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Appointments: Week of January 23

Uh... does anybody NOT have an appointment this week?

Re: Appointments: Week of January 23

  • Thursday appointment... how many more of these will I have until baby? Nobody knowssss! 
  • I have my regular OB appointment today and my first internal. I also have a MFM appointment on Thursday where I'll have an ultrasound and NST. 
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  • Check up and fluid level check tomorrow afternoon. If my levels are too high they'll be talking induction. I am an absolute wreck.

  • @Xstatic3333 I'm so sorry you're going through this! I'll be thinking of you and your little one!
  • lemieuxk said:
    @Xstatic3333 I'm so sorry you're going through this! I'll be thinking of you and your little one!
    Thanks so much. Either way we'll be ok-he's healthy and all will be good :) I'm being unnecessarily whiny. 

  • Regular 36wk appointment on Thursday. I'll have my GBS test done at this appointment and then I will start my every week check ups next week. Nothing exciting just ready for baby to be here. 
  • 36w appointment, GBS swab, and first internal exam on Friday for me.  Looking forward to talking to my OB about all this damn swelling.

    @Xstatic3333 I'm thinking about you, girl!
  • Ultrasound Thursday to check baby's growth and position  

  • Regular 36 week appointment on Wednesday, they'll also do an ultrasound to check on position since last time baby was breech.  It's the first of my weekly appointments....I can't believe it!
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  • @Xstatic3333 FX your appt goes well!
  • @Gretchypoo hopefully she's just sleeping! Keeping us posted!

  • This is my last week without an appointment!

    Hoping all of you with appointments get good news!!
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  • FX all is well with your follow ups @Xstatic3333 and @Gretchypoo! Will be looking out for updates.
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  • thinking of you @Gretchypoo
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  • FX @Xstatic3333 and @Gretchypoo! @Gretchypoo your comment about jinxing yourself cracked me up, and way to not google! You'll know what you need to know soon enough... I hope everything is okay! 

    37 week appt this week...nothing special. 

  • @Gretchypoo fingers crossed! Keep me posted.
  • Regular 38 weeks appointment tomorrow. Hoping the baby will make his appearance soon!

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  • Hope all's well @Gretchypoo!

    36 week checkup today, plus GBS swab. Good times.
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  • Sooooo this week is becoming worse and worse by the day. I apologize ahead of time, but this is gonna be a long rant.

    Last week I asked my doctor what the plan was for delivering this baby and monitoring his kidneys (quick backstory: At 20 weeks we had low AFI. Since then it has majorly come up, but we've had continuous monitoring every 4-6 weeks because his kidneys are large, but they haven't seen any cysts, blocks, fluid, or reason for them to be large.)

    At my 34 and 36 week appointments with my OB team (they rotate every appt. so I never see the same person twice) they said "everything looks great!", even in regards to the kidneys. So at 37 weeks I questioned what our plan is, do we have one, am I talking to deaf ears at this hospital, are we just going to ignore it, etc. The OB that day look dumbfounded like "hmmm... yeah, you're right. There is no plan in place... what should we do?!?! ::sticks finger up her nose...::

    Now all of a sudden, on Wednesday, at 38 + 3, I have four appointments! One is an appointment with the Junior League Fetal Center who makes up a team of fetal surgeons at 10am, then at 1pm I bring their diagnostic information to a Urologist, then I go to my OB at 1:30, and finally have an Antenatal screening at 1:55. I'm very happy that finally someone gives two shits and is addressing my concerns so we can make a plan but... I'm 38 +3 on Wednesday! What if he came or still comes before then?!?! How come we are all just now actually going to look into this and do something about it?!?! I feel like everyone has said it's all good this whole time and now it's a big emergency :-( 
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  • Glad to hear it @Gretchypoo. And good on ya for not consulting Dr. Google! 
  • So glad to hear it @Gretchypoo!   I have my regular 37 week checkup on Wednesday.  Then we have our second appointment with our doula on Thursday, and I have acupuncture on Friday.  I go to acupuncture weekly now that I'm 37 weeks to try and make things move in the right direction so I won't go too far past my due date.  Fingers crossed it works!!
  • Glad you are okay @Gretchypoo!  

    I have a 36w ultrasound and prenatal appt tomorrow,  I am excited to see him,  its been a long time.   
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  • Glad everything is ok @gretchypoo !

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  • Glad everything is good @Gretchypoo
  • Glad you got good results @Gretchypoo!! These darn kids and theyre silly habits are already getting us! Lol

    @Xstatic3333 thinking of you and hoping for good results!! 

    2 NST, and 35 week apt, with GBS swab, ultrasound and possible internal exam. She said she was booking the induction date this week so we'd have a slot reserved.. I guess I'll find out if there's a set date. Still in denial baby will be here in two weeks. Time to decide on what purchases still need to be made..

  • Bpp/nst/OB appt on Thursday. I'll be 36w4d so it will count as my 36 week appt so cervical check/gbs swab too. 
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  • @Gretchypoo I'm so glad to hear your u/s showed baby was fine! (I didn't pass my nst this past Weds and didn't have my bag fully packed for a 2.5 day hospital stay! I got it packed well now though!)

    @TeacherMom2517 yeah wow, that seems very last minute to be sorting out a plan! But I'm very glad to hear that they are trying to be prepared. I've been wondering what they could be doing for you since you first mentioned the possible kidney issue. Best wishes that you have enough time left for your doctors to figure it all out!
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