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  • @LivingLaVidaGinger Hoping all goes well at your appointment today! 
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  • @LivingLaVidaGinger hoping everything goes ok at your appointment today! Thinking about you! Xxx
  • Thanks so much everyone! 
    I left the doctor today feeling so dismissed and frustrated. But because my bp was normal, they wouldn't look into anything. It was more of a "I'm sorry your head hurts and you can't see and no meds are working, what do you want us to do about it?" Kind of thing. She wasn't at all concerned with the abdominal pain, she told me to take tums or drink a glass of milk. I tried to be persistent and all she came up with was "maybe go see a neurologist?" 
    She even mentioned my platelets being low but brushed it off too. 
    I literally cried as we walked out the door because it felt like she wasn't listening to a thing I was saying. Either way, if the doctors aren't concerned, I'm gonna try not to worry about it too much because added stress and anxiety certainly won't help anything.  Thanks for the support everyone! <3
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  • @LivingLaVidaGinger sorry this has been so frustrating. Would you consider going to L&D to see what they say? I have chronic migraines, which luckily have gone away, but anytime I get a headache my OB makes me come in immediately and do blood and urine. And I have a history of them, so it's not out of the ordinary.  I would consider a second opinion. Or at least go to a pharmacy a few times to check your blood pressure.  How sucky, I'm sorry   :(
  • I'm sorry @LivingLaVidaGinger. That's horrible. I agree with getting a second opinion. I heard somewhere recently (maybe from one of us?) that BP isn't the only diagnostic factor for pre-e and similar things. If nothing else, she should want to help you with your headache and visual symptoms.

  • @LivingLaVidaGinger did they at least take a urine sample!?
    I had none of those very concerning symptoms other than protein in urine and they immediately sent me for blood draw and saw kidneys and liver failing and induced that week. 
  • @LivingLaVidaGinger that is ridiculous. BP isn't the only indicator of Pre-E. They didn't even at least get a urine? Totally unacceptable and you should seek a second opinion just to be on the safe side. 
  • @LivingLaVidaGinger what an asshole.  I agree if they didn't do anything to go to L&D 
  • @LivingLaVidaGinger Omg I am furious for you! +1 to get a second opinion. Keep us updated *hugs*
  • @LivingLaVidaGinger that is totally ridiculous & not acceptable to be so dismissive of symptoms which even for someone not pregnant would cause concern. Im so sorry that youre going through this! & completely agree that you should look for a second opinion!
  • @LivingLaVidaGinger omg I am so mad for you!! I left my appointment today feeling pretty dismissed but your stuff sounds really serious. If it comes back like that I would not hesitate to bypass your office and go to L&D for monitoring and their opinions!!
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  • I hope everything works out okay for you @LivingLaVidaGinger, I'll be thinking of you.
  • If they got a urine sample they had to have checked for protein, which is an indicator of pre-e. If they only took blood for CBC, they should have ran more labs for liver function, serum creatinine, coagulation studies (for HELLP)and electrolytes. If you have access to lab results see if the above mentioned tests are there. If you have questions, PM me. But as @PerraSucia mentioned earlier go to L&D directly for testing and monitoring if your OB is not being thorough. Hopefully the doctor on call will order more tests. 

    Sorry you are experiencing all this!
  • @foxyrosy as I learned with my own pre-e testing, the standard urine dip is not sensitive enough to be diagnostic. Both blood and preliminary urine tests came back negative for me. The usual test you get at your regular appointments are quantitative, and you need a qualitative test for diagnosis. 

    Not trying to nitpick. I just want to make sure the right info is out here. 
  • New symptom for me... I have GD, and it's been well-controlled with diet and exercise this whole time. The last few days, all of my blood sugar readings have been down significantly from what they have been - fasting down 10 points, post-breakfast down 20, post-lunch down 10, dinner holding steady (low) despite upping my carb intake. In all likelihood it's nothing to be concerned about, but I called the MW and spoke to a nurse anyway - I read (thanks Dr. Google) that numbers dropping at the end can signal a problem with the placenta, but in other places I have read that it's normal as the placenta is just not producing as many hormones at this point. I mean, it would be nice to be able to eat more carbs, but it's a little disconcerting to see such a sudden drop.
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  • @madamerwin my #s have been down also. My dr is not worried but I've noticed if I don't eat on my schedule, my BS drops super low and i get hot/sweaty/shaky/dizzy. Part if that is that I'm on insulin and can get hypoglycemia easily if i dont eat regularly. But dr says it is normal. So I just have to listen to my "Eat, damnit" alarms and I keep some nuts with me at all times.
  • @Gretchypoo I spoke to the advice nurse, and she basically said that as long as my numbers are not TOO low (fasting below 60, post-meal below 80 or so), then it's probably not a concern - though she was going to check with the MW as well. She reminded me to make sure I eat often (I eat every 2.5-3 hours) and if I get dizzy/nauseous check my BS to see how low it is. Baby is moving at his normal frequency, so I am not too concerned, but it's just weird it changed so quickly. I even ate potatoes for dinner last night - they usually do a number to my blood sugar levels, but my numbers were still lower than usual. I'm going to eat a high-ish carb lunch today (like, 40g) and see what happens.
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  • @foxyrosy as I learned with my own pre-e testing, the standard urine dip is not sensitive enough to be diagnostic. Both blood and preliminary urine tests came back negative for me. The usual test you get at your regular appointments are quantitative, and you need a qualitative test for diagnosis. 

    Not trying to nitpick. I just want to make sure the right info is out here. 
    @NiceyMeany very true urine dip is not diagnostic but it is still used routinely as a tool to assess for presence of protein. It wasn't my intention to say a urine dipstick is absolute confirmation of pre-e, so my bad if that's how it came across. 
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    Uhm... so my BP was high at my appointment, and I am now sitting at the hospital waiting for a room to open up for monitoring. It was high last week too, but after 10 minutes it went down to a normal range, so I thought it was NBD. Apparently the high reading today means I need monitoring, blood work, and a 24 hr urine. So I am now at the hospital waiting for them to start stuff and panicking slightly. Which cannot help the BP issue to be quite frank.
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  • @WinchesterGirl - Hang in there.  I went through that last week and it is really hard to stay calm.  I tried to use my time there for napping (easier said than done with the BP cuff tightening every 15 minutes).  My only other words of advice are to ask for a 2nd jug if you drink a lot of water (a gallon a day or more) and get to do the urine catch at home.  Hope all your labs come back ok and you're not stuck at the hospital for too long.
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  • Ugh yes. That blood pressure cuff is the bane of L&D triage naps. Good luck @WinchesterGirl hoping everything is okay!
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  • @WinchesterGirl are you currently being monitored? Close your eyes and do deep breathes
  • Oh no @WinchesterGirl! I hope all is ok! Deep breathing is a really good idea. Keep us posted!

  • In monitoring now. They just drew my blood, but she had to stick me twice and I always feel faint when they do it. I'm working on the deep breathing.... little man keeps kicking the monitors, which is helping to distract me. This BP cuff sucks. And now it's pulling on my bandaid. 
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • Sending peaceful thoughts your way @WinchesterGirl
  • So glad you got to go home @WinchesterGirl!
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  • That's great news @WinchesterGirl! So glad you are home, and hopefully the urine catch will be nice and clear. I had a few randomly higher BPs too-it can definitely just happen-but it's good they are taking it seriously just in case. Also, in-case-of-sniss made me LOL. 

  • Glad to hear everything is alright for now @WinchesterGirl and hope it continues to be!
  • Glad you are back home @WinchesterGirl!
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