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  • @leslie1331 thanks! Yeah I figured it wasn't that big of a deal from hearing chat on here and that my Dr. didn't say anything. I guess I just wanted some news about something.... anything... because I am so miserable
    Oh I hear ya on wanting something to be happening! My baby definitely hasn't dropped and my OB even told me not to come in this week. Whomp whomp. Not that I love going, but it's more a reminder nothing is happening at all!! 

    I think I would cry if they were like "eh don't even bother coming in" haha! Hang in there!
  • Just had my 36 week appt and GBS swab. It wasn't as intrusive as I thought it would be but I'm very glad to have it over with! Of course I was meeting for the first time the last midwife in the practice who had been out on maternity leave for this lovely procedure. She was all, "Sorry to meet you with your pants off" ha ha.

    My blood pressure has been on the high side of normal all of the pregnancy (and honestly even before getting pregnant it would be on the higher side of normal unless I was being really good about my yoga and cardio). It is often in the mid 130s/ mid 80s. But today it was 134/94 :( it went down to 134/84 by the end of the appt, but they are doing some blood work to "get a baseline" . . . hope it's nothing. 

    Also baby is head down and "very low" :)
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    35 week appointment and like some of you ladies, baby was measuring off- he's measuring a week ahead at 36 weeks, though, I'd rather since we're inducing Feb. 9th/10th. 

    Also cervix exams still suck. 

    Eta: slightly effaced, not dilated yet but didn't expect to be. Next week we'll see if I have anymore progress, or if I'll need to come in the night before induction to get cervidil or another cervix ripening med. 

  • Had my 36week appt just a little bit ago and I was 2cm dialated and starting to thin out. GBS was quick and painless. My UTI is completely cleared up as well. 
  • @lct2008, my 3 will go to the same place most likely so we combined their bag,  but yes,  I also have been trying to get everything together for everybody!   

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  • @Partyof6? Both the bigs are going to the same place at least for night time. but it just seemed easier for them each to have a little backpack. They can carry it themselves and all. It felt good to have it all sitting in one spot though. It's all on the changing table and I have a list on my phone that dh can look out and know all the last minute things he needs to throw in the bags like toothbrushes etc. that was really my last thing to do before baby though. So now I'm going to focus on like pedis and a haircut  :D
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  • Just got back from my 38 week appointment. I'm still only one to one and a half cm dilated. Basically my appointment was about weather or not I want to be induced next week. My Dr is on call next week so if I want her to deliver the baby I can be induced on thursday. Or if I let the baby come on his own and he waits until the next week, which would be on par from my other 2, then I'll be stuck with the other guy to be on call. And I met him once but didn't like him at all. He was weird and timid and was very creepy to me. I really want my Dr but don't want an induction unless it's medically necessary, soooo I've been irrationally crying since the second I got to my car. My husband pissed me off today so I haven't even talked to him about my appointment at all. I'm like the craziest person in the world right now between being angry at H and unhappy with the decision of induction or not.
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  • @kswiger06 I'm so sorry you're having to deal with that! That is tough, and I would probably cry too. I'm pretty hell bent on not being induced unless medically necessary myself, so all I can say is that if it were me, I'd just wait and take the other doc if I have to.

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  • @kswiger06 ; you aren't being irrational at all!  I would totally feel the same way, that's a big decision to make.  And it sucks you have to weigh the doctor into an already hard decision.  I have no advice about what to do, but I would probably go over iit with your husband once you feel a little better and decide what makes the most sense!
  • Awww I'm sorry @kswiger06. What a crappy position to be put in. If it were me I would not induce for that reason, especially since (if I remember correctly) you had pretty smooth deliveries with your first two, but you do what you need to do to feel comfortable. From what I'm hearing though, it seems like the nurses have a much bigger impact on delivery experience and they're "you get what you get" anyway. 

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    @kswiger06 aw that sucks! I'm sorry you're having a rough day!!! Hopefully your body will just decide to go into labor on your own next week, so you're doctor can be there and you don't have to worry about the other doc! Tough decision though about induction... I'm not sure if it's true or not, but I've heard some people say Pitocin contractions are worse than natural contractions? Not sure if that's valid or not, but if so, I definitely see the appeal in waiting and going without induction. Plus the whole forcing your body when it may not be ready, can suck.
    Last time I didn't have time to sit and think about the induction process, because it needed to happen and was within a matter of hours to start the process. This go around I find myself overly worrying how my body will tolerate it again..?   

