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  • GretchypooGretchypoo
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    omg everyone get better soon!!

    edit bc typing is hard with swollen fingers...
  • @Jab3 eeek hope you're better and everyone steers clear of colds/stomach bugs! So stressful this close to babytime!

  • Thanks guys! I still dragged my ass around the museum of science today because I wanted so badly to spend this "last weekend as a family of 4" and see the excitement on the kids faces lol

    @Aussie45, hope you feel better and were still able to enjoy your birthday somewhat!
  • Just here... wide awake  :|

  • @jab3 thanks! It wasn't the best but since I have GD, I had kinda planned to celebrate later anyways. I just rested and now I'm starting to feel slightly better. Hope you've been feeling ok! No fun getting sick this late in the game.
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  • Spent an hour + awake last night with heartburn, and random low cramps. I took zantac, sipped some milk, tried to read, took a shower... finally I gave up and crawled back in bed. I'm glad this hasn't been a nightly thing, because I way overslept and turned off my alarm this morning. Luckily only 2 work days left after today!
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  • I pretty much have not been to sleep yet, I've gotten maybe an hour if that. Apparently some major crime happened a few neighborhoods away and the police advised everyone to stay inside and lock their doors! We don't live in the immediate area that the police put on lockdown, but we live close enough that H double checked all of our house and car doors to be safe. We could also hear the police helicopter outside! Not sure what happened yet, but I'm curious to hear the police report when it's released.

    On another note, I went to check on DD and noticed her swaddle blanket was wet...this girl peed and pooped through her diaper, PJs AND blanket! What the heck! Lol so lucky DD had a wardrobe change at 2:30AM. Neither of us were too thrilled haha.
  • @ColeBug89 she manages to soak through a lot of layers!! That's impressive lol

    I always get weirdly fascinated with crime and stuff... one year police had our Rd blocked off, and they were all out in their riot gear and with their guns drawn. They yelled out over their speaker thing (I can't think of the right word) asking for this guy to come out with his hands raised. It was super intense because we couldn't see the actual house since it was on our side of the street, but it was only a few houses down and we could see all the police outside!! Turns out the guy and his wife got into a fight, she kicked him out of her place and he threatened to kill her with his gun so the police came full throttle. Of course this is small town gossip, but the court stuff you can look up online does say he had multiple threats to her to cause bodily harm and or death so it's probably true. Let us know what happened once you find out what's going on where you are!!
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  • ColeBug89ColeBug89
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    @kswiger06 I was impressed too lol...she usually has 1-2 big poops a day and I am used to that but I guess she just really had to do both this time!

    Thats crazy what happened to you! I will definitely keep you guys posted! It could really be anything here, but my guess is probably drug related. We live where two major interstates intersect and about an hour outside of both D.C. and Baltimore so there is a lot of drug (especially heroin) trafficking in our area. The DC news even made a several series segment about the epidemic in our area and called it Heroin Highway. It's gotten really bad the last few years and we hear of deathly overdoses almost every day. It's really sad, I've lived here almost my whole life and it never used to be this way.

    Edit: Typos, I should not be allowed to bump at this hour lol
  • srscott3 said:
    Can't sleep. So I'm laying here trying to remember what life was like when I wasn't a swollen blimp-like human. I have convinced myself that I will never be normal again. 
    I feel this way too. Like sure I'm pregnant but that's just the way I am now and the idea of actually meeting my baby is a farce that will never happen. I know I shouldn't be this grouchy until 41, just feeling kind of low this morning. 

  • @MLRocha STM here but I was induced with DS so I've never gone into labor before! But they've been every 6-10 min for about 2.5 hours and getting more painful...
  • Ooooh how exciting you guys! I'm wide awake at 39 weeks just because! Ugh.   Nothing going on here.   

