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Appointments 2.20-2.24

Last full week of February already  :o

Re: Appointments 2.20-2.24

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  • Hope it goes well for you, @Blueberry85!
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  • Thanks, @Magheeta!
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  • @M&amp;Max The first NST I had, I was there for over 3 hours trying to get a solid 25 minutes, but little man wasn't having it.  If it happens again and they do not allow you to move the monitor around yourself, ask your Dr./midwife if you can do the BPP's instead.  Today when I went in I only sat for 20 minutes to get several bp readings then went straight to the tech for a BPP.  Although I like to hear the heartbeat and movements, it's so much faster (for me) to do a BPP.  If you don't mind, please remind us (maybe just me haha) why you are having the NST's done?
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  • @Nolegirl1185 I have GD and it's a precaution since GD can cause low fluid levels and decreased fetal movements.  DS never had any issues with either the NST or the BPP but I guess it's better to be safe rather than sorry. 
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  • @smallanimal yay! That's great news! So excited for you! The big baby part not so much but you can do it!  ;)
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  • So happy to hear your scan went well @smallanimal!! 
  • @MWoodside Take it easy. Keep that baby in there and safe. Were your BH feeling like normal contractions, or different? Mine have been getting more and more similar to real contractions. My midwife mentioned the possibility of an irritable uterus but said we wouldn't do anything for now. Are they recommending any further testing or monitoring? Just wondering what irritable uterus actually means. 

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