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  • I woke up at 0100 with a screaming migraine :cry: Tried to feed LO but just couldn't, had to wake DH to take her and ended up throwing up it hurt so bad. Pregnancy makes my migraines go away, I'd hoped they'd stay away longer :-(
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  • LO has the hiccups so he can't fall back asleep after his feeding. Poor guy. 
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  • Max just slept 7 hours! I had to wake him up because my boobs hurt so bad. 
  • @jennbaylor12 I get frequent headaches too and realized during both of my pregnancies I had fewer headaches and Tylenol helped when I had to take it. Now pp I'm back to frequent headaches and I must take ibuprofen to help them. Weird.
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    natural pregnancy: 2008 
    Me: 28 (Hypothyroid), DH: 35
    Together since: 2010
    Married: 2013
    TTC: 2013
    Infertility: severe MFI, low AMH (0.5)
    Met RE: January 2016
    ER: 3/14 (4 follies, 6 eggs retrieved, 2 fertilized)
    fresh 3dt of 2 embryos= BFP (1 implanted)
    EDD w/ baby boy= 12/6/16
  • Does anyone else feel like they can't catch a break with MOTN feedings?  No matter what I do they seem to take more than an hour.
  • @penelope1019 that was us for the first month and a half. It's getting much better now, around 9 weeks. They still take time, but they're spaced out better so I'm able to get some rest. 
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  • @penelope4612 Yes. I have the 3am shift and Ashton will take over an hour eating, falling asleep for a few minutes, eating again, falling asleep, and then being WIDE AWAKE. Last night was a rare time he fell asleep while eating and stayed asleep.
  • @penelope4612 @dmontgo same here! Maximus will get tired after the first side then I'll change him he'll wake up a bit and start on the other side then fall asleep. Sometimes I can then sneak a burp then lay him back down and he'll stay down.. but usually within 5 minutes he's up again remembering that he's still hungry. He's still eating about every 2 hours and it takes an hour each time. Definitely exhausting!
    Married: 6/6/14
    DS: 12/20/16
    EDD: 11/29/18
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  • @temmetime We've struggled with the sleepy nursing/constant waking cycle. I've found if we can really get a good feed in, then he sleeps well, too. LC recommended feeding in diaper only and basically bugging the heck out of him to keep him awake. Rub his back. Tickle his feet. And when all else fails, cold washcloth or wipe under the arm pit. Feels so mean but works!
  • I also have a sleepy eater, but I have him figured out now!
    I feed him one side, he falls asleep in boob, then I burp him, which kind of wakes him up. Then I give him a diaper change, which totally wakes him up. Next, I feed him the other side and he gets sleepy, burp, rock for 10 seconds and he is out. Then super careful transfer to the bassinet. 

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