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Monda B*fest, 1/29

Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!

Re: Monda B*fest, 1/29

  • Two words: Cluster. Feeding. 
    Is it between like 3-6am? Because that's clearly when we are most hungry. 
  • @poetryandoceans Preach. My nipples are going to fall off and I'm a zombie
  • @peachesnbean ugh I'm so sorry. 
  • @purplewriter yikes! "Only $40" good grief, that still sounds expensive. I hope the pink eye gets cleared up. I'm sorry about the insurance, hopefully they reimburse you for that...

    That did get me thinking though, I wonder what my husband will need to do to have this little guy added. Hmmm
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  • Mine is really minor and almost not worth it, but it had me rolling my eyes thinking WTF today. I make sandwiches for a living essentially, and we're supposed to display all the specials of the week in the deli counter's case. So I do all that this morning and my boss watches me... then at about 12noon she looks at me and says, "I know you only have two days left, but just so you know we're not including (blank) in the case, just the wrap." Uh, today was my last morning/prep shift before my mat. leave, I won't be doing this job at all for a year; why tell me this hours after the fact after your WATCHED me prepare it, and knowing I won't be responsible for it for the rest of the week? SMH.

  • Add us to the cluster feed crew. No sleep for DH or me last night and now little mister has no interest in waking up to eat because he ate ALL NIGHT LONG. 
    I could have written this too. So. Tired.
  • I have a couple good ones this week. Sad part is, I could add more, but I won't so I can avoid the side eye because, you know, me and my "stories"...

    BF 1: My mom had started getting all panicked about having to miss the first hour or so of work next Tuesday when I go in for the csection because I asked her (over a month ago) if she could drive the kids into school since they both go to school about 5 to 10 minutes from where she works. It was getting to a point where H overheard the conversation and ended up saying he would just bring the kids to school like usual and if he had to miss being in the operating room with me for the C-section then so be it because we have kids now and there's nothing else we can do. I think my jaw must've hit the floor on that one LOL 

    Seriously though, for all the problems and marriage/parenting issues we are dealing with, I obviously still wanted him there and pretty sure he wants to be there too. If we had absolutely no other option, then it would be what it is and I would just have to accept that. But no, we have my mom sitting right there that would easily be able to help and only have to be late into work by like an hour and a half. 

    I was waiting for my mom to tell him that he was crazy and then she went on to ask "yeah you don't even really need to be there right H? Are you even allowed in the operating room?" Ummmm WTF?! I think she realized I was getting kind of upset and started backpedaling a little bit saying that she would help no matter what. But that really kind of pisses me off that both of them were so willing to just let it go to the point where I almost just said fuck it I'll just go in there by myself. I really don't even care anymore. 

    BF 2: Well, we had quite the interesting morning. So we left to bring the kids to school, but once we got to the Callahan Tunnel the whole front end of the car gave out and we were stuck in the fast lane in rush-hour traffic in the tunnel right before the government center exit. It was awful and honestly we were lucky we weren't killed or seriously injured. The state cop and the tow truck driver from AAA both showed up within five minutes, if even, of it happening so at least that was good. The tow truck took H and I and the kids to the state police barracks and we had to wait there until a different tow truck driver came to drive H down to his mechanic. We got a driver from Lyft to take the kids and I to drop them at their schools. 
    We missed a big important IEP meeting for DS that was supposed to be this morning because of all this too. To top it off, our savings has dwindled to practically nothing. It's been drained between the major repairs needed for the car today and Jacks brief time at the hospital/his death. 
  •  Thank you so much @Janefelicity! That really means a lot to me. You've always been good to me on here and always responding to everything I say with something encouraging. Also thanks for the hugs.

    Cora is absolutely adorable too. I meant to comment on the little picture you put up the other day of her and her little pink puff winter suit.  I just wish I could squeeze her she's so cute… And it is making me excited for my own! How are you feeling these days? I hope you're doing okay.

    Also, it was the O'Neill tunnel we got stuck in, just realized my error. 
  • @jab3 that's pretty terrible of your mom. Is there no one else who can take them to school?
  • @jab3 Wow it sounds like you've been having a really rough time. I'm sorry, that's got to be so difficult on you and your family! How is everything else going? I remember you said you were having some issues with the shelter you all were staying in. Have any of the problems been resolved? 
  • @Jab3 isn't it wonderful when family is completely the opposite of what they should be, like you know helpful and thoughtful? Ugh. So sorry your mom is making suck a big deal out of ONE day. I'll never understand that mindset.. shouldn't a mother want to be there to help in these scenarios? I'm glad she at least back peddled and said she'll do what's needed, but damn I'd be annoyed too. Maybe H was just trying to get her to hop on board and in backfired..? Sending hugs! 

  • @foxrosy does he have a death wish? Geez!

    Thinking of you @Jab3 <3 you are so strong!
  • @Jab3, I am so sorry both your mother and hubby are acting like that!   FFS, why would either of then think missing the csection was okay??
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  • @Jab3 They were both out of line! I do not blame you for being upset.

    @MrsLittleMac He didn't know it, but he was an endangered species for a minute there. He needs to think a little harder before he speaks next time!
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • Sigh. 5 year old came down with a fever on Tuesday. After days of abx and fever not breaking we took her back in and turns out it's the flu but doc still wants her on abx for ear infection. Then my 3 year old starts the fever and vomit train. She's been ill since Saturday afternoon, still running a fever and won't eat or drink and is complaining about needing to throw up. I'm praying the H and I don't get it and that baby stays inside for a while... 38 weeks today. 
    Update: I took her to the pedi first thing yesterday morning and they did a swab for strep. Rapid test Came back negative, her fever broke a few hours later, she was her normal sassy/spunky self all evening. At 5 AM she climbed into bed with me and wasn't burning up. I got her cool rags and went back to sleep to be awoken by a 7:30 pediatrician call that the 24 hour came back positive. Oye. I'm trying to save sick time/vacation time to extend my leave! 

     <3 DD1- Aug11 <3 o:) Angel Baby- June13, said goodbye Oct12 o:) <3 DD2- Aug13 <3 <3 DD3- due Feb17 <3

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  • @peachesnbean oh no!!! I'm glad she's at least in better spirits, but strep sucks! How is your other kiddo doing now?  Sending you good vibes that they're both over it quickly and it doesn't spread to you or H! 

  • @peachesnbean so sorry to hear that! Hope they both fend it off and feel better soon and that no one else catches it! 
  • @PerraSucia, I wish to hell there was, but there isn't. 

    @homemake, thanks for asking. The toilet is finally "fixed." It was a half assed job you can tell, but I'm grateful just to have it at least be working right now. One of the staff/case managers we have to interact with here seems to be slightly easier to deal with lately, but the other is still horrible.

     A new "roommate" and her baby moved in too and has been helping herself to our food, drinks, baby wipes, blankets, kids cups/other dishes, toilet paper, etc. she even used my razor that I stupidly left in the shower. Yuck. We were trying to just let it go until Monday when she yelled at my kids for being... kids. Yeah. They weren't being too loud either. Still, the kids tried to apologize later on and she pretended she couldn't hear them. Weird. So H put up a couple shelving units in the bedroom and that's basically where all our belongings are that would normally be in the bathroom, kitchen and living room. We just need to take stuff in and out as we need it. 

    @MrsLittleMac, sorry your H said that when he had no idea (not even close) to what it feels like to be pregnant. They just don't get it. I hope you were able to still get some rest. 

    @peachesnbean, hope everyone at your house becomes/stays free of germs soon!
  • Sorry I also meant to say thanks everyone for your kind words as usual and for letting me vent about my drama riddled life lol 
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