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  • Cbeanz said:
    Induction questions for mamas who have done it:  I am a STM and the OB just scheduled an induction for me next week (38 weeks). It's for a medically necessary reason because I have an immune issue where my body is starting to recognize baby's as an invader and could potentially start to harm the baby's blood cells. It's similar to the Rh issues that some people have, but it's more rare and there's not a shot to fix it.  So, here I go next Sunday (if I make it).  I had a medication free birth last time because I went so fast, and I expected this time to be the same. I am afraid of inductions because I have heard and read all about pitocin, pit to distress and the cascade of interventions leading to c-sections etc.  For the moms that have been through induction, how was it?  How long did you labor? How bad was the pit? How long did it take before you had to push? Can you compare it to natural labor if you've done that? How long were you able to hold off on the epidural- or did you hold off all the way? Were you able to move around for pain management even with the IV etc.?  My worst fear is having to labor on my back again with no meds and/or having a c-section. This has totally changed my birth plan and I am scared and really frustrated about all of this. I'd love to hear any personal stories or tips on birth plan info for inductions. How do I make sure they don't turn the pitocin up too far and too fast?  Maybe baby will just throw a curve ball and come before next Sunday and relieve my fears but I'm not holding my breath.
    I'm sorry you're having to face an induction. But sounds like it's the best thing given your situation.  I hope you spontaneously start labor before next Sunday and I wish you the best no matter what!

    I've had 2 vaginal births involving Pit without any pain meds, and one Pit-free labor which ended in CS for breech presentation (but I labored to 10 cm before the CS).  I've never had an epidural.  I can tell you that Pitocin contractions are more intense than natural contractions, but it's definitely possible to avoid meds.

    First baby: I was about 2cm when I went in for an induction.  We started very slowly (2mU/min) and crept up until my body started having regular contractions (9mU/min).  This took about 3 hours, but I was on my feet, walking with the pole.  My nurse told me that walking and moving helps your body do its thing. I stayed out of bed the entire time.  Transition started suddenly and intensely (like an electric jolt), and my nurse turned down my dosage just like we had agreed.  I was in that shockingly-intense-painful-pitocin-transition stage for about 2 hours before I begged to be disconnected from the IV.  They disconnected me and my body kept going on its own for another hour until it was time to push.  I had no IV when pushing, and was able to stay upright and out of bed until delivery. 

    Second baby: Contractions were more gradual and would build in intensity.  Definitely more tolerable than pit labor!  But alas, my footling was a CS.  My CS recovery was awful, and I suffered severe PPD.

    Third baby: I was already 4-5cm and contracting on my own, but weakly.  They agreed to start the Pit slowly (I had ruptured membranes and GBS+ so we wanted baby to be born within 24 hours).  I slept through the pit drip for 4-5 hours before there was actually anything painful.  The pit contractions started with a jolt, and I was like, holy crap this is just like baby #1.  I demanded they turn down the IV.  I think they halved the dosage (from a 6 to a 3), and the intense part lasted only about 45 min and it was time to push.  I was leaning over the bed and on hands and knees throughout.

    So here is my advice:
    Before hooking up to the IV, confirm with your nurse that your plan is to start slowly, and have him/her agree to turn down the dosage if you need it turned down.  Get that same verbal confirmation at every shift change.
    Stay up on your feet and walk.  Drag that silly pole up and down the halls.
    If it gets too intense, demand they turn it down - realizing it can take several minutes to titrate out of your system so you may have a few more contractions of that intensity.  It might help to have a birth partner speak for you at this point if you're unable to talk!
    BREATHE and SURRENDER to the contractions. Tension can make the contractions less effective - let go and let your body do its thing.
    Once your body has several contractions 1 min apart, disconnect from that IV and let your body take over. Sometimes it just needs a kickstart and will continue on its own.
    You can do this - you may need to change your birth plan a little, but you can definitely handle this.
    Agree with all of the above @MauiQuickie !

    1st babe induction at 37wks-my body wasn't ready for labor: super closed cervix, etc. I just did whatever the docs said, took lots of PIT and finally came down to breaking the water, and kept PIT high. 5hrs of active labor and it was crazy strong --but no EPI!

    This babe: I made sure to try every natural slow way to do things during the induction: nipple stimulation, walking, and once we turned PIT on kept it super low and made them turn it down when things kicked off-and made them unhook my IV completely when time to push. 
    ---this labor was much easier and less intense than my first even though there was PIT involved---I think a lot because I made them take it slow and easy AND because of being a STM.

