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  • @kjd291 What @longliveregina said! Oh man she hit it so well. At this point in the game you are heavily pregnant and full of feels- embrace it, talk about it openly, and make yourself priority till baby comes as best you can. <3 anxiety is no joke and I know I'll be praying for you often! 
  • Thank you ALL so so much  <3 you're the best!! **all the creepy internet hugs**

    if I'm still feeling super out of control tomorrow and having any symptoms I'm going to call my midwife and ask for some bloodwork just to ease my worried mind.  My vision has been playing games on me since the anxiety kicked up, so not sure if it's just a part of the paranoia or something to be concerned about.
  • Does anyone else smell mold/mildew everywhere?
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  • @nicklesb yes! Everything smells like laundry that sat in the washer too long. I can't explain it but literally everywhere I've gone all weekend I've been smelling that mildew smell. I even had my cousins smell me to tell me if it was my clothes that smelled. No one else smelled it at all except me. 
  • The heartburn has officially arrived like a Miley Cyrus wrecking ball. It was horrendous with my DD starting around 32 weeks, and she came with a head full of hair. I was starting to think this baby was going to show up bald.
  • @kjd291 I'm sorry about the anxiety creeping in! I sympathize, I also deal with a lot of anxiety. Everyone already offered some great advice, and unfortunately I don't have any super tips but just wanted to send a creepy internet hug and hope that it fades out for you! You're so close now - you've got this!!! 
  • @jrde50eb12  I'm not alone then! What is that?? I was thinking I had mold in my nose somehow lol
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  • Thanks to my MIL - I now have a severe cold.  Like I was awake every hour last night to blow my nose, and then tried sleeping upright.  TO no avail.  I'm exhausted, can't smell, throat hurts, and coughing.  should be a fun day at work.
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  • This happened with my first pregnancy and is just starting with this one. I crave strong smells. Like laundry detergent, fabric softener or cleaning chemicals. I don't go out of my way and sniff/huff them obv. And I definitely don't feel the urge to consume what I'm smelling but if I catch a whiff I'm so attracted to the smells it's like I can't get enough of it. Strangest thing ever. I don't do this when I'm not pregnant. From what I've gleaned off doc google could be an iron deficiency. Anyone else experience this?
  • @Cbeanz me too! i have a full on homer simpson beer gut that hangs over my pants. i thought maybe baby had dropped but it doesn't feel like it plus I'm only 35 weeks. i think just big baby + more fluid + no ab muscles to speak of = tear drop homer simpson belly

  • @Gators&;BoSox @Cbeanz I am totally feeling this way today!!! I'm only 33 weeks tomorrow and I feel like I'm huge!  
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