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  • I only want my pubes short/ gone for easier after care. I give no fucks about it being pretty, we passed that 3 years ago. 
    This is me, 100%. Couldn't care less. Tried to trim myself this morning but I don't think it's happening. Don't really want him to do it either. Sorry nurses and MWs! 

  • So I'm having an inner debate about taking Friday (my last day) off from work. I'm already taking tomorrow off because of appointments so my whole day is taken up. H works this weekend so he won't be able to help with anything on Saturday and it would be nice to get a few more things done before baby comes. Plus it's hard enough coming into work and after tomorrow it would just be yucky. It would be nice to have some down time just the 2 of us. But I feel bad leaving on short notice (not that anything is going on this week in the office). Someone help me decide.

    And I'm trying to decide where I want to go for my birthday dinner before we check in to the hospital on Sunday. There is too much going on in my brain!

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  • @lfrank12 - One of our dogs, the one we've had longer, only wants to sit with me these days.  Usually, she's a whoever has space on their couch kind of gal; but, no matter where I go lately, she wants to be there, cuddled up against me.  The newer dog doesn't seem to care.  If anything, he's been more aloof towards me and DH, picking an empty chair over cuddling with either of us.  Both seem to think I have lots more smells than normal.
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  • @lfrank12 mine has become a daddy's boy when he's usually very 50/50. Maybe because Daddy is a lot more fun lately!

  • @lfrank12 our dog obviously loves me but definitely loves my fiancé more. She is all about him. Lately she will check up on me more almost to make sure I am okay. If she is sitting between us on the couch snoozing, she will wake up randomly and look at me for like a minute straight almost like "mom are you okay? you good? okay good". Other than that she's still her normal psycho self
  • @leslie1331 your male dog sounds just like mine!  He always sits outside the shower when I'm in there, and sleeps on me at night too, and always in my lap (as much as he can be because he is a big dog!) when I'm home!
  • @MissMerciBeaucoup we must be super awesome  :) I wish he wasn't so attached to me because I feel terrible when I'm gone! He sits on the stairs and watches out the window until I'm home. Like all day. And if I'm gone, he will even sleep down there. Breaks my heart! (He will eat and will go sit with my H for a while, so he's not like totally a mess.) I am making plans to make sure I pay attention to him after the baby just like someone with an older child does! 
  • @leslie1331 I feel the exact same way!  It's heartbreaking when they just want you around all the time and you have other things to do!  He follows me around in the morning and I think he can tell if it is a workday or a weekend based on what I get out to wear.  When I go to the closet he watches intently and if I go for my leggings and loungey stuff he gets very excited and tail wags like crazy, but if I grab an office outfit, he is visibly disappointed (to me anyway - maybe I'm reading too much into his emotions IDK!).  I know that he will be so happy when I'm home on leave for 4 months, but then I'm worried he'll be devastated when I go back to work!  We treat our dogs like our babies, so I'm also planning extra attention for them to make sure they aren't neglected after we have the baby.  Sounds crazy to non dog people I'm sure!!
  • @kirstynikole I fully anticipate our dogs will react like that when the kid is crying. I've joked with my husband that we won't need a baby monitor because there's no way the dogs will let a crying baby go unnoticed! 

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    So i guess I'm stuck with mobile bumping... for some reason I got logged out of thebump on my computer and now it lets me log in but I can't post anything... I've tried logging out and back in but nothing. Anyone been able to fix this issue? 

    ETA: Well logging into the knot seems to have fixed it and it lets me post. 
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  • @poetryandoceans yeah they felt so good. I have mine all ready for this time around!
  • @poetryandoceans Thanks for the tip! I put some on my registry and couldn't decide if I needed them or not. I will be getting them now. 
  • Have fun with those @Patience7150! My doctor keeps hounding me about wearing my compression socks to work, but I feel like I overheat so bad in them! And I make DH put them on and take them off because, you know, pregnant problems!
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