    Are they getting stronger? ML Rocha sounds pretty positive.   
  • Convinced my finance to have sex last night. This triggered the most painful contractions during the night. I was up from 11-4am and then they fizzled out. Yayyy.....
  • MLRochaMLRocha
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    Nope...  Totally fizzled out around 9 a.m.  Back to random top of bump contractions (vs. the crampy ones this morning).  False alarm but with hope?  

    Edit to add that I'm waiting to see what my doula has to say after my last update.
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  • Night two of no sleeping...  Contractions re-started around 6 p.m. last night and finally hit the 5-1-1.  The doctor on-call said to hold steady for at least another hour since I wasn't dilated at all on Tuesday's appointment.

    It is nearly impossible to get comfortable and I'm so ridiculously tired.  Hoping this is really happening!
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  • @MLRocha how's it going? Hoping things are progressing for you!
  • MommaBeanMommaBean
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    Fingers crossed, @MLRocha!!
  • H is snoring SO LOUD. 
  • My baby for sure has day and night mixed up.   Yay.  Hubby stayed at home last night,  and I could really use a break.  I have barely slept since Monday. 

    I feel like I want to pass along some hospital tips, but don't know where to put it here. 
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  • @Partyof6?  I'm so sorry to hear about your lack of sleep.  I'm still just dealing with pregnancy insomnia but will be joining the PP no sleep soon.  

    Maube hospital bag thread? Or put em right here? Ha. 
  • @WinchesterGirl Yea, Betty loves the snoring too. She has slept 6 hrs so far tonight in 3 hr increments. Snore away, h! I'm getting some rest ;)

    I'm so sorry you are having trouble rn. If you need to talk, pm me. This is a really difficilt time and pp hormones don't help at. all.
  • @WinchesterGirl if you ever want to chat in terms of processing your birth (or about anything!) send me a PM. I'm a month out from a birth that went very differently than I expected, so I'm happy to listen. Hugs.

  • @WinchesterGirl +1 to processing a birth that went wildly different than hoped. I'm pretty certain I cried the first 24 hours my kid was an outside baby, and a week later I still have certain teary moments. I have started to write down everything that happened and how I felt about it, which has helped me process it. We're here for you if you ever need to chat.

  • @Gretchypoo @poetryandoceans @Patience7150 Thanks ladies, it really is just still processing in there. There are some parts I don't remember, but others that are so vivid. We were so stinking close to making it, 48 hours of induction, pushed for 2.5 hours... and we still didn't get there. 

    I just don't know how I feel right now. I love him to pieces, but I feel like his birth made me deal with every fear I had. It is a really odd place emotionally. 
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • @WinchesterGirl I wish I could send you my hypnobabies change of plans track. If I can find it on my computer I will email it to you. I'm sorry it didn't work out the way you wanted but I'm so glad you've both made it to be here to be upset about it <3
  • @WinchesterGirl Sounds like we had pretty similar experiences (48 hours of labour, pushing for 2+ hours, needing intervention to get it done). Different intervention, but a lot of similarities.

    I hope your care provider will sit down with you and talk it through with you at some point. That was immensely helpful for me, both to get their perspective and to fill in the gaps I had in my memory. Hugs to you. 

  • Sending hugs @WinchesterGirl. I'm so sorry for how things turned out and like @PerraSucia said, so glad you are both here safe. I am always here if you need to talk!

  • *hugs* @WinchesterGirl we're here when/if you want to talk. And if you are feeling overwhelmed by it all, know talking to someone may help- a social worker or therapist may help you process.
  • @WinchesterGirl ((hugs)) I'm sorry it has been so overwhelming to deal with <3 it sounds like you were put through the wringer, and even though so many people say "a healthy baby is what counts" I feel like that negates what you're feeling. I'm glad you're reaching out to process everything, if you'd ever like an ear to listen- PM me any time 
  • @WinchesterGirl i also had similar circumstances (48 hours of labour, 1.5 hours of pushing, failed forceps & a fully dilated section) so add me to the list of if you want to talk it through just pm me. xxx
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