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Febuladies Who Go Bump in the Night, January

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Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!

Re: Febuladies Who Go Bump in the Night, January

  • Oh yuck, sorry about that @homemake!

    I can't sleep but same old, same old (woke up to BH, had to pee, needed a drink, trying to fall asleep to repeat the process). 
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  • @floatingelephy hey, sleep is sleep, man, even if you're dreaming about a drama llama thread.

    i used to be a Vancouverite too! Moved away 5 years ago. I'm still on the west coast, though. I just have to give BC Ferries too much money on a regular basis to go anywhere fun...

  • @poetryandoceans true enough! 

    I was only there when I was a poor graduate student, so I really want to give it another go now that I'm a poor fundraising professional. But BC Ferries breakfasts! I have family in the Southern Gulf Islands and I loved taking the ferry for the breakfasts and the views. Although, they definitely rob you blind and my uncle is never happy with the schedule for their route.  
  • @floatingelephy even though I've been taking the ferry my whole life, Active Pass (where the big ferries between Vic and Van enter into the gulf islands ) is still one of my favourite views. I have inlaws on the mainland, so we make the trip all the time. In my opinion, best in the fall when it's misty and the sky is bluey grey with clouds... 

    arg, bump is being messed up on my phone. Sorry if this posts multiple times 

  • I did end end up falling back to sleep for an hour. I had a dream where @imalwaysme79 brought presents of bazooka gum to everyone living in Vancouver (I used to live there, but now I'm on the opposite coast). THEN there was a Febuladies bat signal, of sorts, because a random drive by thread got a bunch of regulars banned.
    This is pretty random lol. I am from Canada originally, so there's that. 
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  • Four hours is awesome @poetryandoceans! You've earned it girl!

  • We'll all be up with you in a few weeks @poetryandoceans!

  • @floatingelephy I so wish I had thought of this earlier! That sounds delicious! I ended up eating a brownie, then some chips. Because potatoes are vegetables so it has to be good for you!
    I'm sorry you're having so much hip pain, getting into your best childbearing body is no joke!

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  • @LivingLaVidaGinger that checks out! If only I had brownies and chips. I have honey nut cheerios and some sad, droopy kale...
  • @foxrosy ahh!! Fingers crossed you can get some rest. Maybe you'll have the next febubaby?!
  • @foxrosy keep me updated, labor buddy!! 
  • Ugh. this baby is so so low. And my cervix is killing. I can't tell if she is just putting tons of pressure on my cervix or if the EPO is just really working... 
  • I got up, made a PB&J sandwich and fell asleep. Contractions gone. What a tease.
  • Over my recent attempts at the 24 hour urine catch, I have developed a new theory on why turning over and getting up to pee in the MOTN is so painful: my bladder is twice as full as normal.  Like, the amount of pee that comes out at night time is crazy...  No wonder I can barely move.  Not that this is scientific or useful in any way; but at 3 a.m., these are the things that I ponder.

    Also, my poor dog was up every two hours last night wanting to go out because he seems stopped up...  He keeps dragging his butt in the snow, which seems super unpleasant.  Not sure what to do for him.
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  • @MLRocha canned pumpkin works wonders for puppers in need of a little assistance :)
  • @MLRocha if your dog is scooting his butt a lot, it's more likely an anal gland problem than constipation. Anal glands produce a super stinky material if you haven't had the pleasure of smelling before. Sometimes they just need expressed, but sometimes they get infected! I'd call your vet & get him checked before baby decides it's time to arrive!
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  • @MLRocha +1 to the canned pumpkin purée for pups with sad bowels. Just make sure it's not canned pumpkin pie filling...I made that mistake once.  :#
  • I'll give the canned pumpkin a try - He keeps trying to poop and then drags his butt.  So, I'm not sure what the issue is yet but I'll definitely be keeping an eye on him.  I'll feel better if I see him have a good poop (practice for being a mom?).
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  • @MLRocha is he licking back there too? My one dog has issues with her glands and the vet needs to express them. Apparently you could do it, but I don't think you could pay me to do it! It takes like 5 minutes and they charge me like nothing. On her, she does the scooting and also licks. You can sort of tell bc her butthole seems a little puffy. Lovely conversation here  :)
  • @leslie1331 - No licking or other symptoms; he's not even dragging his butt inside the house.  It's only after he squats to poop outside, which is what making me thinking it's related to constipation issues.  Usually the dogs get a Kong filled with some banana, peanut butter and Greek yogurt each day.  With our schedule being thrown off with my two L&D admittances this week, they haven't gotten anything more than peanut butter.  I'm wondering if the normal recipe was helping their systems stay regular and will be going back to that tomorrow.
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  • +1 to the canned pumpkin! I also lay off the bananas for my dog if she's backed up. I don't know if they work the same in dogs as people but figured it can't hurt. Also carrots are great because they scrape the junk out of their digestive track and they don't add weight, so dogs on diets can have as many as they want haha. We also do a boiled chicken and rice diet for a couple days of her poos aren't awesome. Works like a charm
  • To add to add to this lovely dog butt convo, it could be a hair or something itching him back there that he can't seem to get out. As for the gland problem, my dog had that last year and she was always rubbing her butt (above the tail) against things because it was so itchy. DH and I were real pioneers and took her outside and expressed them ourselves with gloves, of course,  because she smelled so bad I couldn't stand to wait on the groomer who couldn't see me for another week. Fun stuff. 
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