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  • The postpartum headache is a bitch. I didn't have this with my first.  :s
  • The postpartum headache is a bitch. I didn't have this with my first.  :s
    Hmm, wondering if that's what I have too. I keep getting these moderately bad headaches, usually at night. I'm not dehydrated and it's not a migraine, just a low level, persistent PITA.
  • The postpartum headache is a bitch. I didn't have this with my first.  :s
    I didnt know there were postpartum headaches.  :|  geez this whole pregnancy has been so much different, I'm wondering if post partum will bring on a bunch of unpleasant new things as well.
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  • @lemieuxk are you normally a caffeine drinker?  I'm hoping drinking a pop will help. 

    @kswiger06 it's so weird. I mean last pregnancy my pre-e was insane. Like I was huge swollen and dizzy and an emotional mess but this time I was healthier but felt like shit more often and it's continued into PP. it doesn't seem like any febulady had an easy time this go though. 
  • I abstained almost completely from caffeine while pregnant, now am drinking up to two cups a day trying to cope with sleep deprivation but not overcaffeinate my child. Hasn't helped me but I hope it does for you!
  • Glad you're home and ok for now @WinchesterGirl!! 

  • Has anyone else felt super weak / fatigued lately?  I'm 37+3 today and all day I feel like I just did an intense workout and my knees are weak and I get winded just walking from one room to the next. I've been the usual pregnancy-tired up to now, but this is just crazy. Maybe it's because I have a cold and can't breathe well? 
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    The hormones just hit me hard out of no where today. Dog has been puking all weekend and I've gotten little sleep. Trying to nest like crazy at the same time. So on top of all of that we bring our dog in to a new vet to be seen, she tries to take him off my lap and he bites her hard, enough to break the skin. And I just lost it. Crying like a lunatic in the vets office. I feel like there is so much going on and on top of that labor could happen at any moment. All very trivial things but apparently it all just hit me at once 
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