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Re: Ultrasounds

  • Omg @HollyGolightly09 that is so cute!  It's little hand!!!
  • @HollyGolightly09 I can't get over the little hand!!! So adorable!!!
  • @heatherwilson321  it's supposed to start going down about that time! You're good :) 
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  • @dnaddison7 Really.? That is sooo awesome.! Exactly what we were hoping for.!! 
  • rlb722rlb722 member
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     any boy or girl guesses yet? This was taken at 12w4d
  • spdakespdake member
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    Hi all, so I am a first time mom (pregnant with my first) just had my first ultrasound and my doctor is sending me to get a more in depth ultrasound because she couldn't get the top of babies head. She did mention my uterus is shaped weird or different but everything else with baby looks good. Heartbeat was 162 and moving around a lot. Anyone have something similar? I know I shouldn't worry but I can't help but be worried. I am currently 12 weeks and 2 days.
  • winerenwineren member
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    We had our first ultrasound on 02/01 at exactly 8 weeks and measurements matched! They do 3D ultrasounds at all of the big ultrasounds which was super cool. So here is the regular and the 3D from 8 weeks. We did a panorama test so we know we're having a boy, but I'm super excited for the next big one the end of April. We got to see him at 12 weeks with a portable ultrasound but no pictures of that one. 
  • SayaSaSayaSa member
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    12 weeks 3 days. Had Our second ultrasound during the Harmony testing yesterday. Was sssssso relieving to see he ( yessss a boy ❤️, although i know we cant usualy know for sure this early!) has two arms two foot, 2 eyes a mouth and a nose lol. Measuring 7.50cm.
     U get all worried up until the moment you see your baby s heart beating. A few days later u go back to worrying mode lol... I find it hard not to, even though im eating well, walking a lot... 

  • @houseofhood That top picture is amazing!!
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  • @houseofhood aww I feel like you can see your little baby's lips! So precious!
  • ShreyaRShreyaR member
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    Yay! Finally my very first ultrasound is tomorrow!! DH is away so going with a friend! I am 13 weeks exactly today! Excited and anxious at the same time! More anxious than excited to be honest! Waited such a long time to finally see the baby! Please pray that everything goes well
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