    So: don't worry!  You do not need to labor in bed, any wires/tubes/monitor belts dont stop you from moving around! They just make it a little harder.  You're a STM-so don't worry: your body knows what it's doing, it won't take as much!  Like above--just listen to your body-and make your nurses and doctors take everything on your own time ((obviously unless there is a medical emergency)) as long as you're in the hospital being monitored and you're both looking healthy there is no reason to rush things!! YOUR the one in control of the induction. Your room. Your body. Your labor. And once you get going--unhook--or break water--let your body take over!! 

    You've got this! 
  • Congrats @dubcompanion!!! Sorry you had to join the emergency, slightly traumatic c-section group, but your definitely not alone if you have questions!
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  • Congratulations @CanadianintheSouth! Your Liam is adorable!
  • Me too @Cbeanz! It's making me much more calm and mentally prepared about my own experience I'm about to have. 
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  • Congratulations @CanadianintheSouth your little Liam is so precious!! Can't believe how many 3/2 babies there are!!! 
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  • Congrats all the new mamas!
  • @CanadianintheSouth congrats! <3 what a blessing, can't wait to hear the details of your birth story!! 
  • Ugh so after bloody discharge all day and surpassing some wetness standards - I reluctantly went in to get checked.  Amazingly no amniotic fluid, which meant I got to go back home & eat my dinner & get some version of insomniac sleep in my own bed.  Had my first internal exam and it was pretty cool & also alarming to hear the Dr say she could feel the head.  I'm having contractions generally 8-12minutes apart...fun stuff.  This OB was slightly alarmed at my size...mentioned having a 10lb baby...asked if I always measured this large (no).  I was sent home with some hospital pads to gauge fluid loss - my homework is to keep track of saturated pads - just the tip of the iceberg & oh so glamorous.
  • @Goodmorning12 Good luck today! I hope everything goes smoothly for you and you have a healthy baby to cuddle very soon 
  • @goodmorning12 thinking of you! Hope everything goes smoothly today. You got this mama!
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  • Congratulations @dubcompanion and @CanadianintheSouth!!! 

    Amd good luck @Goodmorning12
  • Congrats @CanadianintheSouth! Best of luck @Goodmorning12!! :)


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  • Congratulations @CanadianintheSouth! I never thought of Liam from William, but I love it!! 

    And food luck @Goodmorning12
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  • Congrats to all the new mamas. So many beautiful babies ❤

    Good luck @Goodmorning12
  • Congrats @canadianinthesouth!!

    Best of luck today @goodmorning12!!

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  • Yay!!! Good luck today @Goodmorning12

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  • Thank you so much for sharing your stories! I appreciate knowing how things went for you ladies. @kdj291 and @Cbeanz
  • @catybug820 Congratulations!!! Love love love the name!
  • Congratulations @catybug820!! 
  • Congratulations @catybug820 & @hippiemama!!!
  • Congratulations @hippiemama and @catybug820! Hope you're both recovering well! 
  • At last @hippiemama! Congratulations!!!!!! <3 I love his name and his little face! and congratulations to @catybug820 what a precious baby! :) 
  • Congrats @hippiemama and @catybug820 on your precious babies! 
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  • Congratulations @hippiemama! I love his name, it's so solid and original.  He is darling!

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  • Congratulations @hippiemama !! He's adorable and glad he's eating well for you already!  I agree with everyone - love the name choice! 
  • Congratulations @hippiemama and @catybug820!!
    For this child I prayed, and the Lord has granted me my petition that I made to him.
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  • Congratulations @catybug820 & @hippiemama!!!!! So glad you & your babies are doing well!!
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  • Congratulations to all of this weeks mamas!! All of your LO's are absolutely precious! 

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  • Congratulations @hippiemama! What a fantastic name, enjoy him  :)
  • @KellyT22 congratulations on delivering your sweet babe successfully via VBAC!!!! <3 glad it went well for you! 
  • @KellyT22 ; Congratulations on your VBAC!  He is beautiful!
  • @KellyT22 congratulations he is beautiful! So glad to hear you got the vbac you wanted 
  • @KellyT22 congratulations! Sounda like it was quite a labor but So glad to hear you got the vbac you wanted!!

    MrsFlemingo I can't imagine going to sleep after that! I can't sleep thinking about things I need to do right now  (almost 4 am downstairs on the couch lol) and everything is still intact over here! Hope you got some rest mama!

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