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  • homemake said:
    You could have a garage baby!! That happened in my first bmb!
    Here's to none of us having garage babies... or car babies
    Ya let's try to avoid that  :D Especially since it's winter out. That just sounds like a whole lotta nope.
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    kswiger06 said:
    @jlellis603 agreed! If you have had them at 10-20 mins all day and they have moved up to 3 mins apart, I think you should call in too.
    Call! Especially if you're pre-36 weeks (I'm on mobile). Especially especially if lying down and water don't help. 

  • @jlellis603 I've been told it's more likely just BH if lying down, changing positions, etc gets the pattern to stop. If they continue anyhow, agreed, time to call!

    @leslie1331 +1 to never having any BH with my first pregnancy. Labor started for me with my water breaking. Enjoy it! I've had lots of BH this pregnancy and it's not fun!
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  • My feet were ridiculously swollen last night...  That's only happened two or three times so far and it's super uncomfortable.  Today, I squeezed into my compression socks and now I feel like my hands are a little tingly.  I have a check-up tomorrow; so, I won't have to wait long to know if my BP is creeping up.
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  • I've had time able BH twice already and probably could have timed them a few more times. They even would get closer together. But they would die down if I started moving around doing things or laid down in bed.

    @jlellis603 I hope everything is ok for you today!

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  • Can I just say that this whole thread right here is the reason I'm going to be starting my hospital bag TONIGHT?! Eek!
    Right!? It's getting me half super excited half oh so anxious for GO time! 
  • @jlellis603 glad all is well with baby but sorry you have to worry about the drive and things happening too fast. 

    The pressure down there is in-freaking-tense. I'm not having contractions or anything but he's so low, all the time, as opposed to just sporadically like it's been for the past few weeks. Is he getting ready for go time already or is this a feeling I'll be enjoying for another 4-5 weeks? 

  • @MLRocha man hunger games finger thing I'm too lazy to find the gif for. H just asked me if I was nervous and I said "for as much as the swelling and spots suck I'm just glad next week is 'full term' and he can gtfo"
  • @WinchesterGirl I know for real! I have no idea if I'll know when I should call now or not, I'm so anxious ugh!
    @Xstatic3333 isn't the pressure insane!? I feel like he is legit going to fall and/or punch his way out of me every time I walk
  • At our hospital tour the guide told us to make sure we use the correct elevator- recently someone had a baby in the elevator at our hospital because they took the wrong one. The other two moms on the tour said thats my worst nightmare! After we left I told DH I don't think I would mind that too much- I can't have an epidural, and I feel like an elevator baby would be better than 30+ hours of labor. Car baby not so much- don't think it would be very easy to deliver in my non practical sports car LOL
  • Anyone getting a loss of appetite? Today especially I have no appetite. I'm still eating my meals to nourish me and baby, but it is more of a chore than anything. I noticed a change in my appetite this week, before I was eating like a horse b/c I was always hungry and my stomach was literally growling. And today lots of pressure too, like my period is coming. It comes and goes but is def noticeable
  • @BlondePeanut I have also had a loss in appetite. Started a few days ago, much like you described it was more of a chore to eat, I just wasn't really getting all that hungry. My appetite is starting to come back a little bit now, but I'm still nowhere near as hungry as I was before. I'm assuming this is normal.

    Ditto on the cramps as well, in fact we sound like twinkies. I noticed my loss in appetite right around when I started to have more pressure and cramping. My doc said the cramps were most likely contractions and not to worry unless they started getting stronger or closer together.

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  • I woke up today with hands that are swollen, weak, and so sore that I can barely hold a pen. 

  • Whelp contractions continued through the night and this morning so I called in and they had me go in for a second NST/cervical check this week. No changes I guess. Baby is doing fine on the monitor, wicked low/dropped, still closed and not effaced with a -1 station. I'm literally contracting every 4 minutes and its so uncomfortable and boarding painful because he's so low. And they're just like well good luck for the next 6 weeks with that. My fear is with the LEEP I had, that these every 4 min contractions will do something soon and I'll all of a sudden be 8 cm and 50 minutes from the hospital at home. But they don't seem to hear my concern. I'm frustrated and tired and just fuck work right now.

    OMG we are in the EXACT SAME situation. Yesterday I had 9 contractions in an hour at work and I was walking down the hall (and about to call my OB) when I got wicked dizzy and couldn't see and thought I would pass out. I grabbed another teacher and he got me down to the nurses office. She took my BP and it was good. She called my DH (who works in Boston) and my dad who is nearby and came and got me. Brought me to L&D and.... nothing. No progress. Swabbed for the protein that predicts labor and nada. Tons of contractions on the monitor but that's it. And they're like "ok have fun!!". I called my midwife today and got off the phone crying because she said there's no way to know what these contractions are doing and when I should stop work. But I also had a LEEP. I had zero dilation at 4:30 that day and went from 0 to 9 in no time and delivered her that night. It scares me and it's frustrating that they don't seem to worry about it. 
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  • @Starfish113 ugh that is so frustrating! And scary! I wonder what caused the dizziness since your BP was fine. Have the contractions stopped or slowed at all? Mine are still pretty consistent from 4 to 10 mins. But, like you, no progress. I'm only 34w4d so I don't really want him to come now but I don't want to do this for another 5 weeks either. I'm sorry you have to deal with this too. It is really scary to think we could dilate fully in a few hours and not even know or be prepared and no one can make any sort of guess as to when. Hopefully everything works out just fine :)

    +1 to loss of appetite. Mine seems to be stemming from nausea. I literally haven't had it all pregnancy, not even first tri morning sickness. And now, every time I stand up it feels like the baby is going fall out of me and I'm going to throw up everywhere.

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