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Symptoms 1/9/17

Sorry to be late! Rant away.


Re: Symptoms 1/9/17

  • Itchiness has set in. Its like right at my bra line and it is so annoying. My feet have started to hurt because i have wicked flat feet and winter is not the time for shoes with arch support. Plus the extra weight I'm sure isnt helping. Other than that, general uncomfortableness and feeling huge.
  • Waking in the night due to discomfort is still the main complaint :-p  Heartburn has kicked into high gear.  Feel like my belly did a bit of a growth spurt lately so makes sense that heartburn would increase (as well as general discomfort).  Hands are starting to numb a bit at night.  That was a much bigger issue with my last pregnancy and happened much earlier, had to sleep with wrist braces to help it out.  It's not so bad at the moment so I'm hoping I can make it the 5 weeks without it getting bad. 
  • +1 to period-like cramping. I forgot to ask about it at my appointment, but I thought maybe it was BH or even very mild, very early real contractions at this point. It is especially triggered when I wear my maternity pants that are a little too tight.

  • @scifichick09 +1 to hip pain while sleeping! I woke up at least once per hour last night to shift positions. SO hard to get comfortable! Between hip pain and weird-ass dreams, I feel like I barely sleep.
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  • I think I felt BH for the first time Saturday. I was a bit dehydrated since we did an IKEA trip and it's a 1.5 hr drive that I didn't want to be peeing every 30 minutes for, then a lot of walking around and the snowstorm on the way back made the trip back 3 hrs. It felt like my whole abdomen got really tight and would stay tight for like 2 minutes and then relax again. I kind of had some period cramping to go with it too. Once we got home and I drank a ton of water and laid down for a bit it all went away so I'm guessing it was just the dehydration and maybe extra walking that did it.

    @scifichick09 I wake up having to switch hips every couple hours at night too! It sucks. Plus when I roll over and rearrange my snoogle I wake up DH and he's grouchy when he's woken up in the middle of the night lol.

    My back kills me while at work. I can relieve it temporarily by walking every 30 minutes or so but 5 minutes after I sit back down it hurts again. I probably could use a sit/stand station but I don't think it's worth it to submit the request and do the evaluation for less than 2 months. It'd take a couple weeks to get installed anyways so it'd be more like a month at the most of me using it which seems like a waste. 
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  • @scifichick09 and @marriedhamstermom +1 to constantly waking up to switch sides from hip pain!! And I can barely walk when I first get up. Walking a lot during the day helps with my back pain but it isn't nearly as bad as you two have it. I hope you get relief soon!
  • Add me to the list of having to switch side to side at night because of the hip pain.  Walking a lot and squats has helped me avoid hip or back pain during the day though.  
  • The hip pain is rough! I'll also tell you that mine is exacerbated when I sleep on a firm surface. Seriously my new bed versus our old one made huge inprovements in the hip department! Also my PT recommended a few stretches that stretch your hip flexor area and it helps along with some slight pelvic thrusts. She did tell me if the thrusts started to feel weird to stop doing them. I had no idea how sore the sides of my thighs(hip joint area and down to my knee) truly are. She got a rolling pin and rolled down those areas and I could feel the soreness breaking up. Crazy! These were all from a few weeks ago but they still help me when I have flare ups. Hope y'all find relief because it truly does suck!! 

  • The heartburn is terrible. I never knew what it was until this pregnancy. I am also having the period like cramps which my Dr assured me were just BH. I have a constant pain/pressure in my pelvic area just like @scifichick09 described. My office chair doesn't help with the pains either. Luckily my sleep is still pretty decent, but I have a feeling it will start declining soon. I am starting to switch sides and get up too pee more often now. 
  • @scottipino glad to hear you're better! Rough weekend!

    i felt better this weekend than I have in months only to stay home from work today with BH and general mailaise.   I've also had itchy hands and feet the last two nights in a row but only lasts about 20 min.   If it happens again tonight I'll call the DR tmr.  Anyone have experience with Cholestasis?
  • @scottipino I'm glad you're feeling better. I had what sounds like the same sickness weekend before last and it was dreadful. I was terrified all the vomiting was going to send me into early labor. I think something must be going around, because my husband got the same thing a week before I did and so have a few of his co-workers.

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  • Thanks guys.  I likely picked it up from someone at work, though I can't remember seeing anyone for vomiting and diarrhea.  My fear was that I was going to have to labor that sick too.  Thankful to be recovered.  She needs to stay in until at least Friday-  37 weeks

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  • @krob YES. Walking sucks.
  • Heartburn at night and BH if I do too much! I've been in crazy nesting mode but also still recovering from a nasty cold. All the cleaning I did yesterday turned into asthma today (we cleared out and organized an old musty closet), which makes me cough, which makes my belly hurt. All in all I could have it a lot worse!!! Hang in there ladies! :smiley:
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  • My vag is similarly swoll.  I see spots every time I stand up or bend over. My reflux is insane and my insomnia has me up at 2 everyday. I'm officially a whiny pregnant person. 
  • oh no, you do get to whine!  Take that shoe off that poor foot!!
  • @perrasucia omg! Complain away. Sorry girl! 
  • @PerraSucia We won't blame you at all for complaining! Sorry you are going through all that!
  • I'm lucky I haven't had much hip pain while sleeping, it's actually been shoulder pain for me odd as that sounds. I must sleep funny. My back pain is getting more prevelant though and it's been hard for me to find a comfortable sitting position because if it. I've also started experiencing mild period like cramps so I'm going to ask my midwife about that tomorrow.

  • @becbec28 I feel ya! Last night I got some pretty consistent BH as well. They lasted about 2 hrs and were about every 10min. I wish it was the real thing, but then I get all panicked because it's too early for the real deal. I'm scared and anxious and can't wait for next month. Good luck and maybe we can all get some relief soon!!
  • I still haven't had ONE BH!! I am starting to get a little worried, like my body isn't prepping or something. The OB asked a general, any bleeding, contractions or larger gushes of water.   When I said no she said excellent. But I'm assuming that was more geared towards the bleeding and water. Anyone else not have one? 
  • I don't think that I've had any BH's.  Every day, on my way to work, I do feel some tightness at the top of my stomach, but I feel like it might just be a foot wedged up there...  like a morning stretch routine for the LO.  It usually lasts a minute or two and doesn't repeat.  Who knows?
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