  • @kswiger06 thats a tough call to make and not at all irrational to be upset about it, especially if youve not been able to talk to your husband about it yet either!
    The fact that the dr will hopefully have a minimal involvement & you dont want induction unless medically necessary & the fact you could maybe go yourself when your own doc is on call, it could all work out for you!
  • @kswiger06 I'm sorry you're having a rough day! I would be upset too... maybe even if you don't induce, LO will stay in until your doc comes back on rotation the week after? Hugs!
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  • @kswiger06 I'm glad you and H made up. He should buy you flowers-- you deserve them after such a rough day! 

    That is a hard decision but it sounds like you feel confident. I hope it goes well. *creepy internet hugs*
  • 36 week appointment today, even though Monday will be 37. 

    GBS positive. :/ I'm allergic to amoxicillin, and probably the whole penicillin family.

    3 cm dilated. They scheduled an appointment for next Friday "just in case" lol. 

    Nothing to be done about the nerve pains with buckling legs, except being cautious.

    I am so ready for her to be here. DH thinks I may eventually change my mind, but with how awful this pregnancy has been, I don't want to have any more biological children. Before pregnancy, I wanted 3 or 4 biological children. 
  • @kswiger06 I'm glad you decided! You and DH should have date night tonight. 

    Got my blood work back! Not anemic, which is great! However, DH talked to his boss today and while this whole time the plan has been for him to use 2 weeks of vacation for his leave when the baby comes, his boss's boss apparently decided that he can probably only take one week. Cue immediate panic for me. I'm now feeling very overwhelmed at the thought of me,  alone in a house with a one week old baby for 10+ hours a day and still not comfortable with what I'm supposed to be doing. 

    On the other hand spending 10+ hours per day alone in a house with a 1 week old and either of our mothers makes me want to hyperventilate into a bag. I realize rationally one more week isn't technically that much different, but it is feeling quite different right now. 

    Mostly I'm just praying they at least compromise and give him a little more time. I'm probably overreacting, right? 
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  • @WinchesterGirl I don't think you're overreacting! It's hard when you had in your mind he would be there to help for two weeks and all of a sudden those plans are changing. My H can only get a week off since he recently switched jobs so I'm in the same boat. Hopefully yours can get a little more time off!
  • I'm glad you're not anemic @WinchesterGirl!! 

    It stinks that you and your husband's plans for his time off could get messed up. I think it's really about finding a routine. If you can get a decent routine down in that week with your husband, maybe it won't feel so bad once he goes back to work. My husband only gets 3 days off for "paternity leave" but with the way his schedule works he'll actually be home from 5 - 8 days depending on what day the baby is actually born on. (He works 12 hour shifts and is kind of on two, off two with the exception of weekends being 3 days) so I'm hoping to establish a routine while he's home to help. Like I'll be tempted in those first days to want my husband to get up during the night to help with diaper changes and stuff, but since he works nights, I'm going to try to do those like I will when he's at work and rely on him more during the daytime hours. I bet you'll do fine, you're so organized and aware of things that you'll be that new mom with everything together... did you see "friends with kids" ? You'll be the ones who have it all together lol.
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    @NiceyMeany, I am so sorry that you are having to be induced before you would like to. It sucks but at least your going to get some baby snuggles soon. My thoughts and prayers are for you to have a quick, easy and smooth induction. (heres to hoping you soften and dilate some before then) 

  • @WinchesterGirl FWIW: DH used all his paid vacation while we were at the hospital for induction with our first/so I was home alone after only one day. I loved it! ((obviously bonding time with H around would have been really great too)) but I would never have wanted or really needed other family around.  
  • @NiceyMeany I'm sorry you're having to go through that.. that sounds awful. Hopefully your BP will stay down and you can ride this out until next Sunday. Thinking of you and your little dude & sending you good vibes!

  • @NiceyMeany Ahh! Sorry you're getting induced before you're ready. It's scary to deal with but I'm glad they're monitoring you closely, to make sure you both stay safe.
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    @NiceyMeany That is scary and frustrating. I'm sorry your body isn't cooperating right now but it sounds like you have a great plan. And you'll be at 37 weeks which isn't bad! Yay for baby snuggles!

    @PerraSucia they for sure deserve to be stabbed
  • @NiceyMeany I am glad they are monitoring you and baby closely! I have something similar going on with weird bp (no protein), so I may also need to end up being induced before my due date.  I hope you get to hold off as long as is possible and safe for you!
  • @NiceyMeany sorry to hear that. Hopefully you can hold out a little longer but hope it all goes well for you when the time comes too!
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