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  • I'm getting there. I need to wash the little clothes since they were in storage for quite awhile. I have about 38 days until my EDD, but DS was 4 days late. And it's getting harder to work, I was dead by the end of today. 
  • @imalwaysme79 ; I'm pretty much in the same boat as you. Nothing is ready yet... I'm waiting stupid last minute on a bunch of stuff because it has to be ordered online and I have to make sure someone is home to be able to receive it... second week in January I am going to be scrambling on the interwebz like a mad woman.

    As for shit getting real... probably my last meeting with my midwife. She brought up the issue of how I want my labour to go, what medications I am willing to take and pain relief techniques I am open to trying. It was just one of those, "wow, this is actually happening" moments.

  • @ohstars, woah!  Is that because of high blood pressure/pre-eclampsia?   
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  • Partyof6? said:
    @ohstars, woah!  Is that because of high blood pressure/pre-eclampsia?   
    Yeah, my bp hangs around the gray zone. Bottom numbers are 90s-100s and every once in awhile something like a 5 minute shower will shoot it up over 160/105 but then it comes right back down. So I call and go to L&D for a few hours while my numbers start high but drop off and then I go home. 

  • @mommabean I guess it's more of a personal thing not being able to sleep in. Since I wake with her everyday during the week my internal clock won't let me sleep any later on the weekends! 
  • Tomorrow, I have a call with our probable pediatrician and a prenatal meeting with our doula.  Plus, I can finally start my maternity leave paperwork...  So, yeah, it's starting to feel just a little more real.
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  • I'm with @peachesnbean - my EDD is Feb 14 and seeing the valentines stuff at Michaels - eep!
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  • I know, what is up with the valentines stuff being out so soon? I guess it's the same with every holiday, they can't even give people a chance to enjoy one without starting up with the next. I remember being in Target with my sis grabbing some last minute stocking stuffer gifts for the kids and being shocked to see all the valentines stuff out already. This was a few days before Christmas. Anyway I was probably just panicking because it solidifies that we're all in the home stretch now!
  • I ordered my breast pump yesterday and finished the paperwork for my STD/FMLA claim. Also packed my hospital bag over the weekend, plus the baby's diaper bag. The only loose ends left are nailing down a pediatrician (we have a meet and greet with a promising candidate on 1/20) and pre-registering at the hospital... Feel like it's all getting close now!
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  • Ummm i still don't have daycare  :s
  • Lmao @Patience7150 that gif is me exactly. I'm going back the second week of May and only have 6 weeks until summer break, so...
  • MommaBean said:
    Ummm i still don't have daycare  :s
    Me either... I'm trying to do home daycares but these freaking people will NOT call me back!
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