hell! What are they thinking??

  • @kjd291 My midwives office is always really warm too and my last visit she had a space heater on with the door closed! Her office isn't that large either, I was dying and mentally preparing myself in case I was going to faint again.. note to self: wear a tank top to next midwife appointment even though it's winter. 
  • @SienaC I feel you with having to pee constantly, and then even just feeling like you have to but not really needing to. It's such a pain, especially at work! 
    @kjd291 I love the countdown...sorry you are overheating and coming close to passing out, that has got to be frustrating trying to plan around. And yes, 78 is way too hot for any doctor's office to be set at. 
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  • Also, I'm not sure what I was thinking when I proposed that I work until 4 days before my EDD. Not my best choice. I mean, I know I was thinking that I'd rather save the time to bond with baby when he arrives, but wow, the level of discomfort is serious. I would be totally content if LO came this week or next. 
    Me: 27
    DH: 33
    Furbaby: Walther, 4 year old Rottweiler/Coonhound mix
    EDD: 3/7/17<img
  • @vino831 YAY for DH taking DS to the doctor! 
    @kjd291 put me in the overheating club too. 78 seems like it's just inviting germs to fester! Shouldn't they keep it cooler so it's more sterile?? Yikes. I actually sometimes get so hot just from walking from my office to my car that I open the windows a little when I first start driving home.  :#
  • @kjd291 ugh, I have no experience with the passing out, but I can TOTALLY relate to the overheating. Thursday, my work threw me a surprise baby shower and it was so hot in the conference room that I had to go outside with no jacket afterward (28°). Then, my OB's office on Friday was at least 80°... They kept blaming the sun reflecting off the snow... But c'mon, you're dealing with pregnant ladies! Turn the AC on!
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  • I've started eating dates now that I'm at 36 weeks. This morning DS saw them in my bowl and said, "yuck." I'm pretty sure he thought it was poop:)
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  • @kjd291 How did DD1 do at her checkup? Any shots? She feeling OK tonight?
  • @ElleB11 my DS LOVES the dates...I have to hide and eat them lol. 
  • @Lexxilou1986 Haha! Well, as soon as he saw me eating them he wanted to try it and he liked them too. 
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  • Man reading the kickstarters thread has me thinking. I kind of fell off the date train oops. I do love some pineapple though so I'll be happy to try that one. As much as I'd like to be done being pregnant, I'm hoping baby comes exactly the week he is supposed to. DH is covering a vacation at his work so will be working 2 weeks in a row without a day off starting Thursday. Then one of my coworkers who is covering during my maternity leave, his wife is having her CS 2/25 so he's off 2 weeks. So that pretty much takes me up to the week of my due date lol. 
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